Movie Experience: Kingsman: The Secret Service


Kingsman: The Secret Service, 2015

I’ve always been fascinated about spies, secret agents and classified missions, and this film really got me excited! I didn’t know who the main actor was, since the only familiar face is Samuel Jackson, so I was a little skeptic about this film, but something inside me really urged me to watch this, and I wasn’t disappointed! Move over James Bond and Matrix films, because the Kingsman film is coming for you! This film is so amazing, it got me almost crying ’til the end! The latter part of the film is the best part, it was really nerve-wracking and jaw-dropping. There were a mix of a little drama and comedy, but it is definitely badass, totally action-packed! I love the gadgets, the humor, the characters, everything is in place and there were no dull moments. I fell in love on how the British culture was shown in this film, so classy! It taught me that manners is your ultimate weapon against evil, and for that I am splendidly elated and proud of this film! I’m really expecting a sequel and this is definitely to watch out for!

Film rating: LIMITLESS


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