Movie Experience: Into The Woods


Into The Woods, 2014

It was a promising film, I chose to watch this over “Annie” because I was expecting this film to deliver, and that my craving for fantasy and entertainment will be replenished. I was wrong. Before watching the film, I never had an idea that this a musical film, and that the story is originally from a Broadway musical. With the trend of Disney animated films having live-action counterparts, I was expecting something dark and mysterious, but all I got was dancing and singing. I’m not against it but probably it was not just the right timing for this film. The movie was fun, but it was mainly targeted for kids and I think they succeeded in that. But in other terms, they wasted Johnny Depp, I think the death of Emily Blunt’s character is lame and I think the ending of the film is also really basic. As I mentioned this film is really for children and it is something worth watching, only for the holidays.

Film rating: LIMITED


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