A Doctor Strange Experience egnartS rotcoD A

Stephen Strange, or more popularly known as Doctor Strange is the newest addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. He has the power to, other than heal patients, control time and show off amazing bright yellow circles. Kidding aside, the latest movie about him is one of the best I’ve seen from Marvel.



I was hesitant at first to see this film. I felt as if that Doctor Strange was an unnecessary addition to the Avengers and that he wasn’t popular enough for people to crave about him. Before I watched the film, some of my friends already knew who Benedict Cumberbatch was, the actor behind Doctor Strange, and he was already acclaimed with his other works with Sherlock and The Hobbit. In other words, he is a great actor, together with his other co-actors in this Marvel film. He even worked out a lot to be in great shape, such a pro. The hype already got me, especially their marketing and teasers online. What really made me watch the movie is when I saw the behind the scenes, it was already intriguing and exciting. They had a lot of yellow sparkling circles and mind-bending visuals, something I haven’t seen in a regular Marvel film, it really got me hyped. Then I told myself, that’s it, I have to see this film!



I was waiting for an invite to watch the film; I didn’t want to watch Doctor Strange alone. My co-Marvel fanatic is already in Canada so I was waiting for someone else. Then two of my friends were gonna watch it, so I asked if I could tag along. It was a Wednesday night, and it was a night that my perspective would change about Marvel movies.



So the movie started with a fight scene between The Ancient One and some thieves. I was already in awe. The fight scene is already jaw-dropping and the visuals were literally mind-bending, something I haven’t seen in a superhero film, a kind of superpower I wanted to have. Also, the back-story of Doctor Stranger got me interested in the character even more, and how his personality developed throughout the film. He was someone I can relate to, actually, or maybe there was this specific connection between me and his character? I don’t know. It’s just that the process of getting his powers and his power itself is something unique, no other superhero in the Marvel Universe got me this excited, not even Vision or Scarlet Witch. Doctor Strange was REALLY powerful. His costume was even surreal! I love how he looked sleek wearing those amazing clothing, he really looked like a mage or a magician, a classy one.  The story isn’t even boring, the humor was there, brilliant acting was there, heart-pumping twists were there, and even a small love story was evident. But Doctor Strange’s story was so relatable I felt we would have the same choices and decision in the entire film.



I can’t say that this film has topped off Captain America: Civil War, but all I can say is that it exceeded my expectations. His character was really everybody else, someone aspiring to be the best, someone who saw his hard-works come to life and, his life may not be perfect, but he is contented. He may not be the strongest, but he is wise, he knows what he is doing. The only thing I hate about this film is that they featured a Beyonce song, they should’ve selected a Britney song instead. Nevertheless, it is still one of the best films of 2016 and it didn’t disappoint me. It got the kid in me really excited and I am looking forward for more Doctor Strange films, for more mind-bending scenes and for more intense fight scenes. Definitely, this film, Doctor Strange, has changed the game, and the next Marvel films should take notes, they did well this time and they have to exceed this on their next ones, just saying, or else they’ll have to bargain. 😉

The Art Of Moving On: The Playlist

20161008_144725000_ios               In every episode of our lives, we always dedicate a song to it, most probably a theme song. Admit it, our lives are living musicals, where every aspects of our lives are theatrical pieces put together to make a beautiful story. Part of this, of course, is the story of heartbreak. Every moment of it , from the fall, to the enduring stage and up to the actual moving on phase, we incorporate songs to describe what we feel and use it as a guide on finding ourselves again.

               Every song, each lyric, they represent us, our emotions. The songs don’t only play a melody or sing lyrics, rather they express our life, they project what we are experiencing in a specific moment. It lives, it has an identity in our lives and these songs are our ally in coping up and, to try to forget and be confident. These powerful songs are meant to inspire and open minds, some will make us cry to make us release the emotions we’ve been keeping in our hearts, and most of them help us celebrate freedom and liberty, a true reflection of how we should stand, how we should endure the pain of heartbreak. Listed below are my top picks in this musical called “Heartbreak”, and how they can inspire you to overcome and be strong.

Anything by Hedley
“Everybody said boy, “Don’t go any higher!”, (uh-huh), f*ck that! I can do Anything!”
               As the song says, “I can do Anything!”. You are in control of your life now, and you can “shove it in their faces” that you don’t need anyone’s approval to succeed and conquer the world. This song tells us to push the limits and take everyone by surprise that you can do anything, and that even when you’re alone, you can do whatever you want. Follow your heart, play with fire and be a rock star! F*ck them, you can do anything!

Confident by Demi Lovato
“I’m the boss right now… This is my game, and you better come to play”
               Are you ready to be the ringleader? The boss? The center of attention? Well this song is perfect if you wish to be “Confident”, well overconfidence that is. “What’s wrong with being confident?” as the song says, I don’t think there’s nothing wrong with it. This song definitely teaches us to be confident with ourselves, with our mind and  body. Be comfortable with how you look, how people see you and your outlook in life. Confidence isn’t about being boastful, rather it is about taking pride that you live, and you don’t live to please people, rather to accomplish your dreams, your goals, and again there’s nothing wrong with it. The first step is confidence, and you can do anything.

