I Understand


It was definitely love at first sight,
When I met you.
I was addicted to you, I pursued.
But you said you weren’t ready for a commitment, you told me to wait.
You didn’t want to be in a relationship, yet
I said, “It’s okay, I understand”.

I courted you, I waited patiently.
I started to get to know you,
Your secrets, your mannerisms, your favorite things to do and the things you hated the most.
You introduced me to your friends, and I introduced you to mine, still you weren’t ready.
I said, “It’s okay, I understand.”

I was becoming impatient, then I felt you didn’t care.
You were having a good time with friends, and I was alone.
But then you rescued me, even though it was too late.
I was lost, but then you said you love me.
You thought you were gonna lose me and apologized for taking too long.
I said, “It’s okay, I understand.”

We had an almost perfect relationship.
I gave everything you desired, I saw you were happy.
I wanted to serve you and give you my whole life,
But you said you can’t return how much I’m giving.
I said, “It’s okay, I understand.”

There were times I requested things, I wanted gifts.
I wanted you to make me feel special, feel loved.
But you were too preoccupied, focused on things you enjoyed the most
You said you can’t, maybe next time. I just nodded.
I said, “It’s okay, I understand.”

We both became busy, you had to work and I had to, as well.
You started hanging out with your new friends, and so did I.
I still managed to make time for you, but you always went home exhausted.
You said we can go out some other time, when you weren’t tired. I smiled,
I said, “It’s okay, I understand.”

I set aside my family, you became my world.
I wanted you to feel important, prioritized.
I wanted you to feel that I gave everything you wanted.
I guess you never saw, you were too busy to notice, but
I said, “It’s okay, I understand.”

Time passed by and we were growing up.
You were busy building your dreams.
I tried to do everything for you to notice me.
But you told me you have priorities, I was hurt, yet
I said, “It’s okay, I understand.”

Our love was getting sour.
I started to do annoying things for you to notice me,
It’s as if you forgot I existed.
You almost left me, but I fought for it, I didn’t give up.
I said, “It’s okay, I understand.”

You were getting colder, but I was trying harder.
You were silent, but you were smiling.
You were busy, but still with me.
I felt you wanted to go, but you stayed, I just sighed.
I said, “It’s okay, I understand.”

Then my nightmare has happened.
You decided to live abroad and leave me.
But you said our hearts will never be apart.
I believed you, I had faith in you.
You said you wanted to pursue your dreams overseas, it was your goal.
I said, “It’s okay, I understand.”

After several months, you became worse.
Colder than I imagined, and I was grumpier than ever.
Your calls turned from days to weeks,
And I was feeling neglected, you said you were just busy, I cried, but
I said, “It’s okay, I understand.”

I guess you already had enough, and left me.
You said you dated someone else before you went abroad.
I was broken, you blamed me for everything bad that happened.
You said you don’t love me no more, I felt I was dying, but
I said, “It’s okay, I understand.”

Was I never enough? Have I not done everything for you?
It’s as if I never did anything good,
And you just focused on the bad things that had happened.
You said I am to blame for what had happened, but despite this,
I said, “It’s okay, I understand.”

You proved people how evil I was.
You showed them I did nothing but bad things to you.
You left me broken, left me in pieces.
But you were never in pain, you’re already happy with someone else, it breaks me but
I said, “It’s okay, I understand.”

I gave you everything, my whole life.
I followed you, your dreams and your desires.
I guess you wanted something else, someone else.
I should’ve known, you should’ve told me.
I was taken for granted, you fooled me, you lied but
I said, “It’s okay, I understand”.

Now I’m starting over again,
Rebuilding a life I used to have with you.
Trying to forget the memories I had with you everyday.
My brain is reminiscing, trying to remember, but my heart wants to forget.
My heart said you were never worth it, you never loved me, still
I said, “It’s okay, I understand.”

An Ode Of Apology To Love

7d463ba2c12a507f1a64b4563f6f5388I’m Sorry, I made an effort.
I wanted to be part
of your life, I wanted us to be special.
I wanted to build a beautiful future with you,
And to grow with you in this wonderful world

I’m Sorry, I prioritized you.
I wanted to give you everything, I wanted you to feel important.
I wanted you to feel that you are not alone,
So you would be proud of me and feel safe.

I’m Sorry, I supported your desires.
I wanted to see you reach your dreams, Achieve your goals.
I wanted you to do the things you love,
And make you feel that I am also happy in your happiness

I’m Sorry, I was selfless.
I wanted to make sure you are first, I wanted to make it easy for you.
I wanted to give you a better life,
So you won’t have to regret you chose me above all else.

I’m Sorry, I trusted you.
I wanted your loyalty, I wanted you to be faithful.
I wanted us to have a transparent relationship,
And that we don’t have to worry and have trust issues.

I’m Sorry, I was just simple.
I wanted to be part of your world, I wanted to be perfect.
I wanted to feel that you were proud of me,
So you won’t be ashamed to tell people I was your love.

