Limitless Movie Experience: Kasal


Kasal, 2014

I have always been skeptical towards watching Indie films, and that view changed yesterday night. This is my first Cinemalaya film and it was an amazing experience. One of the best things about this film is it has subtitles, in English, and in the right grammar! It was cool! The other best thing about the film is that it didn’t have to have a lot of violence, drama or comedic lines to get my attention, the story itself is very interesting, and up to the very last scene the emotions were swirling. I honestly can’t get over it! The ending is so heartbreaking, the story is shallow but the pain expressed by the actors is very very deep. The love scene is honestly intense and awkward, but the story revolving the closeted relationship expressed a lot of tension and is full of thrill, which is actually really hard in reality. Hands down to the actors, Arnold Reyes and Oliver Aquino both did a job well done! They are very convincing and brilliant, I don’t know how they did it but their characters seemed real! So I guess this is the feeling of watching a brilliant Indie film, I can’t get over it and I want a closure for its story. Maybe, this is the goal of this film, to keep the viewers hanging but leaving a mark in their minds that a commitment is not a game, that it is something that you have to take care, cultivate and preserve to keep it lasting, realizing that forever isn’t real rather it must last a lifetime, no matter what preference you have.

Film Rating: LIMITLESS


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