Limitless Movie Review: Snowpiercer


Snowpiercer, 2013

3.5-starsIt is a promising movie, the plot is very good and the characters compliment the movie. At first, the film has this feeling that it’s gonna be an epic film like Hunger Games because of it’s theme of revolution and survival, but what’s disappointing is it was trying hard to be Shutter Island or Inception. What made the film very lackluster is that they tried to make the movie very long, well in fact the story-line was free-flowing at first and they added tons and tons of unnecessary dialogs and made some parts of the movie boring, it was a roller coaster ride, there was climax everywhere and it was very tiring.  It was supposed to be interesting, but probably the director or the scriptwriter got really excited about the production and made the movie unnecessarily lengthy.


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