Movie Experience: The Amazing Praybeyt Benjamin


The Amazing Praybeyt Benjamin, 2014

This film is a big disappointment! This is the second most disappointing film from Vice Ganda, just after “Girl, Boy, Bakla, Tomboy”. I’m not sure if it is, but the film seemed rushed, most of the scenes were not polished, especially the fight scenes, where you can see security guards and civilians just walking from afar. It seemed like the movie was just a high school project. I was really expecting a lot because the first movie, “The Unkabogable Praybeyt Benjamin”, was really more than funny, epic and delivered its purpose, to make people laugh. The sequel’s cast was promising, the beginning was also a bit interesting, but as the film progressed, I became a bit bored, the film didn’t have substance and only Alex Gonzaga made me laugh. This movie didn’t fulfill its promise, to entertain people. Even though Kris Aquino and James Reid made cameo appearances, it still didn’t compensate how horrible the film was. I hate to say it but it was a waste of money. Hopefully, Vice Ganda would realize this and would start coming back with quality comedy films like what he had before.

Film Rating: LIMITED


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