Limitless Movie Experience: 22 Jump Street

22 jump poster

22 Jump Street, 2014

22 Jump Street is a SMASH! Usually sequels are boring and predictable, but then again this film crossed its boundaries. This is one of those comedy films where I was laughing the whole time. The fight scenes were nicely done and the story is probably a true story of how best friends live their lives together, as I was imagining a friend of mine while I was watching this film. Jonah Hill is a natural comedian, and at the same time, Channing Tatum is not just an ordinary hunk, he’s a sexy clown! They perfectly go together and I can’t imagine any other actor who can do this better than them. Every scene is exciting, some scenes will break your heart and some will make you laugh your eyes out. One more thing, the credits scene is GENIUS! Whoever made this film, please, I am desperate for a 3rd one, 23 Jump Street!!

Movie Rating: Limitless


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