Movie Experience: Home

Home_(2015_film)_posterHome, 2015

I really had no intention of watching this movie. Upon seeing the trailer, I still didn’t have no interest despite knowing Rihanna will be the voice of the main character. But then again, it was a good thing that the film was shown at the right period, since there were no good movies around this time. Though I wasn’t really excited for this film, it exceeded my expectations!!! The film gave me a roller coaster of emotions and I must say one of the best animated films this year! Rihanna did a great job, being a sexy vixen in the music industry, she was able to perfectly portray young and innocent little girl, which everybody could relate to. The film is very hilarious and heart-warming at the same time, but the film’s comedic-timing really stood out! It was simply funny! I love the effects, and the story line captured me, I thought the story was plain and simple but the film brought a lot in to the table! During the ending, it was when I knew that Steve Martin and Jennifer Lopez were also part of the film, again, another reason to love this movie! Looking forward for a sequel, perhaps a grown up Tip would do?

Film Rating: LIMITLESS


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