Movie Experience: The Maze Runner


The Maze Runner, 2014

I already knew that this was a very promising film since the first time I saw its trailer. The story is very interesting and I was expecting it to have a mind-boggling twist. Alas! The movie did not disappoint as I was expecting a good movie. All the actors were great and perfect for their roles, they are all fresh which added mystery to the film. I like how each personality of the characters compliment the others. Of course, the movie wouldn’t be complete without a heartbreaking scene, it was expected but sad at the same time. The story itself is amazing, and yes the ending didn’t let me down. Every scene is a surprise and fast-paced, confusing at first but as the film progressed every confusion is necessary to make a great conclusion. This is not your ordinary action film, it’s the one you should watch out for. There is definitely a sequel, and I can honestly say that after the Saw franchise, this is the next one that I will follow. I haven’t read the book yet, but this movie wickedly excites me, and I can say wicked is definitely good.

Film review: LIMITLESS


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