My Best and Worst of 2013.Limitless.

59c297012013 has been really really rough. I don’t know if everyone had the same feeling, but 2013 was really hard on me, especially in financial terms. I always had this feeling that “13” is really not a good number for me, and it brought a lot of misfortunes for me this year. But ultimately there’s a lot to thank for, so other than remembering the bad things, let’s also remember that there are a lot of good things and blessings that happened this year. I believe that no matter how bad a day, month or year is, there’s still a lot to thank for. So below, let me share to you my Best and Worst of 2013:

The Worst of 2014:

10. My phone got stolen

9. There was a rat in my room – and it was there for merely 2 months

8. I had “Pigsa” (Boils)

7. I lost my bestfriend C2 – it was really bad, I was really bored and sad

6. Sleeping problems – specifically Sleep Paralysis

5. Weight gain – still working on this

4. Stress – too much stress at work! Almost killed me

3.  Wrong decisions – mistakes that I did and I know I will learn from it

2. Financial problems

1. Lost my job – I was really planning to leave work before the year ends, but not this early

Now it’s time for The Best of 2013:

10. Had my first iPhone – but then got stolen by late October

9. Curled locks – so I had my hair permanently curled this year, and it was fun

8. Good Movies – there were a lot of good movies to enjoy this year! (e.g. The Purge, Insidious 2)

7. Lost my job – yeah it was bad, but at least I got to rest for a while now 😀

6. Work B**ch –  need I say more? Britney slayed me with this song and video, it made me cry

5. New-found friends & reunion with old friends

4. Weeklong Birthday celebration – a dream come true this year

3. Reunion with my bestfriend C2

2. Happy Lovelife – what more can I say, I am happy and contented 🙂

1. Happy Christmas – happy and healthy family with a lot of gifts

There really is a lot to regret this year, totally. But we must not forget that there are also a lot to thank for, too. I always do this every year, since I was a teenager, to remind myself that, yes, it’s true that every year is cruel, but we always have to slap them with the good ones that happened so that the bad ones will be overshadowed. It was truly a challenging year. Coming from financial problems, to rodent problems, to losing my job and still having a happy heart and family. The best thing that I can think of is that my family and friends are alive and healthy, and that to me is the ultimate gift that I can have every year.

I believe that next year is the year of Positivity and Progression. It will be the year that we will stand up from the fall that we had this year. 2014 is gonna be a big year and I am really looking forward to more wonderful things to happen. Prosperity is really not the key to happiness, rather it’s the contentment and the relief to see your family and friends safe. Let’s be safe this coming new year and I hope that everyone will be blessed and progress with their lives this coming 2014.

Happy New Year!


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