Movie Experience: San Andreas


San Andreas, 2015

I never really intended to watch this film. I’ve always had this perception that movies starring Dwayne Johnson as the lead role is a bit too cheesy and unnecessary. I’ve always thought that he is better off as a wrestler and never liked his lead roles, especially the second G.I. Joe film that disappointed me a lot. But when I saw this film, the way I looked at “The Rock” changed! The film is really good, and didn’t just show Dwayne as the big guy, rather he is a father, a very vulnerable father with a heart, and he portrayed it very well. I must admit, the film is annoyingly predictable and overly produced, but it is annoyingly effective at the same time. The story was too cheesy, but the message behind it really got me. I also love the fact that it brings awareness to everyone about earthquakes and sharing to everyone that there is help and that we can survive them. I’m impressed, and I can say this is one of the best disaster films I’ve seen so far.

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Film rating: LIMITLESS


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