I’m Sorry, I’m not perfect.
I wanted to be the best, I wanted to be the only guy you’ll stare.
I wanted to make sure I was the only one,
And at the same time I don’t want to be too tight and too controlling.

I’m Sorry, I loved you.
I just wanted a partner in life, I just wanted someone to cuddle.
I just wanted a relationship that will last forever,
But I guess I wasn’t enough, and I wasn’t the one you wanted

I’m Sorry it was just all me.
I guess you wanted something else, I guess you wanted someone more than me.
I guess everything I am was never really enough for you,
But now I’m left all alone, because you already have all of me

I’m sorry, I wasn’t enough.
I wish I had known, I wish I was made aware.
I wish I was given a chance to do something to save us,
But I guess this is really what you wanted;
I guess this is where you want this to end.

I’m sorry, I’m letting you go.
I’m setting you free, I’m turning back now.
I’m back to where I started,
But the difference is, half of my heart is missing;
Hoping someday, you’d come back and complete this piece of me.

The Art Of Moving On: The Playlist

20161008_144725000_ios               In every episode of our lives, we always dedicate a song to it, most probably a theme song. Admit it, our lives are living musicals, where every aspects of our lives are theatrical pieces put together to make a beautiful story. Part of this, of course, is the story of heartbreak. Every moment of it , from the fall, to the enduring stage and up to the actual moving on phase, we incorporate songs to describe what we feel and use it as a guide on finding ourselves again.

               Every song, each lyric, they represent us, our emotions. The songs don’t only play a melody or sing lyrics, rather they express our life, they project what we are experiencing in a specific moment. It lives, it has an identity in our lives and these songs are our ally in coping up and, to try to forget and be confident. These powerful songs are meant to inspire and open minds, some will make us cry to make us release the emotions we’ve been keeping in our hearts, and most of them help us celebrate freedom and liberty, a true reflection of how we should stand, how we should endure the pain of heartbreak. Listed below are my top picks in this musical called “Heartbreak”, and how they can inspire you to overcome and be strong.

Anything by Hedley
“Everybody said boy, “Don’t go any higher!”, (uh-huh), f*ck that! I can do Anything!”
               As the song says, “I can do Anything!”. You are in control of your life now, and you can “shove it in their faces” that you don’t need anyone’s approval to succeed and conquer the world. This song tells us to push the limits and take everyone by surprise that you can do anything, and that even when you’re alone, you can do whatever you want. Follow your heart, play with fire and be a rock star! F*ck them, you can do anything!

Confident by Demi Lovato
“I’m the boss right now… This is my game, and you better come to play”
               Are you ready to be the ringleader? The boss? The center of attention? Well this song is perfect if you wish to be “Confident”, well overconfidence that is. “What’s wrong with being confident?” as the song says, I don’t think there’s nothing wrong with it. This song definitely teaches us to be confident with ourselves, with our mind and  body. Be comfortable with how you look, how people see you and your outlook in life. Confidence isn’t about being boastful, rather it is about taking pride that you live, and you don’t live to please people, rather to accomplish your dreams, your goals, and again there’s nothing wrong with it. The first step is confidence, and you can do anything.

Thnks Fr Th Mmrs by Fall Out Boy
“Thanks for the memories, even though they weren’t so great…”
               Yes, Fall Out Boy must be in this list. It isn’t a playlist about moving on without them. This song has been my anthem of moving on ever since, it never gets old. I love how their message is still there even after these years. Definitely, those memories you had with your special someone is something memorable, they weren’t so great but you don’t want to live with it again. What’s done is done. This song boasts sarcasm all over, saying “if you think I want you back? You’re wrong, leave it all to your beautiful memory”. As the song says, we should look forward to the future, “the past is cloudy”, it shouldn’t be looked back. Move forward, even though the past was so great, the future will be greater.

‘Til It’s Gone by Britney Spears
“You never know what you got ‘Til its gone..”
               Admit it, as much as you want to be strong and move one, there will be moments you will remember and miss that someone you used to be “special” with. The song, however, is an irony. It is a celebration of heartbreak. The song isn’t sad, but it tells a tale of how she undergone heartbreak, how her eyes resemble rain for crying, how she is crazy and can’t be “confined in a cage”, the song is definitely the roller coaster of emotions during heartbreak. She contemplates that she can’t let go, but she also questions why her heart was broken. The confusion stage is normal and this song definitely describes it. You really never know what you have ’til it’s gone, but don’t dwell too much on heartbreak because you don’t know what you might lose more.

Same Old Love by Selena Gomez
“I’m so sick of the same old love, that sh*t it tears me up…”
               Heartbreak has different phases, and this song perfectly captures the realization phase, the part where you realize he/she wasn’t worth it. That your ex lover was just simply trash, as they never gave you value, they never showed you your worth. “You left me in pieces”, the song contemplates how selfish the ex lover was and pushes away as the singer realized that she should be treated better. It’s better to be alone than stay with someone who doesn’t value you. Yes it is painful to throw away your significant other, but are you also willing to throw away your dignity just to stay away in a one-sided relationship? Of course not, you’re worth more than that, be sick of it. Remember, trash cans exist for a purpose, to throw away garbage.