Thnks Fr Th Mmrs by Fall Out Boy
“Thanks for the memories, even though they weren’t so great…”
               Yes, Fall Out Boy must be in this list. It isn’t a playlist about moving on without them. This song has been my anthem of moving on ever since, it never gets old. I love how their message is still there even after these years. Definitely, those memories you had with your special someone is something memorable, they weren’t so great but you don’t want to live with it again. What’s done is done. This song boasts sarcasm all over, saying “if you think I want you back? You’re wrong, leave it all to your beautiful memory”. As the song says, we should look forward to the future, “the past is cloudy”, it shouldn’t be looked back. Move forward, even though the past was so great, the future will be greater.

‘Til It’s Gone by Britney Spears
“You never know what you got ‘Til its gone..”
               Admit it, as much as you want to be strong and move one, there will be moments you will remember and miss that someone you used to be “special” with. The song, however, is an irony. It is a celebration of heartbreak. The song isn’t sad, but it tells a tale of how she undergone heartbreak, how her eyes resemble rain for crying, how she is crazy and can’t be “confined in a cage”, the song is definitely the roller coaster of emotions during heartbreak. She contemplates that she can’t let go, but she also questions why her heart was broken. The confusion stage is normal and this song definitely describes it. You really never know what you have ’til it’s gone, but don’t dwell too much on heartbreak because you don’t know what you might lose more.

Same Old Love by Selena Gomez
“I’m so sick of the same old love, that sh*t it tears me up…”
               Heartbreak has different phases, and this song perfectly captures the realization phase, the part where you realize he/she wasn’t worth it. That your ex lover was just simply trash, as they never gave you value, they never showed you your worth. “You left me in pieces”, the song contemplates how selfish the ex lover was and pushes away as the singer realized that she should be treated better. It’s better to be alone than stay with someone who doesn’t value you. Yes it is painful to throw away your significant other, but are you also willing to throw away your dignity just to stay away in a one-sided relationship? Of course not, you’re worth more than that, be sick of it. Remember, trash cans exist for a purpose, to throw away garbage.

Stranger by Hilary Duff
“There’s no kindness in your eyes, the way you look at me is just not right…”
               Oh yes! This is a perfect song for all those people who were never valued, who were never given importance! This song describes every detail of how relationships fail and how that “special someone” turns into a stranger. She starts to tell from the stare of his eyes, to his actions when no one’s watching, up to how she’s treated when everyone’s watching vs. no one’s around. The song definitely shares the experience, being treated as if you’re the one, but in reality, when the curtains are down, you’re just a trophy, just a part of the game, just a companion he uses whenever it is convenient for him. “Are you scared to let them know it’s you?”, yes they are scared, because they have this “image” they maintain. You must be the one to be blamed, because they show people that they are the “perfect lover”, but their secrets are safe. Either way, they were already strangers during the relationship, and even strangers up until now.

He Wasn’t By Avril Lavigne
“He never made me feel like I was special, ‘coz I was special…”
               Songs about moving on? Yes Avril must be in it! She is definitely the princess of heartbreak as she perfectly portrays the emotions in most of her songs. This song features a young Avril, but she already knows what’s up, she already knows what she wants! She knows when someone is just playing and messing with her, and when this happens, she just lets them go because “he wasn’t what he wanted, because she is special”. I love how this song makes the listener realize the importance of self-worth, it opens our eyes and lets us see that we shouldn’t be treated like trash. When a relationship doesn’t have value, it is not worth keeping, don’t regret rather be thankful, you saved yourself from wasting time for more misery. We all have choices, and we should choose to be happy.

Liar by Britney Spears
“You know I know that you I know that you’re a Liar..”
               The title explains it all, you’re ex lover were all lies. “It’s too late for apologies”, the song says, and it is true. The damage has been done, the pain has been made, and no matter what your ex lover does, it’s not gonna be enough reason to bring back the past. “You ain’t foolin’ anyone”, as they say, fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me. I believe in second chances, but I think it has grounds. Always bear in mind that a liar is always be a liar, as well as cheaters and heartbreakers. Yes I believe people change, but life is a cycle, they may change but they may also change back to their old ways in time. A relationship with secrets? Nah, not here for that, “I ain’t f*ckin’ with your dirty laundry”, I’m not here to play games, we’re talking about life and future here, and it should never be played. They may beg or bleed, but what’s done is done, we should never choose to be broken again.

Labels Or Love by Fergie
“I’mma shop for labels while them ladies lay and wait for love, Oh!”
               Enjoy life! This is the most important message of this song. Yes the world is cruel, but there is always a good side, and we should focus on that. In this case, the song says it is better to go shopping as a material thing has never “broken hearts”. Which is true, but of course this is a metaphor. Things you love to do won’t hurt you, rather it is a therapy, it will help you discover things and enjoy life without compromising your heart. It may be in a form of travelling, writing, watching movies, doing charity work, whatever your heart desires. Always remember that the world has a lot to offer, love is just one of them. Try to go out of your comfort zone and enjoy life, as the song says, stop chasing love and shop some more!

Stronger by Britney Spears
“Stronger than yesterday, now it’s nothing but my way..”
               This song is just as powerful as its message. It definitely celebrates independence and strength. It tells us that the past can no longer chase us, and if our ex lovers think we can’t make it? They’re wrong! “My loneliness ain’t killing me no more”, it is definitely a revolution, and no one can stop a heart looking for happiness and confidence. I am in control of my life, she sings “Here I go on my own”, it is definitely a declaration that this is the perfect time to do things on our own, never be dependent to people. Never dwell to loneliness, move and be positive, we don’t have to prove anything to anyone, but we have to continue with our lives, we have to make it, we should never go with the flow, we make our own decisions, we are the artist of this masterpiece we call life. Start taking care of yourself, they’re wrong if they think you can’t take it. Declare it, you are stronger than yesterday, and this is definitely how you will live your life, in your way!

