Limitless Movie Experience: X-men: Days Of Future Past

X-men: Days Of Future Past, 2014

I wasn’t an X-men fan, until I saw X-men: First Class. So, Days of Future Past got me really excited and I wasn’t disappointed, it’s like a jackpot movie for me, because it had everything I was looking for, it made me cry, laugh and got excited to their every fight. The effects were stunning, and the combination of the mutants they chose were perfect! The movie made me feel I was with them in their every step. I loved how Professor X and Magneto tried to rekindle their friendship and I love how Wolverine tried to do his best to save their future. I was crying by the time Professor X was standing face to face with his future self, i felt his pain. It’s a deep movie, it’s not all action but it has a heart and it wants to prove something to its viewers. It surpassed my love to First Class and I’d say this is my favorite X-men movie as of now.

Movie rating: LIMITLESS


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