An Ode Of Apology To Love

7d463ba2c12a507f1a64b4563f6f5388I’m Sorry, I made an effort.
I wanted to be part
of your life, I wanted us to be special.
I wanted to build a beautiful future with you,
And to grow with you in this wonderful world

I’m Sorry, I prioritized you.
I wanted to give you everything, I wanted you to feel important.
I wanted you to feel that you are not alone,
So you would be proud of me and feel safe.

I’m Sorry, I supported your desires.
I wanted to see you reach your dreams, Achieve your goals.
I wanted you to do the things you love,
And make you feel that I am also happy in your happiness

I’m Sorry, I was selfless.
I wanted to make sure you are first, I wanted to make it easy for you.
I wanted to give you a better life,
So you won’t have to regret you chose me above all else.

I’m Sorry, I trusted you.
I wanted your loyalty, I wanted you to be faithful.
I wanted us to have a transparent relationship,
And that we don’t have to worry and have trust issues.

I’m Sorry, I was just simple.
I wanted to be part of your world, I wanted to be perfect.
I wanted to feel that you were proud of me,
So you won’t be ashamed to tell people I was your love.

I’m Sorry, I’m not perfect.
I wanted to be the best, I wanted to be the only guy you’ll stare.
I wanted to make sure I was the only one,
And at the same time I don’t want to be too tight and too controlling.

I’m Sorry, I loved you.
I just wanted a partner in life, I just wanted someone to cuddle.
I just wanted a relationship that will last forever,
But I guess I wasn’t enough, and I wasn’t the one you wanted

I’m Sorry it was just all me.
I guess you wanted something else, I guess you wanted someone more than me.
I guess everything I am was never really enough for you,
But now I’m left all alone, because you already have all of me

I’m sorry, I wasn’t enough.
I wish I had known, I wish I was made aware.
I wish I was given a chance to do something to save us,
But I guess this is really what you wanted;
I guess this is where you want this to end.

I’m sorry, I’m letting you go.
I’m setting you free, I’m turning back now.
I’m back to where I started,
But the difference is, half of my heart is missing;
Hoping someday, you’d come back and complete this piece of me.


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