I Don’t Need A Man by Pussycat Dolls
“I want a love that’s for real, and without that, no deal!”
               ..Or a woman, in a man’s perspective. Again, independence, we don’t need a person to complete us. How can we love another person if we don’t know how to love ourselves. Never settle for someone who doesn’t know how to value you, give importance, and is just staying for sex. This song is definitely more on self-empowerment and lets us realize that we have to let it go when it is not worthy anymore. You don’t need someone to go through life, you can make it even if you’re alone. You have family, friends, you can enjoy life without a significant other. “I don’t need a ring around my finger to make me feel complete”, a relationship should never be about finding someone to complete yourself, it is about being a complement to each other. There should be mutual understanding and must not be one-sided, don’t be afraid to break-fee, a relationship will come but for now enjoy life, and real love will come.

Ain’t It Fun by Paramore
“Don’t go crying to your mama, ‘coz you’re on your own in the real world.”
               The perfect song to end the playlist. The song is an eye-opener that the world isn’t nice, it is a cruel and messy place. But then again, it celebrates independence. “What you gonna do when the world don’t orbit around you?”, yes, what if the world isn’t in your hands anymore? We shouldn’t rely our lives to this world, we must know how to accept failure, pain and defeat, the only thing that we can rely on is ourselves. Without the world, it is only yourself that you have. “What you gonna do when nobody wants to fool with you?”, the songs tells us to not be depended with other people. They will come and go, and we should be prepared. Nothing lasts forever, the only forever we have is the relationship we have with ourselves. Don’t lose your identity, your self-worth, because the real world will try to destroy you. Nothing’s perfect in this world, relationships fail, economies go down, friendships end, success turns into failure, but it is never the end. Life goes on, and you are on your own, take a step forward and never be afraid. You might be alone, but there are millions out there like you making a brave step, choose life and be ready to conquer.

               Music is definitely alive, it lives in our hearts. I’m not saying this because I’m a music lover myself, but I’m sharing to all of you that music isn’t just here to let us dance, rather to help us go on with our lives and have a better outlook. Life without music is dull, every moment will be boring. I heard somewhere that music is the artistic, creative and colorful way of letting time pass, and it is true. Music is important in the healing process of broken hearts, it is the doctor, it knows where to find the pain, and it knows what to do. It’s the magic it brings that makes it effective, something unexplainable, something amazing.

               Personally, music saved me. Without music, I don’t know where I would be now, or my heart. All I know is through these years, music celebrated life with me, through happy moments, dull moments, heartbreaking moments up to triumphant ones. Music has been the shoulder I could cry on, or the friend I can relate to, or the hand I can hold on to. As much as it influenced and changed me, it will change and help you, too. To some, it may just be a simple combination of words and melody, but to many, it is a gift, a priceless one. You can never buy the healing experience that music can bring. The songs I shared may not mirror what you feel, but it’s just one thing I want to share with you, it is for you to have self-empowerment and independence. You may choose to be bitter listening to music, happy, sad, confident, or empowered, but then again, music is the universal language of the weak, in pain, celebrating people and survivors. It is in music that we become one, united by experience, and as the beat goes on, we never reach the encore, rather we create unlimited climaxes. You are your music, it describes you. This musical we call “Life” will never end, it is a cycle, it is forever, and you have the power to choose the songs to represent you, the soundtrack of your life.

Britney Spears: The Glory of Music


           It’s been almost three years since we last had a compilation of amazing songs from the Legendary Miss Britney Spears. And alas, August 26, 2016 marked the release of her 9th studio album “Glory” worldwide. As glorious as it sounds, fans and critics alike claim this to be her most mature album to date. Fans all over the world has declared it as the third album completing the holy trinity of the Britney Army, together with Blackout and In The Zone. Eagerness to hear this new record resulted to some songs, and afterwards, the whole album leaking ahead of its release. But me, as a loyal and patient fan, I only listened to this amazing album recently to coincide with its release digitally here in the Philippines.

           I admire that her team did their best to prevent the trend of albums “leaking” as it is very damaging especially to their sales. I remember Femme Fatale and Britney Jean leaking, for like a month or two before the release. But this time, Britney’s team teased us by releasing one song per week before the release to avoid illegal downloads. But then as eager as they are, some “fans” really just want to see artists suffer and leaked the album 1 week ahead of the release. Still a good job for team Britney but I hope the next time this will be totally eradicated. I mean totally! I read somewhere that this illegal download totaled to 200,000, which would have been added to the actual first week sales of “Glory”.

           Personally, even though the release was ahead in some countries, I wanted to be patient and just listen to the whole album once I have the physical copy. But some mix-ups are happening with our local distributor, hence, I still don’t have the album. My co-armies advised me to listen in Spotify, but I chose not to. Because, for me, listening to it digitally destroys the essence, the hype and the excitement of listening to songs played from a CD. But since I’m still hopeless as to when we’ll get the physical copy, I decided to actually hear the album from Spotify. And indeed, the long wait was worth it, and it was a “glorious” moment, an unforgettable experience marked in my own history.

