Limitless Movie Experience: Maleficent


Maleficent, 2014

I was really looking forward to Maleficent since fairy tales brought to live action is the trend now, plus transforming it to a dark theme got me really excited. Maleficent did not disappoint visually, it’s a very dark and colorful movie all at the same time. They re-imagined the world of Sleeping Beauty in a very artisitc manner that I enjoyed a lot. What disappointed me about this movie is that it didn’t have any substance, half of the movie is boring. Unlike the movies ‘Snow White and The Hunstman’ and ‘Red Riding Hood’, Maleficent’s climax wasn’t very exciting, it’s as if the movie was rushed. It’s dull that Maleficent needed to sneak in to the castle and did not use her powers, or even the fight scene at the end was dull and unnecessary. The scene where sleeping beauty woke up didn’t bring excitement as well. The prince wasn’t even given any highlight. I was expecting scenes that will bring me down my seat, but I got none. I wanted Maleficent to prove to King Stefan’s kingdom that she has a kind heart and that she helped Aurora, instead they let her kill the king. I was really disappointed and felt the movie was rushed and overhyped. There were a lot of room for improvement. All in all it was good film that children will enjoy.

Movie rating: LIMITED


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