Stranger by Hilary Duff
“There’s no kindness in your eyes, the way you look at me is just not right…”
               Oh yes! This is a perfect song for all those people who were never valued, who were never given importance! This song describes every detail of how relationships fail and how that “special someone” turns into a stranger. She starts to tell from the stare of his eyes, to his actions when no one’s watching, up to how she’s treated when everyone’s watching vs. no one’s around. The song definitely shares the experience, being treated as if you’re the one, but in reality, when the curtains are down, you’re just a trophy, just a part of the game, just a companion he uses whenever it is convenient for him. “Are you scared to let them know it’s you?”, yes they are scared, because they have this “image” they maintain. You must be the one to be blamed, because they show people that they are the “perfect lover”, but their secrets are safe. Either way, they were already strangers during the relationship, and even strangers up until now.

He Wasn’t By Avril Lavigne
“He never made me feel like I was special, ‘coz I was special…”
               Songs about moving on? Yes Avril must be in it! She is definitely the princess of heartbreak as she perfectly portrays the emotions in most of her songs. This song features a young Avril, but she already knows what’s up, she already knows what she wants! She knows when someone is just playing and messing with her, and when this happens, she just lets them go because “he wasn’t what he wanted, because she is special”. I love how this song makes the listener realize the importance of self-worth, it opens our eyes and lets us see that we shouldn’t be treated like trash. When a relationship doesn’t have value, it is not worth keeping, don’t regret rather be thankful, you saved yourself from wasting time for more misery. We all have choices, and we should choose to be happy.

Liar by Britney Spears
“You know I know that you I know that you’re a Liar..”
               The title explains it all, you’re ex lover were all lies. “It’s too late for apologies”, the song says, and it is true. The damage has been done, the pain has been made, and no matter what your ex lover does, it’s not gonna be enough reason to bring back the past. “You ain’t foolin’ anyone”, as they say, fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me. I believe in second chances, but I think it has grounds. Always bear in mind that a liar is always be a liar, as well as cheaters and heartbreakers. Yes I believe people change, but life is a cycle, they may change but they may also change back to their old ways in time. A relationship with secrets? Nah, not here for that, “I ain’t f*ckin’ with your dirty laundry”, I’m not here to play games, we’re talking about life and future here, and it should never be played. They may beg or bleed, but what’s done is done, we should never choose to be broken again.

Labels Or Love by Fergie
“I’mma shop for labels while them ladies lay and wait for love, Oh!”
               Enjoy life! This is the most important message of this song. Yes the world is cruel, but there is always a good side, and we should focus on that. In this case, the song says it is better to go shopping as a material thing has never “broken hearts”. Which is true, but of course this is a metaphor. Things you love to do won’t hurt you, rather it is a therapy, it will help you discover things and enjoy life without compromising your heart. It may be in a form of travelling, writing, watching movies, doing charity work, whatever your heart desires. Always remember that the world has a lot to offer, love is just one of them. Try to go out of your comfort zone and enjoy life, as the song says, stop chasing love and shop some more!

Stronger by Britney Spears
“Stronger than yesterday, now it’s nothing but my way..”
               This song is just as powerful as its message. It definitely celebrates independence and strength. It tells us that the past can no longer chase us, and if our ex lovers think we can’t make it? They’re wrong! “My loneliness ain’t killing me no more”, it is definitely a revolution, and no one can stop a heart looking for happiness and confidence. I am in control of my life, she sings “Here I go on my own”, it is definitely a declaration that this is the perfect time to do things on our own, never be dependent to people. Never dwell to loneliness, move and be positive, we don’t have to prove anything to anyone, but we have to continue with our lives, we have to make it, we should never go with the flow, we make our own decisions, we are the artist of this masterpiece we call life. Start taking care of yourself, they’re wrong if they think you can’t take it. Declare it, you are stronger than yesterday, and this is definitely how you will live your life, in your way!

I Don’t Need A Man by Pussycat Dolls
“I want a love that’s for real, and without that, no deal!”
               ..Or a woman, in a man’s perspective. Again, independence, we don’t need a person to complete us. How can we love another person if we don’t know how to love ourselves. Never settle for someone who doesn’t know how to value you, give importance, and is just staying for sex. This song is definitely more on self-empowerment and lets us realize that we have to let it go when it is not worthy anymore. You don’t need someone to go through life, you can make it even if you’re alone. You have family, friends, you can enjoy life without a significant other. “I don’t need a ring around my finger to make me feel complete”, a relationship should never be about finding someone to complete yourself, it is about being a complement to each other. There should be mutual understanding and must not be one-sided, don’t be afraid to break-fee, a relationship will come but for now enjoy life, and real love will come.