1. Invitation
This is definitely a good choice to start the album. Her voice sounds heavenly and sexy. I can say this is a perfect slowjam to start the album. Coincidentally, she is inviting me, the listener, to a glorious spectacle, which is her new record.
2. Make Me
The perfect song next to Invitation. It continues to deliver the sexy vibe from the previous track. From my first listen when it was released, up until now, I NEVER GOT TIRED OF IT. This song has perfect production, melody and lyrics. JUST PERFECTION. I think Britney hasn’t had a perfect feel-good song in years, and this just proves that she is not just all about dancing but she can be chill, too. G-eazy is also a perfect choice for a collaboration, she complements Britney very much.
3. Private Show
When I first heard it from her fragrance commercial, I can’t stop thinking about it! I can say this is definitely classic-sexy Britney, and at the same time experimental. In this song, Britney still proves she puts on a show, that she is still the ringleader, center of the spotlight, the entertainer not the observer, and we are here as spectators of her suprises.
4. Man on the Moon
The melody of this song is very addicting! The first line itself gave me shivers! It has a beautiful melody and I can’t remember the last time she had something like this. With the lyrics, I find Britney’s fascination with the heavenly bodies very fascinating. I can’t help but say that this is Alien 2.0, continuing the story as wanting not be alone anymore and waiting for that Man on The Moon to come pick her up. I can also say she is lamenting to a long-distance relationship, I like how it is open to interpretation.
5. Just Love Me
So the album already had a lot of R&B and slow-jam songs, and we get another one. Not hating, but, I’m just not really a fan. I’m more of an upbeat person. But on the first listen, the song sounded like a Fifth Harmony song, but also kinda similar to her earlier work “Early Mornin'”. The line “Oh No, I won’t, I promise I promise” is very 2001ney, gave me chills, very CLASSICney, definitely the highlight of the song.
6. Clumsy
This song is very fun and playful, but unfortunately it didn’t give me the eargasm that I was looking for. Still the same feeling when I first heard it when team Britney released it weeks before the release. It felt like a filler for the album. Though I think it’s an anthemic EDM, it’s perfect for partying. I also like the facts that it gives ode to OIDIA. Definitely how a “will.i.am-produced-song-done-right” sounds like.
7. Do You Wanna Come Over?
ONE OF THE PERFECT SONGS OF THE ALBUM. This is “2003 Britney meets 2016 Britney”. The guitar strumming is perfect, THIS SONG IS JUST PURE PERFECTION. The song is just SEXY all over. I also feel it gives an 80s vibe, with a modern twist. Along the way, the song sounded a bit like “Fashionista” by Jimmy James, also sounds a bit Selena Gomez, but it’s not that of a big deal, the song has its own identity either way. This is another experimental Britney, and she did it right this time, I’ll definitely come over!
8. Slumber Party
This song shows “Britney being poetic”. At first I thought this is just another random filler, but SEXY REGGAEney is back y’all, giving us some STUTTERney a la “I Wanna Go”. The “oohs” also reminded me of Canadian Band Hedley’s “Dreaming’s For Sleeping”. What’s surprising to me is the lyrics which would sound like about making porn, very surprising! I also think this is an ode to Miley’s “We Can’t Stop”. This is would how 2001 Britney would sound like in 2016, having slumber parties and having fun all night!
9. Just Like Me
I’d say one of the weakest songs of the album. It’s also a bit awkward with it’s title similarity to Just Luv Me. The message of the song seems like She’ll Never Be Me 2.0, less fierce but more playful. ALTERNATIVEney strikes here, and it seems she’s loving some more guitar strumming. I believe this is Britney’s best attempt to go country pop after the disaster that was “Chillin’ With You”. Somehow this song feels rushed, but maybe it just has a stripped concept. I’m also getting a bit tired of her breathy vocals since we’ve got a lot from previous tracks.
10. Love Me Down
The fun part of the album starts here! I like that this song starts bringing life to the album. This is RAPney at her best, y’all, bringing us Britney-meets-Fergie vibes. I’M SO IN LOVE WITH THIS SONG, something I’ve been longing for from Britney for a long time. This is something very new to Britney, and in some parts she’s giving us GWEN STEFANIney, definitely experimental but still Britney. This is the perfect song from the album that utilized “baby” properly. URBANney at it’s finest!
11. Hard To Forget Ya
Another fun track! She has some shocking lines here such as “since I tasted you”, should I be worried? Well the song itself describes how a “perfect sex” left her wanting for more. Haha. I can also say this song has perfect melody. This is also the return of EDM-DUBSTEPney and gives us another dance anthem.
12. What You Need
“I love Rock And Roll” who? “Do Somethin'” who? “Rock Me in” who? “Don’t Keep Me Waiting” who? This song is the most rock and roll she can be! I’m really surprised! Britney gives us ELVISney and TINA TURERney, she even seems to sample “Proud Mary”. I love how the song sounds very 70s, it’s very fun, fierce and her best effort to have her some “Back To Basics” vibes. I can feel Britney’s drive in making this song, she seems having so much fun. This song also has some James Bond vibes to it. I would get up and dance to this song, definitely. Definitely another perfect track from this album!!! #Obsessed
13. Better
Better sounded like it would fit in Britney Jean. It also sounded like the love child of Hard To forget Ya and Just Love Me combined. The song seems like Fifth Harmony meets Justin Bieber meets Britney. It’s a good song, but I’ll say it’s a grower, you have to listen to it a lot to appreciate it.
14. Change Your Mind
Guitar Strummingney strikes again! It sounded like a soundtrack for a remake of Zorro. I don’t get the essence though of having a song with Spanish parts, maybe an ode to her Latin, Spanish or South American fanbase? The song also has an awkward title but it fits the song. This song is also a grower, nothing special at first but it takes a few listens to appreciate it.
15. Liar
This song sounds like Chains by Nick Jonas meets E.T. of Katy Perry. In some parts, it sounded a bit KPOP. This song is something Rita Ora or Iggy Azalea will record, but it fits Britney. It’s very experimental. It also sounds very early 2000s R&B POP, delivering us some CLASSICney. The chorus also sounds similar to some Meghan Trainor production. ONe of the best bonus tracks, I must say, and I wanted it to be a regular track in the album (replacing Just Like Me :p).
16. If I’m Dancing
It’s an amazing dance song. It sounded like Britney meets Missy Elliot, production wise. It’s a mid 2000s R&B POP, another Classicney y’all! Britney delivering us some In The Zone meets Femme Fatale vibes. She also mentioned “chakra”, like really? She’s watching Naruto? Overall, the song had good production, good potential, but has weak lyrics and vocals. Again, I’ve had so much Breathy Britney in the album.
17. Coupure Electrique
This song is very random. Not hating on it but also not a fan. It feels like it’s trying to be Blackout meets Britney Jean but it failed. It seems like a slow-jam Break The Ice. I’m not sure though if im playing this song again because it is in full French. I appreciate FRENCHney, but not in a full song, it was too much to handle and the song didn’t give anything special.

