Limitless Movie Review: Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit


Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit, 2014

five-starsThis movie is so underrated! I’d say that this is an example of a perfect action movie! I haven’t seen an epic action movie like this in several months, and it brought my excitement to action movies back to life! This is how you do a classic action movie, so those future action movies should take notes from this one. I love this film! There’s no dull moments, every moment is exciting and every fight scene is jaw-dropping. I have this theory that the creators of this film wanted to make it’s audience get thrilled and make them fall at the edge of their seats, and they are definitely successful and effective in doing so, because I experienced this myself. The characters were perfectly portrayed and each of them had their glorious moments, and I’d say Chris Pine is also perfect for the role. This movie taught me to never give up on reaching my dreams, and even if I fail, it’s still one step closer to fulfilling my destiny. I am definitely expecting a sequel and I hope they would maintain their strategy on exciting their viewers. This movie is worth watching, a big surprise for 2014!


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