Ain’t It Fun by Paramore
“Don’t go crying to your mama, ‘coz you’re on your own in the real world.”
               The perfect song to end the playlist. The song is an eye-opener that the world isn’t nice, it is a cruel and messy place. But then again, it celebrates independence. “What you gonna do when the world don’t orbit around you?”, yes, what if the world isn’t in your hands anymore? We shouldn’t rely our lives to this world, we must know how to accept failure, pain and defeat, the only thing that we can rely on is ourselves. Without the world, it is only yourself that you have. “What you gonna do when nobody wants to fool with you?”, the songs tells us to not be depended with other people. They will come and go, and we should be prepared. Nothing lasts forever, the only forever we have is the relationship we have with ourselves. Don’t lose your identity, your self-worth, because the real world will try to destroy you. Nothing’s perfect in this world, relationships fail, economies go down, friendships end, success turns into failure, but it is never the end. Life goes on, and you are on your own, take a step forward and never be afraid. You might be alone, but there are millions out there like you making a brave step, choose life and be ready to conquer.

               Music is definitely alive, it lives in our hearts. I’m not saying this because I’m a music lover myself, but I’m sharing to all of you that music isn’t just here to let us dance, rather to help us go on with our lives and have a better outlook. Life without music is dull, every moment will be boring. I heard somewhere that music is the artistic, creative and colorful way of letting time pass, and it is true. Music is important in the healing process of broken hearts, it is the doctor, it knows where to find the pain, and it knows what to do. It’s the magic it brings that makes it effective, something unexplainable, something amazing.

               Personally, music saved me. Without music, I don’t know where I would be now, or my heart. All I know is through these years, music celebrated life with me, through happy moments, dull moments, heartbreaking moments up to triumphant ones. Music has been the shoulder I could cry on, or the friend I can relate to, or the hand I can hold on to. As much as it influenced and changed me, it will change and help you, too. To some, it may just be a simple combination of words and melody, but to many, it is a gift, a priceless one. You can never buy the healing experience that music can bring. The songs I shared may not mirror what you feel, but it’s just one thing I want to share with you, it is for you to have self-empowerment and independence. You may choose to be bitter listening to music, happy, sad, confident, or empowered, but then again, music is the universal language of the weak, in pain, celebrating people and survivors. It is in music that we become one, united by experience, and as the beat goes on, we never reach the encore, rather we create unlimited climaxes. You are your music, it describes you. This musical we call “Life” will never end, it is a cycle, it is forever, and you have the power to choose the songs to represent you, the soundtrack of your life.

The Art Of Moving On: The Formula

Processed with Rookie Cam

               It is never easy to go through a break up. You have to endure a never-ending cycle of pain everyday. An unexplainable kind of pain, going through all the vessels in your heart, as if you’re having a heart attack. How you’d wish it was really a heart attack, as it would’ve happened only once. But this pain will happen over and over again. And the main cause? Memories. It’s not cholesterol, bad diet or fatty food, it is the memories left behind and the memories of promises made never happening again. Nobody wants a heart attack, but nobody also wanted to have a heartbreak.

               They say you are not human when you don’t experience pain. It is a reminder that you live and that you should learn from pain. But nobody deserves to be hurt, then again, this isn’t a perfect world, everyone is bound to be hurt. This is the time of your life where your view of the world changes; forever doesn’t exist, people around are “snakes”, people will get rid of you when it is convenient for them, and the worst one, love isn’t true. It is hard to get through everyday, but it is also tiring to be hurt all the time. It’s a matter of perspective, on how you would use the “pain” to “gain”. Yeah, yeah, you’ll tell me it’s easy for me to say, to advice people that “it’s gonna be okay”, “you’ll get over it”, “just be positive”, but I say to you, I’m in pain, too, I endure it everyday, and yes it is definitely hard, as if no one understands you, no one knows how painful it is to be left, and move on in life without that special someone. I know what pain feels like and it is annoying, it crushes the happy moments, it turns moments into blue, as if it is never ending. But my friend, from a person in pain to another, I say this to you, it will end. Just a little more patience. And I hope, in a small way, this simple formula I made would help you guys feel better, or yet, move on.

First, and most important, it is okay to cry.
The most important because you should never contain the emotions inside your heart. Let it out. If you have to cry out loud, do so. You will explode if you don’t, I tell you, and when it happens, it’s gonna be worse. Crying helps us to at least express the pain we feel and flush it out, alleviating the burden. It’s like riding amusement park rides, you scream when you’re scared, in this case, you cry when you’re hurt. It is normal, don’t prevent yourself from doing it. It is not a sign of weakness, rather it is a sign of strength, for you are very brave for admitting pain and letting go of the emotion.

Second, listen to music that supports your emotions
If you feel like crying or you want to cry more, listen to sad music. Again, this is therapeutic. Seriously. There are people who contain emotions so good, they’re having a hard time releasing it, and I can say listening to music that can make you cry helps a lot in reducing the burden you have in your heart. Making a playlist will do, too. Just a friendly reminder though, try to stay away from cheesy love songs. Yeah, you’ll cry, but that’s a different story, it’s not the “healthy” cry I’m suggesting. Believe me, I’ve been there. Also, it is important to listen to empowering songs. Songs that will give you confidence or probably will make you feel you’re the boss and you shouldn’t care about the past. Be the ring leader of your own circus and choose the perfect song to start and empower your day.

