My Best And Worst Moments Of 2014

2015Happy New Year! I might be late in posting but it is never too late to celebrate thanksgiving for a wonderful year I had last year and an exciting anticipation for this new year! Last year, I proclaimed that it’s gonna be a year of Progress and Prosperity, I may not have succeeded financially, but there is more than money that I should be thankful for. A lot has happened, 2014 is definitely a roller coaster ride, now let me share the Best and Worst Moments in my life that happened in 2014 :).

let me begin with the Worst Moments of 2014:

  • WEIGHT GAIN – I started to experience low self-esteem due to weight gain
  • SKIN ISSUES – this is also a factor of me having low self-esteem
  • RELATIONSHIP PROBLEM – this year tested and strengthened our relationship
  • BROKEN TV – we didn’t have TV during the 2nd half of last year, no more teleseryes :p
  • BROKEN LAPTOP – during the last quarter of 2014, our dog broke our laptop 😦
  • FLOOD INSIDE THE HOUSE  – my room is the most affected, most of my treasured items were damaged
  • WORK PROBLEM – though I was able to find a job, a needed to focus a lot so I can be regularized
  • DIFFICULTY FINDING A JOB – this year, I experienced how really hard it is to find a job
  • FINANCIAL PROBLEM – since I didn’t have a job, It was really hard for me to find sources of income
  • HEALTH ISSUE – this marked the most illness I had for a year, I was really scared

Now let me share the Best Moments of 2014:

  • KPOP – My bestfriend, Christopher, asked me to join him for a KPOP dance contest, it’s something new for me
  • NEW PHONE – since I didn’t have my own phone this year, my mom’s friend gave me a new one 🙂
  • NEW TV – let’s say it is the fruit of my hardwork
  • BRITNEY – I received a lot of Britney gifts this year! (Britney CD, Britney Doll etc)
  • VACATION – aside from not having a job, I was able to maximize my free time, and a vacation with family
  • HEALTH ASSISTANCE – though I was sick a lot of times, I was able to get proper aid
  • NEW JOB – this year, though I had difficulty to find one, I was blessed to have a new job
  • ANNIVERSARY – 2 years and counting ❤
  • BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION – every year, my Birthday gets better and better, with friends and family ❤
  • CHRISTMAS – one of the biggest Christmas celebrations our family had, with most of our relatives 🙂

Though this year was twice more challenging than 2013, I can say that I am very thankful of 2014. Last year taught me a lot, specially about patience, being grateful and faithful. I may not be abundant financially, but I am proud to say that I am rich in love, happiness and blessings. It also taught me that all beginnings are hard, but at the end of the day, there is always something to look forward to. Never lose hope, and never lose your passion, these are the things you must hold on to, and never lose faith, because it is your foundation to be stronger.

2015 will mark a bigger change, It’s gonna be a year of fruitfulness and positivity! All the hardwork and sacrifices will pay off this year! And I believe that God will never leave behind all those who were troubled last year. 2014 may be hard, but 2015 will change that, it’s gonna be full of blessings and hope. It’s gonna be a year full of opportunities, never waste this chance because you never know what’s waiting for you at the other side of the road. 🙂

Happy New Year! CHEERS!


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