           Though there were some “just okay” parts, the amazing ones were prevalent. I love how the song is like In The Zone, very diverse genre-wise and very experimental. A lot of new materials for Britney that complements her voice. The down side is, she felt too comfortable with the producers she worked with, and some songs lost their glitter. But who am I to judge right? I’m just a listener and this is what my experience with Glory is.

Some noticable points:
It seems some of the obvious most used words in the album were “patience”, “just”, “apologies”, “fools”, “drippin'”, “ocean” and “lotion”, which is cool. It means the album is a story altogether. She also used surprising words like “kamikaze” and “chakra”, something really new for her, and mentioned “creature” and “specimen”, SCIENCEney y’all! I like that “guitar strumming” is prevalent, which made me feel that she wants the album a little stripped and makes us want to feel that her songs are not overproduced.

           I also like the fact that “Glory” is a story, an “Invitation” where Britney asks a guy to “Make Me” ooh in her own “Private Show”. Then waits for her “Man On The Moon” to come back and “Just Luv Me” even if she’s “Clumsy”. She asks him “Do You Wanna Come Over?” to her “Slumber Party”, even if there’s someone “Just Like Me” with him. She will still ask to “Love Me Down” because she knows it’s “Hard To Forget Ya” and that she has “What You Need”. I’m blown, but that’s just me, my own perspective.

           I can say this is her most experimental album and an album where she is more hands on since Blackout. I like the fact that she sounds happy and enjoying every song, that makes me happy. Somehow it feels that this is “Britney jean done right”, but of course it has its own identity. Glory is Britney’s light, proving that she still has that shine, that X Factor, that can still deliver and be at par with recent trends in the music industry. Glory is also the light that will remind other artists who Britney is and where she is currently in the industry. She is a legend, and this album cements her name as an icon, an influencer and an idol among her peers and the next generation to come.

          This is definitely a new era, the growth of Blackout has been surpassed, the comeback of Circus is long gone, the fierceness of Femme Fatale has been eclipsed and the emotions of Britney Jean has been edged. This is a new Britney, a more mature, a more confident, a more vicious and a more magnetic entertainer. Other artists will shine, but mark my words, Britney’s Glory will always outshine whoever comes her way, because it’s Britney B**ch!

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My Best And Worst Moments Of 2014

2015Happy New Year! I might be late in posting but it is never too late to celebrate thanksgiving for a wonderful year I had last year and an exciting anticipation for this new year! Last year, I proclaimed that it’s gonna be a year of Progress and Prosperity, I may not have succeeded financially, but there is more than money that I should be thankful for. A lot has happened, 2014 is definitely a roller coaster ride, now let me share the Best and Worst Moments in my life that happened in 2014 :).

let me begin with the Worst Moments of 2014:

  • WEIGHT GAIN – I started to experience low self-esteem due to weight gain
  • SKIN ISSUES – this is also a factor of me having low self-esteem
  • RELATIONSHIP PROBLEM – this year tested and strengthened our relationship
  • BROKEN TV – we didn’t have TV during the 2nd half of last year, no more teleseryes :p
  • BROKEN LAPTOP – during the last quarter of 2014, our dog broke our laptop 😦
  • FLOOD INSIDE THE HOUSE  – my room is the most affected, most of my treasured items were damaged
  • WORK PROBLEM – though I was able to find a job, a needed to focus a lot so I can be regularized
  • DIFFICULTY FINDING A JOB – this year, I experienced how really hard it is to find a job
  • FINANCIAL PROBLEM – since I didn’t have a job, It was really hard for me to find sources of income
  • HEALTH ISSUE – this marked the most illness I had for a year, I was really scared

Now let me share the Best Moments of 2014:

  • KPOP – My bestfriend, Christopher, asked me to join him for a KPOP dance contest, it’s something new for me
  • NEW PHONE – since I didn’t have my own phone this year, my mom’s friend gave me a new one 🙂
  • NEW TV – let’s say it is the fruit of my hardwork
  • BRITNEY – I received a lot of Britney gifts this year! (Britney CD, Britney Doll etc)
  • VACATION – aside from not having a job, I was able to maximize my free time, and a vacation with family
  • HEALTH ASSISTANCE – though I was sick a lot of times, I was able to get proper aid
  • NEW JOB – this year, though I had difficulty to find one, I was blessed to have a new job
  • ANNIVERSARY – 2 years and counting ❤
  • BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION – every year, my Birthday gets better and better, with friends and family ❤
  • CHRISTMAS – one of the biggest Christmas celebrations our family had, with most of our relatives 🙂

Though this year was twice more challenging than 2013, I can say that I am very thankful of 2014. Last year taught me a lot, specially about patience, being grateful and faithful. I may not be abundant financially, but I am proud to say that I am rich in love, happiness and blessings. It also taught me that all beginnings are hard, but at the end of the day, there is always something to look forward to. Never lose hope, and never lose your passion, these are the things you must hold on to, and never lose faith, because it is your foundation to be stronger.

