New Year’s Resolution Accomplished.Limitless.

Every year, and every time we celebrate the start of another year, we always opt to create a New Year’s Resolution. But do we really know what it is, and do we create the right one?

According to, a “Resolution” is a decision or determination, a resolve, or to make a firm decision to do something. Simply saying that a New Year’s Resolution is a promise to yourself, to change something. It is a big decision that you choose, to change for the whole year. I often hear people mistaking their Resolutions as wishes. Wishes are done during Christmas, and I highly recommend doing Resolutions during New Year. It’s a new start, it is for a fresh beginning.

Why make a New Year’s Resolution? Well, I do not recommend doing a resolution because almost everyone tried to do it, or because it is a trend, it’s because I believe change starts with you, and you have to be the change you want the world to be. Fulfilling your resolution is setting a good example to people, and you inspire others to be determined to continue what they have started. A resolution is not just a decision to change yourself, but rather an action that causes chain reaction to affect one person to another.

Instead of saying “I wish to have a better body this year”, convince yourself by saying “I will start a good diet and workout to have a better body this year”. Every resolution requires action, so don’t just say it for statement, but rather live to it, make it happen. Don’t just stand there and imagine yourself, be the change! You already have this goal, and the next step is to move forward. Start trying, and after trying that’s when you put more effort. And after adding a bucketful of effort, that’s when you enjoy and love what you are doing and you won’t realize, another year has passed and you survived your resolution. So how do we accomplish these Resolutions? Here is my 4mula to Accomplish your New Year’s Resolutions:

  • Observe

Remind yourself that you have a New Year’s resolution, you should know what it is, its grounds and its scope. For example, if you want to start eating healthy, you should evaluate your everyday food. If you have someone cooking for you, talk to them and let them know. If you want to start wakig up early, know your sleeping patterns first, observe your alarm, too, and your body’s activity everytime you wake up to know how to react to it. The magic word is to “Observe”. Yes, it really is hard to accomplish this, but you have to be determined, and be familiarized to what should be done everyday to finish the task.

  • Focus

The second step is by doing it little by little. You should never give up. Finish what you have started. Prove them that they’re wrong and that you can be the change you want the world to be. Never let others pull you down, and never let temptation get you out of the way. Focus is the magic word. Always think about what it feels to achieve your goal, how it feels to see how you have changed from day 1 to day 365, imagine how rewarding it is that you’ve come a long way and you have succeeded. Don’t let the chance pass by and let the bad ones win.

  • Enjoy

Reward yourself. Enjoy is the magoc word. Learn to have fun and love what you are doing. If you think you deserve a little treat, do so. Do not deprive yourself, remember it’s like being in school and receiving a treat everytime you’re doing it right. It also brings a positive vibe when you know you are enjoying what you are doing.

  • Inspire

Tell others your testimony. Let people know you have a goal and you are having an adventure. The magic word is to inspire. Show them how determined you are to inspire them and to let them know that a Resolution is something everyone needs. Show them that a small Resolution won’t hurt and it is rewarding to accomplish it from the start to end. Spread the word, who knows, you might inspire someone with your determination and be the eye-opener your friends or your family needs. Your best testimony is your life over-all that has been changed by your resolution.

What’s amazing about resolutions is the fact that once you passed the year accomplishing your goal, it doesn’t end there. Your resolution starts to become a part of your system, of your everyday life and you don’t just stop because you’ve proven something, rather you continue doing it because it’s already a part of your everyday regimen. And when the year ends, you start to plan another resolution, another goal to make your life better and more meaningful. Isn’t it exciting to see yourself better after accomplishing all those resolutions? It’s like you are playing a video game and you have accomplished the objectives you need to pass, and you are off to the next one to level up.

So don’t ever miss the chance to try to have a New Year’s Resolution, it’s exciting. It’s like adding a simple spice to your life, an adventure to try or a simple mission to make a simple change. A resolution can be personal, it can be environmental or even it can be something small like starting to go to school/work early or starting to go to bed early. The first days/weeks might be hard, and there might be times that you will break them, but always remember that it’s okay, and there’s always tomorrow. Never give up. And let them know that a small resolution is not painful. It’s not yet too late to have one, anyway a resolution can be started any day of the year. If you have started from day 1 then that’s good, but for those out there who haven’t started yet, you can still do so, now is the perfect time. Never be afraid, start the change now and be the inspiration this world needs. You never know what your small deed can do to make this world a better place.

My resolution is to stop being judgmental and always giving the benefit of the doubt about others, haw about you?Have you made yours? 😉


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