Third, make yourself busy, invest in your hobbies.
Very cliché, yes. But it is true. It helps a lot. Divert your mind. Instead of staring in blank space, and be confined in the corners of your room, stand up and do something. I know, it is hard to find inspiration. But you have to do this for yourself. It is hard at first, but once you set this as a goal for yourself, the next thing you know, your hobby becomes a habit and your heart’s desires are fulfilled, bringing happiness to your life. At least you’ll see that for once in your life, you won’t need other people to make you happy. Only you can support and help yourself. And little by little, as you keep yourself preoccupied, you’ll just realize that the pain is diminishing, or in the long run, it’s all gone and you’re left with endless opportunities because of the dedication you have with the things you love. May it be with photography, writing, charity work, shopping, travelling, or whatever. Spend time and be productive. The world is a big place and there are still a lot more things to discover around you and yourself.

Fourth, have more time with family and friends.
This vary in some cases. There are people who aren’t close with their families, or maybe there are some who doesn’t have a lot of friends (I feel you), but you’ll get the point. Your family will always be there for you, that is one of the revelations I had in my life. I’ve neglected my family then I realized, as people leave in my life, they’re the only ones staying. Not just because they have no choice, but they are meant to be there no matter what. It is like a message to our faces that no matter what we do we can’t get rid of them. Remember, as you grow old, your parents and siblings grow old, too. During heartbreak, this is the best time to make it up with family members, invest time with them. people will leave you, but your family will always be there. Same as with your friends. They have this belief that when someone starts to get a “love life”, they tend to forget friends. Always remember that friends are like second family. Whether you have love life or none, they are just one call away, and they are always there to listen to your dumbest jokes, to your dumbest problems. Yes you can still socialize when you are heart-broken, try to meet new people, too. When you invest time in your hobbies, there will be times you get to meet new people along the way. Don’t be scared to let people enter your life, as they say, as people leave, new people will come. But don’t be too overwhelmed, control yourself. You meet people not to replace what was broken, rather to expand your social network.

Fifth, and the last one, be independent and liberated.
Yes, it is important to socialize, but also, it is your priority to do things your way. Start doing things alone, not because you are a loner, but because you are on the process of healing. As I mentioned, you don’t need others to complete you, you have to be independent and prove to yourself you can do things on your own. Be free from the need of being accepted by the society. You have to accept yourself first, accept your abilities and capabilities. Show the world you can walk using your own feet, and not being dependent to others. You don’t need a man, or a woman, to complete you. You have your friends, your family, and yourself, and that is enough. How can you love others if you don’t know how to love yourself? Start taking care of yourself and be a better version of you. Maybe, the reason you experienced pain is to remind you that there is something wrong in your life and you need it corrected, and that starts within you. Change, be positive and be a good influence for others.

               I’m not saying that this formula I have is the most effective, but rather this is a stepping stone. There is no perfect way to overcome heartbreak and pass the moving on stage. Some people have longer moving on periods, it takes them years, but for some just weeks or months, good for them. But there is no instant answer to heartbreak, it all takes hard work, patience and perseverance. These steps may work for you, or may not, but at least you tried. Always remember, it is your purpose that matters, do it for yourself, not to brag or show people how “better” you are at moving on.

               Aside from change, pain is also constant in this world. It’s inevitable. No one can say when it will happen, or how long you have to endure, but what’s important is your attitude towards it. Being in pain makes us weak, that’s why it is important to fix ourselves from the inside, because our selves are also our internal support. How can people help you if you yourself don’t want to help yourself? It is never too late to be happy again. There are a million reasons to move on and have a better life, and it starts today. The world is cruel, it’s true, and the future is vague, very unpredictable, but as long as you have a strong heart, you will survive. I tell you my friend, the ultimate secret of moving on and enduring heartbreak, is being in pain everyday. And once you learn to manipulate pain, you, my friend, are a survivor.

Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children: An Experience

           It was a peculiar experience indeed. A total mixture of emotions, a beautiful combination of love and curiosity that incorporates innocence and vulnerability. Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children definitely served it’s purpose, to entertain and express creativity.

           I’ve only seen the film’s trailer once, and I was impressed. It was something new, for me, and very much exciting. In my perspective, the film revolves around this specific house that cares for children with “peculiar”abilities. Much like X-men’s Professor X, but this is a more child-friendly version, I suppose. And when it was time to witness the actual movie, the film had much more to offer.

miss-peregrine           The film in one word? SPECTACLE. I loved how they maximized using the places they have been. Of course there were some obvious modifications but I love how they incorporated the film with nature. Huge carrots, moving trees and colorful flowers, it added beautiful effects for the movie. I also like the fact that they used unfamiliar and new actors for the film. It had this sense of mystery, very thrilling and intriguing. The actors were really good as well, Miss Peregrine’s look and personality were very fierce and beautiful at the same time. Jake’s innocence and curiosity were very convincing, it brought him to places. Samuel Jackson’s character was also fun to watch, he was a very excellent character actor, he was very effective and definitely fit for the role. Emma’s vulnerability is reflective of her ability with air. I also liked the variety of the peculiarity of the children, they complement each other. The setting wasn’t really confusing and complicated, it was really meant for children and children-at-heart. The movie also played visually, it was very creative, dark and very out of this world. Somehow it has this realistic effect that makes me feel as if this really happened, that this film is trivial and I should hold on to my seat and be prepared for revelations. The film delivered and it was very good. It’s not something that you can compare with the Avengers or Batman vs Superman, but it has its own identity. It served its purpose, to entertain and express creativity, directed to its primary market, the children and the fans of the book it was based from.

