Britney: Live In Concert (3 Days To Go!)

britneyAND YES, THE MOMENT WE’VE ALL BEEN WAITING FOR IS FINALLY HAPPENING HERE IN THE PHILIPPINES! If I may say it, Britney will finally SNEAK AWAY INTO THE PHILIPPINES (Piece of Me, 2007)!!! It will never be just a lyric in her 2007 hit, but it will be, at last, happening in 3 days!

Since she started in 1998, I’ve been a fan. I don’t know her name but her songs are always catchy and she easily caught the hearts of millions, around the world! She became a household name. She also tasted the best of both worlds, fame and misfortune, but they have this saying that “If Britney made it in 2007, you can make it today”. She made it, surpassed the tests and became braver as ever, still making hits in spite of tight competition in the Pop Industry. In other words, she is still very relevant among her generation.

2007 also saw her hit song “Piece of Me” where she mentioned “Philippines” in one of the lines. And in 3 days, in June 15, 2017 in MOA Arena, it is not just part of the song anymore, because for the first time, Britney Spears is performing in the Philippines! April 5, 2017 marked the availability of her tickets online and in-store. And of course, me and my peers didn’t waste time and made sure we were first in line, first thing in the morning!

SM Tickets open by 10am, nationwide, so we wanted to make sure we were the first buyers and we decided to go to SM Cubao, since there are fewer people there. We planned to separate ways to try to see which was the fastest way, they went IMG_3310to cross from Ali Mall and I decided to go directly inside SM Cubao. Around 9:55, there were a lot of people with me inside, waiting for the mall to open. I was unsuspecting and thought they were just mall goers, but when the guards blew their whistles, they ran! I ran with them, we were pushing each other to get first in the escalator, it was shocking! It was my first time to experience this! And while running, one asked me if I was buying Britney tickets, and that’s when I knew she was still a sensation and people will still die to see her! Arriving in the ticket booth, I saw my friends there, I guess their path was faster than mine. THEY WERE FIRST IN LINE! And guess what, in 10 minutes, the SVIP section was sold out. And after 30 minutes, all sections were sold out! ICONIC!

IMG_8586Totally unforgettable, but it was exciting! I can’t believe that in 3 days, I will see her, singing and dancing in front of thousands of Filipinos! It’s been years, me and my co-Britney army can’t wait! And while her concert is days away,  let me share to you ASAP’s performance of some of her songs yesterday to promote the concert, as well as some throwback performances from the show! Enjoy!

The concert is brought by Wilbros LIVE, presented by Bench and Smart Communications!

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