Stress-balls Aren’t Enough.Limitless.

Have you ever felt troubled? That feeling that you just wanted to lie down, close your eyes and rest? That moment you wanted to step out and go somewhere silent, a place where no one is there and you wanted to have this quality time with yourself? Have you ever felt that you just wanted to let all the negative emotions out of your chest?


If yes, then I’ll tell you this my friend, you are stressed.


Stress is truly inevitable. It happens at work, school, when you are in a relationship, with your friends, at home, even to yourself. It’s sad to say, stress is everywhere. You my run and hide, but stress will always find its way to haunt you and consume you. But I am not saying that you can’t get out of stress, there’s still a lot of ways to kill stress. But before you remove it, you must know how it started and why it is haunting you.


It’s easy to know what you are being stressed about, unless you are that blind to know. But, if you really are confused, just think of the very first thing that troubles you. Or maybe, assess yourself, and think what has caused you to be sad, scared or hurtful lately? Unfortunately, stress is very fatal. Not that it’s contagious, but fatal in a sense that if you can’t stop it or contain it, it will consume you, your sanity and your life as a whole. You have to be alert and motivate yourself that you have to get out of this awful situation. Always tell yourself that you deserve better and you shouldn’t settle for anything less. Always tell yourself that you are a great person and there are better things to do than succumb yourself to whatever stress is doing to you. Stress is an enemy, and it is a test that you must overcome to become someone better, stronger and wiser. Once you determined what stresses you, that will be your first line of defense, your advantage to becoming stress-free. And by then, we can follow what I call the 4mula for a Stress-free Life. Throw away those stress-balls because they are so yesterday, because just like virus and bacteria, stress mutates and becomes strong. Again, not that they are contagious, but they also go with the flow of your life and follows you, it grows and moves on as you grow and move on. So you better level up and take note of these small advice I have for you:


4mula for a Stress-free Life
  • Laugh Out Loud
When you are stressed you forget to smile, and to laugh. Always remember that you have friends and family that you can talk to and laugh with. They will always have this joke, everyday, every moment that will make you burst your laughter and will help you ease the pain you feel. As they say, “No man is an island”. They might not help you ultimately to what you are going through, but what’s important is that you don’t feel alone and you have these people to run to when you need company. And another thing, “Laughter is the best medicine”. It may not heal physical pain, but at least it will give you this certain healing power for your inner pain, wherever that is, and it’s very magical. Smile, that’s one thing and you should not fake it. Always remember that there are more people who experience worse than what you are experiencing. There is always a reason to smile, laugh and celebrate what you have.
  • Music

Have you ever experienced that moment you listened to a song and you felt goosebumps, not because of the bass but because it’s literally the story of your life and it captured what you are actually feeling at the moment? I always feel that! And if laughing hard isn’t enough, then it’s time to sit down, put those earphones on and listen to some music that will definitely break your heart and make them whole again. I always tell my friends that if you feel like crying, let it all out and don’t fill your heart with negative emotions because when it explodes, it’s gonna be bad. Let a certain song break you into pieces because I believe that at the end of each song, they will mend your broken heart and will put back all the pieces again and make you feel better. It’s better to let go of something heavy rather than holding on to it, right? Let the melody, rhythm and lyrics of a certain song take you away and it will do the rest for you. Just feel every word and every sound, and I tell you, every teardrop and chill you feel will be worth it.
  • Treat Yourself

It’s simple as going out. Go out of your comfort zone and see the world. What’s wrong with stressed people is that we always want to just lie down and have a rest. That’s not enough. We should go somewhere we will enjoy and have a good time. Eat a lot, eat ice cream, chocolates, or even watch a movie, go to a carnival, play golf, badminton, do weird stuff, something you haven’t tried. Explore. Your confined space is your cage from freedom. You have to clear your mind rather than staring dull walls. The brightness of the sun and that feeling of company with people outside is the best way to free your mind and feel that the world is always there and will always be your ground when you are about to fall. There is always somewhere outside that will catch your attention and make you feel better. It’s not all about spending, there are still things you can do without money. You can have a simple walk in the park, you can sit by the bay and watch sunrise or sunset or you can visit a friend and have a good time. Don’t be a prisoner, be an explorer.
  • Take a Break

If after doing all the above and stress is still that strong, then, my friend, I believe you need to take a break. You need space to whatever you are experiencing. You have to go somewhere you can think deeply and have this peace of mind you can’t get elsewhere. Sometimes you just have to leave everything and take a break from the outrage of the world. It might be somewhere in your hometown, or probably in your mom’s arms, I don’t know what you consider as your paradise, but you have to go there, recharge and be back to face the world full force. Make the most out of it when you take a break. The risk should be worth it. After all, it’s called a “risk” because you have to lose some, to get some, right?


And if everything else fails, remember that your ultimate power is still prayer. Believe in the protection of His hands, and He will definitely heal all wounds that the world can’t mend. At the end of the day, love is still the cure, it might not be the love of your job, partner, or whatever, but at least His love is eternal and He will never leave you. He will teach you something and you should learn from it. Truly, stress is a serious matter and with this, I can say, stress-balls aren’t really enough.


It all sums up to be of what your perspective to the world is. It’s a matter of thinking if the glass is half empty or half full. Be positive. Optimism is another weapon in facing the world. The world has turned out to be a big place full of negativity and you have to fight it with all the positivity you have. Survive this world full of criticism and pain. As you grow old, you will start to see the real face of the world. It’s up to you if you will grow as a weak man and be consumed by the madness or you can choose to be strong and be brave enough to show the world you are different and fight what’s on your way to achieve your goals. Whatever’s on your way, it’s always your choice to turn back and walk away or to step forward and fight for what the future has for you.


Just remember one thing, either of the choices you make will still hurt. But take note, there will be a choice where pain can repeat over and over, and another one that will help stop the pain and live anew. If I were you, it will be very risky but choose the second option. Better stop the pain now rather than living a life full of pain. A life of pain is equivalent to a lifeless existence. Live life to the fullest and never cease the chance to have a better future. Don’t prevent yourself from growing, because life is just like a plant, invest to what will make your future fruitful and reap the success you deserve from all the patience and risk you have devoted yourself to.

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