Movie Experience: Annabelle



Annabelle, 2014

I wasn’t really excited about this movie. The trailer kind of disappointed me so I wasn’t really expecting a lot, but I gave it a chance and thought the movie might bring something new. At the beginning, the film was very interesting. Some scenes were really scary, and I like the way they tried to show the devil, it was very terrifying. When the film ended, it was satisfying but it wasn’t the “Annabelle” movie I was looking forward to. The film tried to be an “Insidious-The Conjuring” rip-off, but it failed. The story is outdated and their tactics are already over-used, unlike the previous two movies that brought something new in the game. If Annabelle was released in 2005, it might’ve been a hit, but then again, it was a good effort.

Film rating: LIMITED


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