The Boracay Diaries: Day 3

             At last, we arrived at the last day of our adventure in Boracay. The first day was a disaster, the second day was just fine but not that amazing, and for this last day, I have my hopes of enjoying and making sure nothing hinders me from having fun the whole day!

img_1957             I woke up around 8am, but this time I was alone. Apparently, my mom and my aunts were already out to eat breakfast. I hurriedly stood up and fixed myself so I can eat and swim early. When I went out, the beach was beautiful as usual. There were not much people, the serenity I was looking for is now there, and I was already feeling the moment, the happiness I’ve been yearning for 3 days now. The wind was strong, due to the raining that happened yesterday, the waves were high, I can hear my mom and my aunts scream as they enjoy the waves while swimming, the weather was perfect. It was the best time to swim. As I indulged myself in the ocean, I though this was the last day. I will miss this place. Everytime the waves hit me, it was satisfaction. I swam, I dived, I played with the water. The kid in me was bursting in joy as I was having fun in the sea. I can say that this day was THE HIGHLIGHT of our vacation. Everything is going perfectly fine, this is the vacation I had in mind, I didn’t want it to end.

             A small mishap though, my mom wanted to take pictures with img_5436the “Boracay” sand creations, or whatever they call it. But the people who made it didn’t want us to, as they were asking us for a high price to take pictures. We were surprised and walked away. The guy then destroyed his work. The other tourists were surprised to what he did. I’m not sure if this is normal in Boracay though. Instead of dwelling on that, we decided to eat lunch. The food is perfect as usual, we even had left overs that we packed for later ;). What more can I ask for. After lunch, we were able to look for a better “Boracay” sand creation and took pictures there for a cheaper price. And yes, my mom was satisfied and made sure she had hundreds of pictures with it. Perfect beach? Check! Perfect lunch? Check! Perfect pictures? Check! Does it get any better?

             While waiting for our pickup from the hotel, we decided to look for souvenirs. Honestly the souvenirs were really affordable but they were also really beautiful! If only I had  a lot of money, I could have done some shopping. Haha. I bought some bracelets, they were really cheap amd had nice designs. I also bought a fridge magnet, it was for p50. So I already paid, but when some Koreans came, the saleslady said the fridge magnet was p100 for 4 pieces. Oh I should’ve bargained Haha. Around 2pm, the tour people came on time in picking us up. It was already time for us to leave the beautiful beaches of Boracay. It was a bit melancholic, it was too soon, but we really had to go. I shall return, maybe? 😉

             I was tired, very much exhausted, I just wanted to sleep, these thoughts were running on my mind. I didn’t care if the boat picking us up was delayed, all I wanted was to sit down and free my mind. All these swimming, walking and travelling really pushed me to my limits. After the boat ride, a bus picked us up going back to Kalibo International Airport. I wanted to stay awake and enjoy the view, but my body really can’t stay up, I fell asleep the whole time, no regrets though. I needed that rest.

img_5445             We arrived really early, around 5pm. Our flight was for 7:30pm. We had enough time to eat and still take pictures, well my mom and my aunts enjoyed that. I just wanted peace of mind and to sit still. When it was time fly, it was hard, but I had to bid farewell to one of the most beautiful islands I’ve seen in my life. The flight wasn’t delayed and we took off Kalibo on time, but we landed late due to air traffic in NAIA. Thank goodness we had a smooth flight, though it was raining really hard. It was a bit scary but we were safe. It was still raining hard when we arrived in NAIA, and as expected, it was hard to look for a cab. Thankfully, NAIA has a very reliable internet connection and we were able to book with  GrabCar. We used the code “GRABNAIA” for a p200 discount, effective until October 10, 2016. It was really helpful, the original price was around p500+, this is definitely how our vacation should end, easy and convenient.

             When I remember these 3 days I spent in Boracay, it was totally img_5464out of this world. Bizarre events and misadventures all led to a mixture of annoying and happy moments. Admittedly, I really had a lot of bad experiences during our stay there. But I can’t change the fact that I also had a good time. Good food, amazing activities, hospitable people, beautiful beaches and perfect weather, what else can I ask for? This is everything I needed for a perfect vacation. The mishaps should’ve been avoided if we had a concrete plan and if we prepared in advance, it’s something that’s useful in case we go back there, or to any destination. Planning is really necessary, a small mistake can be a big factor affecting one’s mood in a vacation.

20160927_003003206_ios             I want to go back there, I want to feel that I am away from all the troubles and responsibilities I have in Manila. It made me feel as if I am free and liberated from pain and stress. Definitely, Boracay served it’s purpose. It has a distinct personality out of all the beaches in the Philippines. It is crazy, definitely out of this world, but this craziness is something to look forward to if you’re looking for adrenaline and adventure. Boracay is not your typical vacation destination. Yes it is crowded, complicated and chaotic, but it depends on which perspective will you be looking from. I chose to love its simple side, the relaxing and serene Boracay, still half-crazy, but a good combination of both. No wonder it is one of the greatest tourist spots in the Philippines. As they always say, never be a stranger to your own country, learn to discover, because once you know the hidden beauty of your country, that’s when you get pride of what you have and realize it can be irreplaceable. It’s not world-class but it is unique, a distinct characteristic that a Filipino culture has to offer, a soft heart, serenity in this world full of chaos and scramble.



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