Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children: An Experience

           It was a peculiar experience indeed. A total mixture of emotions, a beautiful combination of love and curiosity that incorporates innocence and vulnerability. Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children definitely served it’s purpose, to entertain and express creativity.

           I’ve only seen the film’s trailer once, and I was impressed. It was something new, for me, and very much exciting. In my perspective, the film revolves around this specific house that cares for children with “peculiar”abilities. Much like X-men’s Professor X, but this is a more child-friendly version, I suppose. And when it was time to witness the actual movie, the film had much more to offer.

miss-peregrine           The film in one word? SPECTACLE. I loved how they maximized using the places they have been. Of course there were some obvious modifications but I love how they incorporated the film with nature. Huge carrots, moving trees and colorful flowers, it added beautiful effects for the movie. I also like the fact that they used unfamiliar and new actors for the film. It had this sense of mystery, very thrilling and intriguing. The actors were really good as well, Miss Peregrine’s look and personality were very fierce and beautiful at the same time. Jake’s innocence and curiosity were very convincing, it brought him to places. Samuel Jackson’s character was also fun to watch, he was a very excellent character actor, he was very effective and definitely fit for the role. Emma’s vulnerability is reflective of her ability with air. I also liked the variety of the peculiarity of the children, they complement each other. The setting wasn’t really confusing and complicated, it was really meant for children and children-at-heart. The movie also played visually, it was very creative, dark and very out of this world. Somehow it has this realistic effect that makes me feel as if this really happened, that this film is trivial and I should hold on to my seat and be prepared for revelations. The film delivered and it was very good. It’s not something that you can compare with the Avengers or Batman vs Superman, but it has its own identity. It served its purpose, to entertain and express creativity, directed to its primary market, the children and the fans of the book it was based from.

           It was a wonderful experience, I may not know the book, or the previous works of



Tim Burton, but what’s important is I enjoyed the film. I’ve read some reviews about the film and most were not satisfied and kept on comparing his previous works with this current one. I say to you, change is the only thing that’s constant, and artistic interpretations change, too. I believe Tim Burton, the crew and the actors did a good job. And maybe, the change was necessary to join the trend, still incorporating the elements Tim Burton was known for. It’s not as magnificent as people ought it to be, but it is a spectacle. The amazing experience was also backed up as it is my first time to watch a film in Resorts World Manila. Totally different from all the movie theaters I’ve been in Manila. It is very much organized, pleasing and classic. Unlike the regular movie theaters which are just plain and basic, they offer a competitive advantage, they stepped up so that movie-goers would have a totally different experience others can’t bring.

           If there’s a take-away I have from this movie, it is to be brave and go out of your comfort zone. Never be afraid to discover, because as much as you discover new things around you, you will also discover new things about yourself. Not necessarily peculiar stuff, but something worth taking pride for, something that no one can take away. Patience, darling, as nothing is done in an instant, but once your destiny is fulfilled, you will realize that your uniqueness, your talent, your skill is what the world needs, a contributor to make the world a better place.


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