– Belief in oneself and one’s powers or abilities; self-confidence; self-reliance; assurance (

I was watching the video above somewhere in the internet, and something struck me, is it really that hard to reveal yourself to the public? I was really surprised that behind perfection, there is imperfection hiding, and that there is a story and a reason behind it. I think as a human, we have been really hard on ourselves trying to fit in, instead of living our lives normally and how it should be, at the same time, we are being hard to others that they are humiliated with their real identity and they just want to become somebody else, i don’t really think that’s right. Is it really acceptance that we want, or is it just we want to be like everybody else and be loved? What I think is that we just have to put our heads high and be confident, and show people that imperfection is the only perfection the world has. I share to you the 4mula of Confidence.

Accept yourself
Sometimes we feel disgusted on how we look every morning when we wake up, or how we compare ourselves to others, or maybe to how we look or dress when we go out. We always tend to disappoint and belittle ourselves when we don’t fit in our society. So what’s the first step of gaining confidence? Accept that you are imperfect, accept that you don’t have what others have, accept the fact that you are different. Just face the fact that you can never be somebody else and you just have to accept and appreciate what you have. May it be having a dark complexion, big eyes, acne problem, hairy arms, short height, or whatever imperfection you may have, accept that it is not something to be embarrassed of. If you hate yourself because of these imperfections, then what is our definition of beauty anyway? Is it being accepted by the society? Is it following the trend? I really don’t think so. If the world loves what is beautiful, don’t you think it’s time to love yourself more and stop  pretending? Trying to fit in is like telling a banana to become an apple to be accepted by apple lovers, but this is not how things work. Love yourself, appreciate what you have and make it an asset. Loving yourself is beautiful, and we don’t need the world’s approval. Imperfection is not contagious, but being judgmental is deadly.

Reveal yourself
Let’s say people admire you because of how beautiful or handsome you look, or how amazing you do your hair, or maybe how expensive your gadgets are, but then one day, these things disappear, do you think people will still be there for you? Isn’t it nice to live in a world where people love you because of who you are, and that you don’t have to please them because they love what they see? How can they admire you if you won’t even give yourself a chance? It’s time to give yourself a break and stop trying to punish your self, because it’s time to be true and to show people who you really are. It’s time to wipe whatever excess baggage you have from yourself that’s keeping you away from your true identity. Yes people judge everyday, people insult what is ugly and that is a fact, but so what? They may insult you but it wouldn’t hurt if you know to yourself that it’s true. Everyone has something to cover up and we can’t hide it forever, in time it will surface. There are things that we are embarassed of, but once we reveal our true self, it will not be embarrassing anymore, because everyone has their own secret and imperfection after all.

Inspire others
Once you have accepted yourself and revealed your true identity, you will become a walking testimony of confidence. It is good to inspire people to go out of the dark and show what they have. It feels so right to let people know that they are not alone and that it is good to flaunt your flaw, because everyone has their own. Share your experiences, and who knows, people could relate to whatever you have experienced before and it could be their stepping stone to make changes in their lives. The reality is, we hide to be accepted, it is true. But in this modern time, everyone is entitled to their own rights and I think it’s time to show people that there’s something wrong with everybody and that we are not ashamed to share our imperfections. Everyone has their story, and we need to reach out to them, because who knows, we might be too late if we fail to let people know that it is not bad to have flaws. It is not necessary to hide, it is not necessary to undergo surgery to be perfect or to look like a model, it is not necessary to be loved by everyone, what’s important is you have yourself, someone or maybe a group of friends who love and support you, and instead of changing, why don’t we help ourselves improve, not for approval but for confidence. It is always the intention that matters. Don’t fool yourself, and don’t try to be like the rest of the world. Instead, go against the flow and see how much you can make a difference.

Improve yourself
Always remember that confidence does not come from altering something in your life, rather it comes from what you have. You just need to improve whatever you have in life, you don’t need to ask or to have what other’s have. Everyone is unique and is given what they need in life. Be a living testimony and start living a new life, a life of acceptance and self-love. Branded clothes, make-up, Photoshop or even gadgets may give you the satisfaction in life, but remember, that’s temporary. “Perfection” fades, but your flaws will always be there, and anything covered up will reveal itself, no secret is hidden forever. Instead of running away from it, live with it and try to live a better life with imperfection. Learn to improve yourself and use your flaws to your advantage. Always remember, what society wants you to be shouldn’t be your goal in life, you will only hurt yourself. Instead, live a life on improving yourself and that’s how you can discover inner confidence to face the society.

Yes, it is definitely hard to be different, but everyone has their own secret, their own fears and their own imperfections. It is not bad to have a flaw- may it be fat, stretch marks, wrinkles or falling hair, -we are humans and we were born imperfect. The only thing that’s constant in this world is change, you might think you are perfect now but in time it will change, your perfection will be erased and you will become what you were afraid of. Instead of being afraid, embrace your imperfection and focus on improving yourself to develop confidence. It is never too late to start over. Just remember, you were given flaws not to remove them but rather to live with it, and live a better life with it. Perfection does not exist, and if it does exist, then we wouldn’t exist at all.


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