2015 will mark a bigger change, It’s gonna be a year of fruitfulness and positivity! All the hardwork and sacrifices will pay off this year! And I believe that God will never leave behind all those who were troubled last year. 2014 may be hard, but 2015 will change that, it’s gonna be full of blessings and hope. It’s gonna be a year full of opportunities, never waste this chance because you never know what’s waiting for you at the other side of the road. 🙂

Happy New Year! CHEERS!

My Best and Worst of 2013.Limitless.

59c297012013 has been really really rough. I don’t know if everyone had the same feeling, but 2013 was really hard on me, especially in financial terms. I always had this feeling that “13” is really not a good number for me, and it brought a lot of misfortunes for me this year. But ultimately there’s a lot to thank for, so other than remembering the bad things, let’s also remember that there are a lot of good things and blessings that happened this year. I believe that no matter how bad a day, month or year is, there’s still a lot to thank for. So below, let me share to you my Best and Worst of 2013:

The Worst of 2014:

10. My phone got stolen

9. There was a rat in my room – and it was there for merely 2 months

8. I had “Pigsa” (Boils)

7. I lost my bestfriend C2 – it was really bad, I was really bored and sad

6. Sleeping problems – specifically Sleep Paralysis

5. Weight gain – still working on this

4. Stress – too much stress at work! Almost killed me

3.  Wrong decisions – mistakes that I did and I know I will learn from it

2. Financial problems

1. Lost my job – I was really planning to leave work before the year ends, but not this early

Now it’s time for The Best of 2013:

10. Had my first iPhone – but then got stolen by late October

9. Curled locks – so I had my hair permanently curled this year, and it was fun

8. Good Movies – there were a lot of good movies to enjoy this year! (e.g. The Purge, Insidious 2)

7. Lost my job – yeah it was bad, but at least I got to rest for a while now 😀

6. Work B**ch –  need I say more? Britney slayed me with this song and video, it made me cry

5. New-found friends & reunion with old friends

4. Weeklong Birthday celebration – a dream come true this year

3. Reunion with my bestfriend C2

2. Happy Lovelife – what more can I say, I am happy and contented 🙂

1. Happy Christmas – happy and healthy family with a lot of gifts

There really is a lot to regret this year, totally. But we must not forget that there are also a lot to thank for, too. I always do this every year, since I was a teenager, to remind myself that, yes, it’s true that every year is cruel, but we always have to slap them with the good ones that happened so that the bad ones will be overshadowed. It was truly a challenging year. Coming from financial problems, to rodent problems, to losing my job and still having a happy heart and family. The best thing that I can think of is that my family and friends are alive and healthy, and that to me is the ultimate gift that I can have every year.

I believe that next year is the year of Positivity and Progression. It will be the year that we will stand up from the fall that we had this year. 2014 is gonna be a big year and I am really looking forward to more wonderful things to happen. Prosperity is really not the key to happiness, rather it’s the contentment and the relief to see your family and friends safe. Let’s be safe this coming new year and I hope that everyone will be blessed and progress with their lives this coming 2014.

Happy New Year!

Limitless Album Review: Britney Jean

britney-jean-album-cover-britney-spears-35920943-960-951-1385498535Britney Spears released her newest album, “Britney Jean”, December 3rd worldwide. Honestly it did not do pretty well in the charts, but with an album with no performance and much promo, I’m very much okay with how Britney Jean is doing. It’s selling without much promotion. Well, at the end of the day, music will prevail over crazy antics so I guess I can say this is another masterpiece by the legendary Miss Britney Spears.

Upon reading some information, it was noted that the concept of the album is about living the pop life, and Britney being the superstar. This is her most personal album, as she claims, and I can say every track has a special meaning in Britney’s heart. The album gave me much surprises and I’m very much satisfied with it. Britney Jean is a biographical album, it showcases songs about living life, experiencing hardships and learning to enjoy every moment. It’s a simple concept but very relatable. Every song makes a mark, and I must say fits perfectly with the other songs, they compliment each other. I rate the album 4.5 stars out of 5, and below I have listed the songs ranked from the ones I least like to the song I like the most:


  • Hold On Tight

Hold On Tight was never a favorite for me, but it’s not that bad. It’s a good ballad, however I’m really not a fan of ballads so I don’t appreciate it much. But as a ballad, I can say It is a very emotional song for Britney and positive in a way. It’s very haunting and at the same time brings hope that one day you will be alright after all the pain. It teaches you how to embrace pain, and that every night will never be the same and it will be a long journey so you better “Hold On Tight” and be strong. This is Britney being a friend, and it’s very good. A song that can accompany you during your hardships.

  • Perfume (The Dreaming Mix)

It’s cool that there is a remix of one of her current songs, but I don’t think It’s necessary to put this in the album. The only good thing I see in this track is the haunting vibe it has and how amazing Britney’s vocals are in this mix, there’s no other voice heard other than hers so she really owned this track, making me feel more the emotion portrayed by the song. You can feel pain, but other than that, I still don’t think the remix was necessary on the album.

