Movie Experience: Taken 3


Taken 3, 2014

THIS IS THE TAKEN MOVIE I’VE BEEN WAITING FOR IN YEARS!!! Let’s pretend Taken 2 never happened, and consider this film the real sequel of the 1st movie! It was definitely worth it, this movie delivered and exceeded my expectations. I wanted something action-packed, nerve-wracking and heart-pumping, Liam Neeson gave what I wanted. The story is not your average action film, yes the beginning might me something usual, about rekindling love, being accused of crime and trying to escape the government, but the latter half of this film is definitely something to watch out for, one of the best twists for an action film I’ve seen in years, very clever and very heart-warming at the same time. The movie showed how a Taken film should be, it emphasized how a father’s love works, and still ended on showing how a father would do anything for his child. I’d say this film is perfect and I am proud of Liam Neeson. For me, he will always be Bryan Mills, a father who is half sweet-half badass, someone who is not ashamed to show his soft-side, and at the same time will fight for what’s important to him. In case this is the last installment, I’d be happy it would end with an excellent ending. I’d prefer this as the last one instead of having another that will be less appropriate like Taken 2, but if it will exceed Taken 3, then it’s something to look forward to.

Film Review: LIMITLESS


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