Limitless Movie Review: The Wolf Of Wall Street


The Wolf Of Wall Street, 2013

four_half-stars_0This movie is insanely marvelous! The characters were perfectly portrayed, the story was perfectly outlined and the emotions were mixed up perfectly fine. There were just excessive nudity and swearing all over the movie, but on top of that, the movie is brilliant! What amazed me is how Leonardo didn’t care how he would look after crawling, shouting and getting wild in front of many people, and his audience. A real wolf, and a true professional I must say. Jonah Hill was also perfect for his role, I got carried away by every shocking move he made. The award-winning movie is 3 hours long, I expected that I’ll be bored and I would fall asleep, but on the contrary, every scene is remarkable and perfectly done, I enjoyed it, they truly deserve every award they got. The movie is exciting and interesting from start to finish, there were dull moments, but you would forget them once you see Leonardo’s gang do their thing, to invite you to the wold of stockbrokers. I’d say a perfect movie to start 2014.


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