Movie Experience: Pitch Perfect 2


Pitch Perfect 2, 2015

I waited 3 years to see this! The first time I saw the first film, it really changed my perspective to musicals and singing actors. I can go on and on, and I can definitely say the first film is really iconic, so I really expected a lot for the second film. The film started as usual with a disaster, and that they have to redeem themselves. It was totally a circus, the movie was very cluttered. I think that’s what they really were aiming for. But the clutter is so messy that I forgot I was watching Pitch Perfect, the movie lost its element. There were no surprising performances, basically it was disappointing. The only interesting thing in the movie is the last performance. What they lack in every performance in the film, they poured it in their last. Not hoping for a third, but I felt that this second film was unnecessary.

Film rating: LIMITED



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