Wild Life.Limitless.

I’ve been listening to this song recently. It’s very addictive and I can definitely relate to this song. It makes me realize a lot of things about life. Listening to this song makes me teary-eyed, realizing every line is true and beyond heart-felt. I’m not really sure why I’m making this post right now, but all I know is that I need to share this message I have in my heart that is inspired by this song.

Survival Of The Fittest

The song mentioned something like ‘the world is like a jungle, that it is a wild life and we should be careful’, it’s saddening that we have come to a point that we realize that our own home is our own death trap. Why have we come to this? Why have we come to a point that to be able to live, we have to follow the thinking that life is a “Survival of the Fittest”? Shouldn’t it be a unity of our kind, since we are the most intelligent in the world? Shouldn’t we be standing side by side helping each other? No, it’s the other way. Over the years, the world has taught us that we have to wake up, and work to live. We are in a generation where opportunities depend on social status and people will pull you down due to envy and greediness. Have we become predators of fortune and forgot the word “unity”? Have we forgotten that we are the human race and the person we are bringing down is in line with our bloodline? It’s really frustrating and words aren’t enough to describe how devastated I am to what the society has become.

Money Makes The World Go Round

It’s not all about love and harmony anymore, it’s all about money, fame and power. I have read somewhere that planet Earth is the only planet where you have to pay to live. I don’t get it. We have to work really hard to eat, have water, to have electricity, to have a house, actually you have to work really really hard to ‘live’, unless you are born to a wealthy family then working is not your problem, it’s the heir your going to think about, but if you are like me, less fortunate, who has to rent a house to live, who can’t finish my studies due to debt in school, who has to be underemployed to live, then you’d have to be ready because this kind of life is not easy. We have come to a point where we need money to have something. I have realized, there are only 2 things left that’s free in this world, one is Oxygen and the second one is to dream. At least I still have the first one, but the second one? I guess I have lost it by the time stopped schooling. It’s hard to dream big for me and my family’s future since it will depend on how much money we are willing to spend to fulfill our goals. Having a decent job in my country is really hard, they will require “Work Experience”, but the big question is how will people like me have work experience if they won’t give us a chance to have work experience. Our world has come to a point where we let people suffering to suffer more instead of giving them the chance to change what they have in their lives.

What If…?

I have always thought, what if the world didn’t revolutionize and industrialize? What if we continued living a primitive life? Would we suffer this kind of emotional and psychological struggle? Think about it, you wouldn’t be receiving water bills because you have your own way to get your water, you won’t have to pay for a house because you can simply build a small space for yourself, you don’t have to work under someone’s management since you live harmoniously and equally with others. You see what happened, we became dependent to comfort and to others. We became very complacent that when someone asked another to do stuff for him, he alone will receive comfort and the other one became dependent to what his master is providing, leaving a bloodline of slaves versus the authority. Why do we need to have someone superior when we are all humans, equal, as brothers and sisters? Yes, we need someone to lead us, to teach us, and that is called a leader because he acts like us, but someone who chooses to act superior is just a fool trying to abuse people under him. Because of comfort we became a generation of slaves, and you will always have to climb a ladder to attain superiority. I call this madness, if I were given one wish, then I would say bring us all back to living a simple life, a life full of joy and love, but in reality this wouldn’t happen. We are living in a cruel world, and it will destroy dreams, unless you have money, fame or power.

It’s nice to think how the world has taught us to be strong, and to be determined to reach our goals, but why does it have to be hard? Why does the world need to be unfair? Why should there be rich and poor people? Why do some people need to suffer and some sleep in luxury? Why do we have to work hard and others have everything they need in a silver platter? I really don’t know how to answer these questions, all I know is that when I answer these questions, I still need to work hard, nothing will change. People might call me skeptic or pessimistic, but this is what the world has done to me, I’ve been molded by experience and this is what I came to be. Yes, I do envy people living in luxury though I try to be happy in ways I can, but it still makes me realize that tomorrow is another day where I need to work. Life is never easy, hardships will depend on your social status, but in this generation that we have, what you become is what you chose to be. In every choices you make everyday, it will change whatever you have in your heart. Life will always be hard, it’s how you face it that will make it become lighter. It may be heavy now, but always remember, even in this kind of generation, we can still try to unite and help carry each other’s burden. No man shall be left alone, and a helping hand is always a first step of change, to restore faith in humanity.


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