Limitless Movie Review: Pagpag


Pagpag, 2013

3.5-starsPagpag is the horror film entry for the 2013 Metro Manila Film Festival. The story revolves around a group of teenagers plagued by the consequences they did for disobeying certain beliefs when attending a funeral. Filipinos are very strict when it comes to following certain beliefs, especially the elderly, and the younger generation has slowly forgotten these valuable beliefs our culture has. I am not saying that we should live and follow these beliefs, but what I admire about this film is they highlight how important our culture is and they bring them back to life, and bring back awareness and showcase the impact of our culture to the modern generation. Ultimately the film scared me, some scenes we’re really horrifying, but I can say that I won’t pay to watch this again. It has  not reached the quality of Star Cinema’s previous horror movies, Sukob and Feng Shui, has. I think it lacks thrill and the story is very predictable, I believe if they had more time they could’ve made a better story. But overall, even though it’s an Insidious and Final Destination rip-off, the movie is okay, it scared me and KathNiel was awesome.


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