Movie Experience: English Only, Please

English Only Please

English Only Please, 2014

When you say MMFF, films are usually grand, festive and are highly produced. Since this is the trend, English Only, Please was never an option for me to watch. I had this first impression that the film is just like other low-budgeted MMFF films that weren’t popular and were easily forgotten. Though the film won a lot of awards it still didn’t give me the initiative to watch it. Then the day came where I was invited to watch it, and to my amazement, all these negative things about the film, that I thought, were all gone. THE FILM IS SIMPLY BRILLIANT! It may not be as grand as the others, but this is something new and fresh for an MMFF entry. It’s different, it’s not really like the others who needed a big cast, or a big production or heavy scripting, everything was simple, from the setting to the script. The story was easy to understand, the situations were all funny and romantic, the scenes were all something you can relate to. I can say Jennylyn Mercado did a great job, however I think Derek Ramsay didn’t fit the role. All in all, the movie is really good, it’s a must see movie, if it’s still showing, grab the chance to see it. I can definitely say, I’m a fan.

Film Rating: LIMITLESS


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