           It was a wonderful experience, I may not know the book, or the previous works of



Tim Burton, but what’s important is I enjoyed the film. I’ve read some reviews about the film and most were not satisfied and kept on comparing his previous works with this current one. I say to you, change is the only thing that’s constant, and artistic interpretations change, too. I believe Tim Burton, the crew and the actors did a good job. And maybe, the change was necessary to join the trend, still incorporating the elements Tim Burton was known for. It’s not as magnificent as people ought it to be, but it is a spectacle. The amazing experience was also backed up as it is my first time to watch a film in Resorts World Manila. Totally different from all the movie theaters I’ve been in Manila. It is very much organized, pleasing and classic. Unlike the regular movie theaters which are just plain and basic, they offer a competitive advantage, they stepped up so that movie-goers would have a totally different experience others can’t bring.

           If there’s a take-away I have from this movie, it is to be brave and go out of your comfort zone. Never be afraid to discover, because as much as you discover new things around you, you will also discover new things about yourself. Not necessarily peculiar stuff, but something worth taking pride for, something that no one can take away. Patience, darling, as nothing is done in an instant, but once your destiny is fulfilled, you will realize that your uniqueness, your talent, your skill is what the world needs, a contributor to make the world a better place.

The Boracay Diaries: Day 3

             At last, we arrived at the last day of our adventure in Boracay. The first day was a disaster, the second day was just fine but not that amazing, and for this last day, I have my hopes of enjoying and making sure nothing hinders me from having fun the whole day!

img_1957             I woke up around 8am, but this time I was alone. Apparently, my mom and my aunts were already out to eat breakfast. I hurriedly stood up and fixed myself so I can eat and swim early. When I went out, the beach was beautiful as usual. There were not much people, the serenity I was looking for is now there, and I was already feeling the moment, the happiness I’ve been yearning for 3 days now. The wind was strong, due to the raining that happened yesterday, the waves were high, I can hear my mom and my aunts scream as they enjoy the waves while swimming, the weather was perfect. It was the best time to swim. As I indulged myself in the ocean, I though this was the last day. I will miss this place. Everytime the waves hit me, it was satisfaction. I swam, I dived, I played with the water. The kid in me was bursting in joy as I was having fun in the sea. I can say that this day was THE HIGHLIGHT of our vacation. Everything is going perfectly fine, this is the vacation I had in mind, I didn’t want it to end.

             A small mishap though, my mom wanted to take pictures with img_5436the “Boracay” sand creations, or whatever they call it. But the people who made it didn’t want us to, as they were asking us for a high price to take pictures. We were surprised and walked away. The guy then destroyed his work. The other tourists were surprised to what he did. I’m not sure if this is normal in Boracay though. Instead of dwelling on that, we decided to eat lunch. The food is perfect as usual, we even had left overs that we packed for later ;). What more can I ask for. After lunch, we were able to look for a better “Boracay” sand creation and took pictures there for a cheaper price. And yes, my mom was satisfied and made sure she had hundreds of pictures with it. Perfect beach? Check! Perfect lunch? Check! Perfect pictures? Check! Does it get any better?

             While waiting for our pickup from the hotel, we decided to look for souvenirs. Honestly the souvenirs were really affordable but they were also really beautiful! If only I had  a lot of money, I could have done some shopping. Haha. I bought some bracelets, they were really cheap amd had nice designs. I also bought a fridge magnet, it was for p50. So I already paid, but when some Koreans came, the saleslady said the fridge magnet was p100 for 4 pieces. Oh I should’ve bargained Haha. Around 2pm, the tour people came on time in picking us up. It was already time for us to leave the beautiful beaches of Boracay. It was a bit melancholic, it was too soon, but we really had to go. I shall return, maybe? 😉

             I was tired, very much exhausted, I just wanted to sleep, these thoughts were running on my mind. I didn’t care if the boat picking us up was delayed, all I wanted was to sit down and free my mind. All these swimming, walking and travelling really pushed me to my limits. After the boat ride, a bus picked us up going back to Kalibo International Airport. I wanted to stay awake and enjoy the view, but my body really can’t stay up, I fell asleep the whole time, no regrets though. I needed that rest.

img_5445             We arrived really early, around 5pm. Our flight was for 7:30pm. We had enough time to eat and still take pictures, well my mom and my aunts enjoyed that. I just wanted peace of mind and to sit still. When it was time fly, it was hard, but I had to bid farewell to one of the most beautiful islands I’ve seen in my life. The flight wasn’t delayed and we took off Kalibo on time, but we landed late due to air traffic in NAIA. Thank goodness we had a smooth flight, though it was raining really hard. It was a bit scary but we were safe. It was still raining hard when we arrived in NAIA, and as expected, it was hard to look for a cab. Thankfully, NAIA has a very reliable internet connection and we were able to book with  GrabCar. We used the code “GRABNAIA” for a p200 discount, effective until October 10, 2016. It was really helpful, the original price was around p500+, this is definitely how our vacation should end, easy and convenient.

