The Super Parental Guardians Mega Experience

This film, The Super Parental Guardians, is Vice Ganda’s supposed entry to the 2016 Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF), however it didn’t make the cut due to quality concerns. But Vice Ganda reiterated that she makes quality films. This is also her first film after the death of her friend, and supposed movie-director for this year, Wenn Deramas.

I actually forgot that Vice Ganda was going to a movie film slated for December this year. Maybe I was just busy at school, but I was really surprised to know that the trailer of her film debuted online. So I was excited, because I am a fan of her last film Beauty and the Bestie, it gave me all the laughs I could get for 2015. So again, I expected more laughs from this film, and the trailer gave what I want. From witty punchlines, to funny dialogues, the trailer gave me all the elements of a perfect comedy film. Plus it was directed by Joyce Bernal, so I was looking forward. They also did a lot of TV promotions and assured people that it is a perfect follow-up for their film last year. So that’s it, I decided that we should see this and convinced my mom to see it.

So the first scenes of the film got me interested already. Coco Martin with all his fight scenes and Vice Ganda with all her glamour and wit, it was already a perfect combination. The addition of the child starts Awra and Onyok gave pure perfection. The movie was going well, when somewhere in between I felt bored. I felt as if the story was focused more on coversations rather than making viewers laugh. It was too focused on the story. Plus, the cast seems incomplete. I miss seeing a huge cast, like the inclusion of popular loveteams and a huge cast of antagonists. They claim that this is the perfect film tradition for Christmas, but since they set the standard every year, it felt like they missed out on that standard and underdelivered. The film was funny, their tandem was exceptional, there were funny moments, but the movie was dull, it was dry. It’s missing the “Deramas Effect“, I don’t know how to say it. Sadly, my mom fell asleep by the end of the film. It was a good film, but it is a disaster compared to Vice Ganda’s previous films.

Did I enjoy the film? I did, but not 100%. Am I gonna recommend it to friends? Not really, maybe if you’re a die-hard fan, I would. It wasn’t a waste of time though, I just felt that it’s lacking the humor that her previous movies had. Maybe Joyce Bernal isn’t really for comedy? Or Vice Ganda just had to rush the film? I don’t know. All I know is this film is far better than Enteng Kabisote 10, so I can’t imagine how Vic Sotto’s film did in the box office. But one thing’s for sure, children will love this film. It is definitely a film for the whole family. And if you’re seeing this, bring your Poke Balls because you’ll definitely catch some Pokémon. 😉


Movie Experience: Feng Shui 2


Feng Shui 2, 2014

The best horror film this year and one of the most decent MMFF horror entries ever! I wasn’t really looking forward for this film to scare me a lot, because, point number 1: it is an MMFF entry and most horror entries of the MMFF are gibberish, point number 2: it is a sequel, and most sequels are disappointing, and point number 3: Kris Aquino’s latest horror films aren’t that excellent, with the likes of Dalaw and Segunda Mano, but Chito Rono outdid himself and surpassed my expectations. It is a mixture of comedy, drama and horror, but all in all it will definitely scare you. You wouldn’t want to miss any scene because every scene is to watch out for. I didn’t even notice the film ended, I was that focused! The film slayed me so much, Kris Aquino and Coco Martin were a perfect match. I’d bet, this is the best film of this year’s MMFF!

Film rating: LIMITLESS

Limitless Movie Review: Born To Love You

Born To Love You (2012)

It is undoubted that Coco Martin and Angeline Quinto are some of the brightest stars today in the Philippines but I believe that this movie is a wrong move for their career, seriously. Yes, I can say that the movie is effective in making people feel the love and make people want to fall in love again since the scenes and the pick-up lines are effective for a love story, but I believe that Coco Martin doesn’t need this kind of film in his career and, yes, this is Angeline Quinto’s first time to act on the big screen, where she’s still good anyway, but I see that she is not made for acting. She can still do workshops and try harder but acting is not her strength. Coco martin is a good actor and Angeline Quinto is a great performer but this just doesn’t fit them. I wasn’t really gonna watch this movie, my mom just wanted someone to go with to watch this. But either way, it was a good effort for the both of them and hopefully this is the last. I know Star Cinema can do better movies than this.