Osaka Ohsho: Kawaii Experience

img_9721Did I use that right? Kawaii? Well anyway, Osaka Ohsho claims to be the “Number One Gyoza in the World”, and how would I know unless I try it, right? I’ll be honest, I’m not really familiar about this Japanese restaurant. It is my first time to hear about it after the renovations in SM North Edsa’s The Block. I always pass by it, I find it really cosy and nice but it was never my choice when it comes to Japanese cuisine. Me and my family would always prefer SM North’s Maisen, so trying Osaka Ohsho was really something out of the box for me.

Upon entry, as expected, all the staff are very courteous and approachable. They immediately set us to the most convenient and comfortable spot, “The Couch”! Everybody loves the couch, so I’m very much liking this first step. Small plates and chopsticks are also readily available, and  are expected. The menu is also very much presentable. But enough of the flowery words, they’re very much the same with Maisen, because, you know, they’re both Japanese. For some time they offered a “buy one, take one” promo for their Gyoza, which is definitely an edge, however for some reason, it is not available anymore. Bummer. Some food also looked like the ones offered in Tokyo Tokyo but much bigger and more expensive. I was becoming more enticed and hungry.


                    Beef Sukiyaki Set


                    Pork Cutlet in Miso Sauce Set


                Osaka Ohsho Salad





When our food was delivered, it was heaven! The food looked really tasty, I can say that the price is really worth it. I like the presentation, I love the taste and the ambience gave a perfect combination. The staff are also always ready whenever you need them, eimg_9708specially when I asked for spoon and fork (sorry I don’t know how to use chopsticks haha).

They delivered what was expected to them, the food and the place was amazing. Why do I keep comparing Osaka Ohsho to Maisen? Because so far, both of them overdelivered, and their services and food are STELLAR! Osaka Ohsho is a highly recommendable Japanese restaurant, a best choice for a new Japanese experience or if you are looking for alternatives. I guess they do have the best, and the biggest, Gyoza I’ve tasted so far! I will definitely come back and bring my friends to have a Kawaii Experience, too!


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