             When I remember these 3 days I spent in Boracay, it was totally img_5464out of this world. Bizarre events and misadventures all led to a mixture of annoying and happy moments. Admittedly, I really had a lot of bad experiences during our stay there. But I can’t change the fact that I also had a good time. Good food, amazing activities, hospitable people, beautiful beaches and perfect weather, what else can I ask for? This is everything I needed for a perfect vacation. The mishaps should’ve been avoided if we had a concrete plan and if we prepared in advance, it’s something that’s useful in case we go back there, or to any destination. Planning is really necessary, a small mistake can be a big factor affecting one’s mood in a vacation.

20160927_003003206_ios             I want to go back there, I want to feel that I am away from all the troubles and responsibilities I have in Manila. It made me feel as if I am free and liberated from pain and stress. Definitely, Boracay served it’s purpose. It has a distinct personality out of all the beaches in the Philippines. It is crazy, definitely out of this world, but this craziness is something to look forward to if you’re looking for adrenaline and adventure. Boracay is not your typical vacation destination. Yes it is crowded, complicated and chaotic, but it depends on which perspective will you be looking from. I chose to love its simple side, the relaxing and serene Boracay, still half-crazy, but a good combination of both. No wonder it is one of the greatest tourist spots in the Philippines. As they always say, never be a stranger to your own country, learn to discover, because once you know the hidden beauty of your country, that’s when you get pride of what you have and realize it can be irreplaceable. It’s not world-class but it is unique, a distinct characteristic that a Filipino culture has to offer, a soft heart, serenity in this world full of chaos and scramble.


The Boracay Diaries: Day 2

img_4637       My first day in Boracay was, somehow, a disaster. But for our second day, I’m hoping that we will get better experiences and activities, really beach related, not some free buffet or whatever. We came here to enjoy the beach, not to make business. But it’s our fault anyway haha. We have the whole day and I really expect for everything to get better.

       I woke up early for our second day, around 7am. I heard my mom and my aunts makingimg_4650 noises. They’re preparing. Mom said we have joined a beach activity, ISLAND HOPPING. And by the sound of it, it seems fun. Last time we did island hopping was when we were in corregidor, and it was definitely out of this world, unforgettable. So I was expecting the same thing for this. I hurriedly fixed myself to make it on time. We had breakfast, THE FOOD WAS SO GOOD! I’m not sure if I was just hungry though ;). My mom told me we will be swimming in all the islands we’ll be going to so she said I’d better have my swimming attire ready, something we didn’t do in Corregidor. When it was time to go, we had to meet the boat guy and my mom was originally offered P450 per person, she was furious that she had to pay P600+ per person. It wasn’t the price she was told so she wanted to back out. Here we go again, another mishap. But the guy was insisting and said we can just get it by P500. My mom agreed as we were already there, and it is better than the original price. So at last, it was a go for us.

img_4675       During the boat ride, we were very much crowded, different that what we had in Corregidor. Sorry, I can’t help but compare. So far I’m not happy with the service. I realized that you can rent a private boat and do the island hopping privately, but it’s much more expensive of course. So we arrived at our first destination, Puka Beach, not even sure if I spelled that right. We had a tour guide but she was of no use, there was no tour guiding happening. When we went down the beach, IT WAS REALLY BEAUTIFUL, peaceful and simple. It was the Boracay I had in mind. I though what I see in movies and in TV are all lies, but the image of Boracay they instilled in my mind was real. The guide said we only had 1 hour and we had to get back to the boar. So we hurriedly ran and enjoyed the view. The sand was clean, the beach was so clear and the scenery was spectacular, something that the main island can’t offer. My mom and my aunt took the opportunity and asked me to take some pictures, so we did. It took so long and when they were happy, I just wanted to swim. I was deeply enjoying my swim, when my mom told me that we needed to get back to the boat. It wasn’t even 5 minutes yet when I was swimming, bummer. It was bad that we had to go early, I wasn’t able to maximize my stay there, time was too short unfortunately.