  • Chillin’ With You feat. Jamie Lynn

This is a fun track. At first listen, it sounds weird, but when you have played this a lot, you will understand why this track is included in the album. The track features Britney’s sister, Jamie Lynn, and they sound good together. Literally, the song is about chillin’ with your loved ones, probably at home, at the club, in a mall or at a beach. Britney wanted to jive Country music with Pop, that’s where this weird track came from, but I can say they did well and this has a potential to become a chillin’ anthem. Not really a great track but it;s something you can listen to while “Chillin’ With You”.

  • Don’t Cry

I can say that this is Britney’s best ballad since 2005’s Someday (I Will Understand). It’s very emotional and haunting. The perfect ballad that I’ve been waiting from Britney. Probably if I’m heartbroken and I listened to this, I’d cry. When you listen to the song, you can really feel the pain. It’s like it’s Britney reflection of all the pain she’s been through throughout the years. Britney talks about letting go and moving on, and being  strong by not crying. Most fans not just relate it to love but with Britney’s relationship with the fans. They think that wen Britney leaves the industry, this will be her song to the fans, thus saying when she leaves, “Don’t Cry”.

  • Brightest Morning Star

Britney said this song is about God, and on the first listen, I can definitely feel the faith and Britney’s sincerity in singing this song. What I’m happy about it, is that this is Britney’s first Christian song, or a genuine song about God. I don’t know Britney’s actions in showing her faith, but with this song I can say God really has made a big impact in her life and that she believes He is her guide by “leading the way” and being her “Brightest Morning Star” in the darkness.

  • Body Ache

Body Ache made me interested upon hearing the track title. On my first listen to the song, I wasn’t disappointed. It was like Scream & Shout’s daughter. But after a few listens I grew tired of Body Ache and I really don’t know why. It lacks something, probably a crazy verse or break, but it’s still one of the great tracks of the album. Britney stated that the song is about her love of dancing, until her “Body Ache”. I’d still prefer her dancing till the world ends, but Body Ache will do for now, it’s a good dance song, not perfect but it will do.

  • Perfume

britney-spears-perfumeSame with Don’t Cry, Perfume is very emotional. At first listen I can say I can definitely relate with this song. The moment you become paranoid and afraid with the people surrounding your partner, thinking that they might do something to catch your partner’s attention, and to that point you just want to spray a lot of your perfume to let them know that your partner is taken, that it’s your territory. I see Perfume as a track on a musical play or movie and might do well as its theme song. Britney’s voice really fits the song, she’s not really belting out but her voice is enough to interpret the pain and emotion needed. It’s a sad song, it’s about being vulnerable, but at the end of the day, this song will want you to win.

  • Passenger

This kind of song is something I haven’t heard for a while from Britney. It’s like Brave New Girl 2.0, Britney’s song from In The Zone, but a mature perspective. It’s about getting into a relationship and letting your partner drive the journey with you, and you being the “Passenger” just enjoying the ride. It also emphasizes trying new stuff with your partner and having an adventure, that there might be twists and turns but still you trust your partner and enjoy every second of the ride. Well yeah, love is a long journey, definitely a long ride and Britney wants us to break free, take risks and move out of our comfort zone, and make the most out of love.

  • Till It’s Gone

“You never know what you got Till It’s Gone”, the exact message of the song. Perfect melody, perfect lyrics, perfect production, I can say this is one of the best tracks of the album. Her voice is so powerful and encouraging that you want to dance everytime she drops the word “Gone”. I like how clever the lyrics are, really fun and has a lot of impact. A song about breakup, or about losing something and interpreted in a good way. Britney sings about how she tried to change things to keep what she has, but the only thing constant in the world is change, and since it’s inevitable, she makes us understand that we have to realize what we have “Till It’s Gone”.

  • It Should Be Easy feat. will.i.am

will.i.am and Britney said the song is about love being easy and not being complicated, and that it’s our nature to complicate things, making love so uneasy. Britney sings about being so in love and rates her love “a million billion”. Another clever track made by Brit and will.i.am, it’s like the love child of Scream & Shout and Work B**ch, very dance-able and at the same time the meaning is very powerful. The beat is sick, and I must admit I can’t help but do the robot dance while singing this song. Britney sings she can’t lose the one she loves, and will.i.am responds that “It Should Be Easy”, by not making love complicated, simple as that. I can’t say that it is a love song, more like an advice of a friend to a friend, and Britney shares this to us, a small friendly advice.

  • Now That I Found You

One of the best bonus tracks Britney has in her catalog after Femme Fatale’s Scary. Not your typical love song but will definitely touch your hearts, the same it touched mine. Britney sings that she was lost and hopeless until she found her one true love. She adds that she has seen the light and was blown away by love. I don’t personally know Britney, but with this track you can see Britney is also crazy in love. She’s just like one of us, she gets madly in love and this song is a celebration of how wonderful love feels and how love can change a dull world into a world full of color and music. Truly, love is something to celebrate for “Now That I Found You”.

  • Tik Tik Boom feat. T.I.

