A Doctor Strange Experience egnartS rotcoD A

Stephen Strange, or more popularly known as Doctor Strange is the newest addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. He has the power to, other than heal patients, control time and show off amazing bright yellow circles. Kidding aside, the latest movie about him is one of the best I’ve seen from Marvel.



I was hesitant at first to see this film. I felt as if that Doctor Strange was an unnecessary addition to the Avengers and that he wasn’t popular enough for people to crave about him. Before I watched the film, some of my friends already knew who Benedict Cumberbatch was, the actor behind Doctor Strange, and he was already acclaimed with his other works with Sherlock and The Hobbit. In other words, he is a great actor, together with his other co-actors in this Marvel film. He even worked out a lot to be in great shape, such a pro. The hype already got me, especially their marketing and teasers online. What really made me watch the movie is when I saw the behind the scenes, it was already intriguing and exciting. They had a lot of yellow sparkling circles and mind-bending visuals, something I haven’t seen in a regular Marvel film, it really got me hyped. Then I told myself, that’s it, I have to see this film!



I was waiting for an invite to watch the film; I didn’t want to watch Doctor Strange alone. My co-Marvel fanatic is already in Canada so I was waiting for someone else. Then two of my friends were gonna watch it, so I asked if I could tag along. It was a Wednesday night, and it was a night that my perspective would change about Marvel movies.



So the movie started with a fight scene between The Ancient One and some thieves. I was already in awe. The fight scene is already jaw-dropping and the visuals were literally mind-bending, something I haven’t seen in a superhero film, a kind of superpower I wanted to have. Also, the back-story of Doctor Stranger got me interested in the character even more, and how his personality developed throughout the film. He was someone I can relate to, actually, or maybe there was this specific connection between me and his character? I don’t know. It’s just that the process of getting his powers and his power itself is something unique, no other superhero in the Marvel Universe got me this excited, not even Vision or Scarlet Witch. Doctor Strange was REALLY powerful. His costume was even surreal! I love how he looked sleek wearing those amazing clothing, he really looked like a mage or a magician, a classy one.  The story isn’t even boring, the humor was there, brilliant acting was there, heart-pumping twists were there, and even a small love story was evident. But Doctor Strange’s story was so relatable I felt we would have the same choices and decision in the entire film.



I can’t say that this film has topped off Captain America: Civil War, but all I can say is that it exceeded my expectations. His character was really everybody else, someone aspiring to be the best, someone who saw his hard-works come to life and, his life may not be perfect, but he is contented. He may not be the strongest, but he is wise, he knows what he is doing. The only thing I hate about this film is that they featured a Beyonce song, they should’ve selected a Britney song instead. Nevertheless, it is still one of the best films of 2016 and it didn’t disappoint me. It got the kid in me really excited and I am looking forward for more Doctor Strange films, for more mind-bending scenes and for more intense fight scenes. Definitely, this film, Doctor Strange, has changed the game, and the next Marvel films should take notes, they did well this time and they have to exceed this on their next ones, just saying, or else they’ll have to bargain. 😉


Movie Experience: Avengers: Age Of Ultron

avengers-2-poster-hi-res Avengers: Age Of Ultron, 2015

I’ve been waiting since 2012, and I wanted to feel the same excitement and emotions I felt the first time I’ve seen the Avengers! Seeing them all together, Ironman, Thor, Captain America, The Hulk, Black Widow and Hawkeye fighting together at the beginning gave me chills and made me really interested to finish the film. The addition of Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver added more excitement and got me more interested to where the story will go. But as the movie progressed, it seemed that the film was lifeless. There was no substance. I gave it a second chance and watched the movie again, but my experience didn’t change. I felt that they ran out of ideas for the second Avengers film, and all those wonderful ideas were already used up with their previous Marvel films. I can’t blame them, they’ve been producing high quality superhero films for a long time now, but this is unforgivable. It seemed that the film was overcrowded and the story had no direction. The only exciting thing about the film is the inclusion of the twins and Vision, but then again, I am just a viewer and they may have better plans in the future. The movie was great, but I felt it lacks something that the first film had which captured my heart.

Film rating: LIMITED

Limitless Movie Experience: Guardians Of The Galaxy



Guardians Of The Galaxy, 2014

This is THE action movie that made me cry. Yes, you’ve read that correctly, it made me cry. I was expecting this film to be another lousy “comics-turned-action-movie” film that will just be a waste of money. Honestly, most of its trailers were tacky, and was missing something that should’ve caught my attention. What was missing to it was actually the “heart” of the movie that can be found in the film itself, you have to see it to believe it. I was proven wrong. As a very well done action film, it has it’s strong parts, it also had soft parts that complimented the movie perfectly. I am so amazed with the effects and animation, made me feel like I am watching a Starcraft film. The story is genius and the actors were perfect with their roles! I cried 3 times, and I can reveal that Rocket, Groot and Star-Lord brought tears to my eyes. The film made me realize that true friendship is indestructible, and together, the universe can’t keep friends apart. This is not your ordinary action-fantasy film, The Avengers must be pressured now and I can safely say this is the best action-fantasy film this year!

Film Rating: LIMITLESS

Limitless Movie Review: Captain America: The Winter Soldier



Captain America: The Winter Soldier, 2014

five-starsWatching it’s theatrical trailer made me less interested about the film, I was expecting a lame storyline. Then again, I was wrong and this film was a big explosion of suspense and action! It’s not your typical Marvel action film, it has a heart and will definitely take you on a ride up to the last scene. The plot twists are perfect, the effects are amazing and Captain America is still lovable, as always. Heroes are not always mad and fame-seekers, this film showed that true heroes lead, and always thinks of the welfare of his people, not just for a certain girl nor about revenge, but serves everyone.