       Our next destination was snorkeling. I was excited, it was my first time. I was tellingimg_4746 myself, maybe this will cover all the disappointments I had including the short time we had in Puka Beach. They stopped in the middle of the sea, and gave us some basic snorkeling gear. I wondered how many mouths have been used for this gears they’re giving out? Haha. It was hard to snorkel at first, but once you get the hang of it, it’s a great experience. THE SCENE UNDERWATER IS BEAUTIFUL! I’m so amazed with how beautiful the fishes look, and the corals, this moment is just so majestic. I even put my phone in a water proof case just to take a quick video under the sea (no pun intended). After snorkeling, we were given lunch buffet as part of the package. We went to another island for the food. As usual, THE FOOD WAS GREAT! I don’t get how food in Boracay can be so much better than what we have in Manila. After eating, we were supposed to be transferred by the boats to Crystal Cove, but another bump on the road, the boat was delayed. They said they failed to call for us because they didn’t see us. What an excuse, totally a cherry on top a cake -_-.

img_1618       When it was our turn for the boat ride, it was extremely tiring. I’m getting all exhausted with these boat rides and travelling. I think we’re consuming so much time, I was hopeful that Crystal Cove would give me the satisfaction I’m looking for. So the “helpful” guide mentioned that this last island has 2 coves, and we can swim. We can go there for p200 for one hour. And as usual, we have to be back in the boat after that time. I was hurrying my mom so we can start. Crystal Cove is a big island. I was excited to see what it can bring us. So we had to walk and follow the trail to the first cove. Upon arriving, the view was so overwhelming, it was so beautiful, worthy of a panorama shot. Hehe. We hurriedly went down the cove so we can swim. There was nothing much to do but swim, if you have your own snorkeling gear, you can watch the fishes below. After this we went up and hurriedly went to the next cove, we have 30 minutes left and I’m not enjoying it. I didn’t know the second cove was far, we were walking under the heat of the sun, and I was really exhausted, plus the fact of time pressure which wasn’t necessary. When we arrived in the second cove, there was nothing there, it was just plain similar with cove 1. Had we known, we should’ve never left there. Or maybe, we shouldn’t have entered Crystal Cove in the first place. It was a waste of time.

       We’re on our last boat ride, back to the shores of the main island. I was boredimg_4979, exhausted, tired, I just wanted to sleep. We were terribly delayed, I don’t know what happened, and I didn’t wanna know why, I’m just really tired, I then fell asleep. Moments later, my mom asked me if I wanted to do parasailing. I SAID A BIG YES! Of course, it might take away all of my disappointments this day. So when we came to the shore, my mom arranged the deal with a guy, the we were on a speedboat going to the floating station for parasailing. Then, we were transferred to another speedboat carrying the parachute. We were with another batch, they were the first to go. When they were floating, the men in the speedboat noticed the skies and pulled the first batch back to the boat. They said it was gonna rain and we had to go back to the floating station. WOW. So my only hope for enjoyment was gone in just a snap. And it did rain, very very hard. My mom was freezing cold. It was fun, but of course I was really disappointed. After a while, the rain stopped, I saw this double rainbow. And this gave me hope that my parasailing dream would come to life again. And yes, we were invited back to the speedboat, and moments later, the parasailing gear were attached to us. And before we know it, we’re already flying!

img_1689       It was the best thing! I felt I have wings, I can see the whole panoramic view of Boracay’s breach front. The boats were small, as if they were toys, and wind was blowing perfectly. I felt as if the rope was gonna break, and if it was, I’m gonna be okay with it so I can fly all across the island. But before getting to the climax, we were already pulled back down to the speed boat. We didn’t spend 15 minutes, the supposed time frame. The guys helping us said it was gonna rain again and we had to go back to the shore. I was happy that we did parasailing, but disappointing as we didn’t get the actual value of the activity we paid for. Why do they have to cut all the excitement of this day. 😦 When we were back to our hotel, I asked my mom if we can swim the beach even if it was raining. She said yes and that’s when I got excited again. We hurriedly went to the beach for swimming and enjoyed the rain. We felt as if we were young again, it was the fun that we were looking for the whole day. This simple swim was what we’re looking for, it was all we wanted. It should’ve been what Boracay focused on instead of offering us all things. In the end, it was a fun and unforgettable afternoon swim. My mom said we will do it again tomorrow morning. This time, I’ll make sure that I’ll make the most of the remaining time I have with Boracay!

       We ended our day with a wonderful dinner, THE FOOD WAS VERY img_5069DELIGHTFUL! Boracay never disappointed me in this category. We ordered a lot, from soups to pizzas, it was all moth-watering. Every bite was delectable, and every scoop is worth it! Plus the factor that I’m with amazing people, it was a perfect dinner I must say. After eating, we all rested for a while, viewed pictures we had the whole day and decided then to sleep. It was a better day compared than the first one, but it was still not the enjoyment I was looking for, still disappointed in some aspects.

       For our final day I hope that we get to enjoy the whole day without holding back and without disappointments. This time I’ll make sure that we’ll just swim the whole day and won’t let other activities hinder us from having fun. The other stuff that Boracay offers are fun, an icing on top of the cake, but they aren’t necessary. It will be more fun just to enjoy the main offer of Boracay, to enjoy their beaches and just have a relaxing time. That, my friend, is my goal for my last day here and I am very much looking forward to it. A better tomorrow as they say. 😉