This track is a very powerful urban song. Britney is back with her sexy, sultry voice and sings that she wants someone to make her explode, like a bomb! Yeah, the song’s meaning is open for interpretation, but definitely a cool track and I can say a classic, sexy Britney. The additional of T.I. is a big surprise. I remember they were competing back in 2008 for the number one spot with Britney’s Womanizer, and it’s unbelievable that they are now on a track together. T.I. raps about treating someone like an animal, maybe that’s how he makes her explode, if you know what I mean. On the other hand, Britney sings she wants to scream his name until she “Tik Tik Boom”, not too slow, not too quick but probably a great way to explode.

  • Work B**ch

BRITNEY-WORK-BITCH-SINGLE-COVER1Now I understand why this is the lead single, it’s such a wonderfully crafted song. It stands out in the album, definitely one of a kind. It’s actually a hard choice between Work B**ch and Alien, but I had to say Work B**ch is my second favorite. Britney sings about working hard to have everything she has, luxury cars, fabulous parties, a mansion and a bangin’ body. I can say definitely the song is something personal to her as she likes to work hard and she earns to make a living. She wants people to know that anything she has now is a fruit of her hardwork throughout the years, and hardwork is always rewarded. Britney also sings that people might bring you down, but she reminds us to continue to work hard, we might not please everyone but at the end of the day, you still manage your own life and we better show ’em how to “Work B**ch”.

  • Alien

And finally, I can say the best track of the album, Alien. Upon my first listen, I already felt connected to the song. The haunting melody and Britney’s amazing vocals makes it the best track of the album. Also the best choice on choosing this song to start her tracklist. Britney said the song is about sometimes feeling alone in the crowd, and that we sometimes isolate ourselves. And I relate so much with what she is saying. I can definitely tell that this is the story of my life. The feeling that you want to be alone at times and you just want to have that quiet time and be with yourself. Britney sings the stars accompany her and that she is not alone. Again, Britney as a friend tells us that no man is still an island and somewhere out there, someone will make us feel that we are not alone. You might be a stranger in the crowd, but always remember that you belong in this universe, and just like an “Alien”, you are not alone.

It was hard choosing and ranking the tracks, they are all perfect in their own way and they have their own characteristics. It’s like the album is Britney herself and each song is a character or personality she has and she tells us the story of her life. I love this album and I know this album will go far and will still break records. I have faith in Britney as how she has faith in us, her fans. She dedicated this album to us and wanted to share a piece of her, but for me it’s not just a piece but rather it’s her life contained in this record. Truly a story to be told. As Britney said in Work B**ch, spread the word, tell somebody in your town that a wonderful life story has been released. It may not be a book, but Britney speaks through music, and this music that she brought is something that I’ve waited for all these years. And I can say, with this record, I can just sit back, drink red wine and juts chill enjoying every phase, every track and every melody. Good job, Britney Jean!

My Best and Worst of 2012.Limitless.

Happy-New-Year-2013-Wishes-LanguagesFor me, 2012 has been a year of Love and Friendship. My 2012 saw the blossoming of friendship and love in my life, and I also saw some important people distance themselves from me. 2012 is a mixture of sadness and happiness, but hey, a perfect dish wouldn’t be complete without enough spices, right? So I think 2012 has just blended well in my life, people may come and go, but what’s most important is that we get to know more people and we learn a lot from our experiences.

Below I present to you the annual summary of all my experiences throughout 2012. Here are the Worst things that happened to me in 2012:

10. Our desktop computer is dead

9. No closet in my room – I keep my clothes in a box.

8. Some calamities in our city – I got trapped due to high flood.

7. I broke my Blackberry

6. Tests of love – Really emo this 2012

5. Work – Some disappointing events at work.

4. PHB’s Black Party

3. Health – Tonsillitis, Fever, Shingles, some of the illness I had this year.

2. Still unable to resume schooling – Still one of my biggest regrets in life.

1. Some friends had to go – This is the most painful, seeing important people leave. Good thing we still have FaceBook, last resort to keep in touch.

I was always told that after darkness there is always light, and after the rain there is always sunshine. So even if we experience a lot of bad things throughout the year, we are still blessed and we’re given the opportunity to enjoy life, live life to the fullest and be thankful, for God never neglected us and has always given what’s best for us. So now I present the Best things that has happened to me in 2012:

10. My old Nokia n95 was fixed

9. Work – I get to earn for a living

8. Britney Spears and PHB

7. Bought new phone

6. We moved to a new House

5. Blog – My dream fulfilled, having my ultimate blog!

4. My Birthday – Month-long celebration plus I got a new Hairdo

3. Newfound Friends – I found friends that I will keep forever

2. Christmas – best Christmas I had in years, was able to buy our Christmas Tree and gave gifts to people I love

1. Lovelife

I remember I was taught, there might be a lot of hardships in life, but always remember that what we only need to count the blessings and be thankful for them. I might have fallen a lot, left alone or even been hurt the most, but from there I learned to stand still and be stronger to face life, being ready to face what’s ahead. 2013 is a symbol of new hope and it’s coming means a start of something new, a ritual where we need to block off all the negativity of the past year and be optimistic and welcome all the good things to be blessed in life. We should all learn from our past mistakes and make sure to be a better person this year. We should all learn to let go of our burdens and be free to live a new life this year. It is never too late to have the best in life. The secret to living a happy life is optimism,  determination and faith. Never lose your passion and you will conquer your dreams. If you say you will, then you will. Claim, and you shall receive, for 2013 will be a blessing for everyone. It is not just a celebration of welcoming a new year, rather, it is a new life, a life where we can live anew, to correct mistakes and be an influence of goodness and strength to others.


If 2012 was the year of Love and Friendship, I believe 2013 will be a year of Fitness and Good Health. 🙂