Movie Experience: Beauty In A Bottle


Beauty In A Bottle, 2014

This is definitely a must-see movie! All I did throughout the movie was to laugh, laugh and laugh! The movie is really hilarious and I must say one of the best from Star Cinema this year! The characters were perfect, Assunta De Rossi was a perfect start and her “career woman” role was relatable, and after so many years, she is still good in comedy. Angelica Panganiban, for me, is the highlight of this film and I can’t believe she agreed to exploit her body, in a funny way! All I can say is she was brilliant and sport throughout the film. She was transparent and she showed how someone’s weight can affect someone’s life. Angeline Quinto, on the other hand, was good, but she bored me a lot. I think another actress would’ve been better, I was thinking of the likes of Beauty Gonzales or Alex Gonzaga, Angeline was a bad choice as she was overacting throughout the film. All in all, it was a great comedy film and it taught me that the society might judge how you look, but inner beauty will still prevail. I just regret seeing Angeline Quinto in this film, she almost ruined it.


Film rating: LIMITED


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