Britney: Live In Concert (2 Days To Go!)

britney-spears-reuters-640x480On June 15, 2017, at the MOA Arena, Britney Spears will, at last, perform in front of the Filipino crowd, for the first time ever! And I’m very much excited I keep on talking about her for the past few days! I still can’t believe it, the announcement was just made months ago and now, I’m just two days away from her concert! Forgive me, but I am just so much thrilled and overwhelmed!

To celebrate her upcoming concert, I have listed some Britney-related stuff below that I personally picked. Ranging from my most favorite Britney Album, videos and collaborations, to the worst ones. These are just my personal choices and doesn’t mean it has to be yours, too. :p

Top 5 least favorite Albums:

  1. Blackout
  2. Britney Jean
  3. Oops!… I Did It Again
  4. Britney
  5. Glory

Top 5 Favorite Albums

  1. In The Zone
  2. Femme Fatale
  3. Circus
  4. …Baby One More Time
  5. Glory

Britney has only had 9 studio albums so far, so her recent album, Glory, is the midpoint of all her albums, for me. Blackout is really a good album, I just don’t get why a lot of people love it. Yes, it is a game-changer but it doesn’t necessarily mean it is the greatest. In The Zone is the best for me since it has one of her best collaborations with Madonna and the Ying Yang Twins. The music is also perfection, for me In The Zone showed Britney’s identity and edge above all the other artists, and the songs are very ahead of its time, very innovative! With the top 5 albums that I chose, I don’t have any song that I can skip to, but the least 5 ones, I always have some songs to skip.

Top 5 least favorite Videos

  1. Make Me
  2. Gimme More
  3. Don’t Let Me Be The Last To Know
  4. Sometimes
  5. I Wanna Go

Top 5 favorite Videos

  1. Me Against The Music
  2. Circus
  3. Till The World Ends
  4. I’m A Slave 4 U
  5. Work B*tch

The Britney Army knows Make Me is one of the worst videos, since we were expecting an iconic one from David LaChapelle but we were given an audition video instead. Same with Gimme More, I was expecting “more” from it. Britney Spears is known for her huge dance moves and group choreography, it made me her fan and the top 5 videos I chose perfectly symbolize what a perfect “Britney” video is; lots of dancers, jaw-dropping dance breaks, chilling dance beats, amazing production. It’s not about just moving your hips or banging your head or whatever, these videos show REAL CHOREOGRAPHY that no other artist could! On the other hand, I Wanna Go is a mess, very much overrated, and the other two doesn’t fit her image very very well, very forgettable.

Top 5 Collaborations

  1. Me Against The Music feat. Madonna
  2. S&M Rhimix with Rihanna
  3. Slumber Party feat. Tinashe
  4. Boys (Co-ed Remix) feat. Pharrell Williams
  5. Scream & Shout with

Since she only has few collaborations, I listed the top 5 I like the most. I’m not really a huge fan of Scream & Shout but thanks to this song, and, it helped Britney maintain her relevance among her target audience. Boys is a classic bop! It isn’t a fan favorite but for me, the longer I listen to it, the more I’m liking it; it’s a grower! Slumber Party and S&M is classic Britney! Girl power at its finest with sexy vocals and dancing, REAL DANCING. However, Me Against The Music is the ultimate collaboration with the queen herself, Madonna! How can you turn down such song, amazing beat, awesome melody, it is definitely a perfect song!

Well, I am not asking you all to agree with me, as mentioned, these are personal choices, but maybe this list may help you change your preferences hehe :p. It is definitely advisable to listen to these amazing music as her concert is nearing to feel more excited and ecstatic! Personally, I haven’t listened to any other artist since I bought her concert ticket. I have this playlist in my phone called “THE ULTIMATE BRITNEY PLAYLIST” including all her songs from her catalog, remixes that I have and unreleased stuff that I have, as well. Nostalgic and overwhelming at the same time, this is really recommended to all the fans seeing her this Thursday! Try it and fill yourself with “Britney-energy” before the concert starts!

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The Art Of Moving On: The Playlist

20161008_144725000_ios               In every episode of our lives, we always dedicate a song to it, most probably a theme song. Admit it, our lives are living musicals, where every aspects of our lives are theatrical pieces put together to make a beautiful story. Part of this, of course, is the story of heartbreak. Every moment of it , from the fall, to the enduring stage and up to the actual moving on phase, we incorporate songs to describe what we feel and use it as a guide on finding ourselves again.

               Every song, each lyric, they represent us, our emotions. The songs don’t only play a melody or sing lyrics, rather they express our life, they project what we are experiencing in a specific moment. It lives, it has an identity in our lives and these songs are our ally in coping up and, to try to forget and be confident. These powerful songs are meant to inspire and open minds, some will make us cry to make us release the emotions we’ve been keeping in our hearts, and most of them help us celebrate freedom and liberty, a true reflection of how we should stand, how we should endure the pain of heartbreak. Listed below are my top picks in this musical called “Heartbreak”, and how they can inspire you to overcome and be strong.

Anything by Hedley
“Everybody said boy, “Don’t go any higher!”, (uh-huh), f*ck that! I can do Anything!”
               As the song says, “I can do Anything!”. You are in control of your life now, and you can “shove it in their faces” that you don’t need anyone’s approval to succeed and conquer the world. This song tells us to push the limits and take everyone by surprise that you can do anything, and that even when you’re alone, you can do whatever you want. Follow your heart, play with fire and be a rock star! F*ck them, you can do anything!

Confident by Demi Lovato
“I’m the boss right now… This is my game, and you better come to play”
               Are you ready to be the ringleader? The boss? The center of attention? Well this song is perfect if you wish to be “Confident”, well overconfidence that is. “What’s wrong with being confident?” as the song says, I don’t think there’s nothing wrong with it. This song definitely teaches us to be confident with ourselves, with our mind and  body. Be comfortable with how you look, how people see you and your outlook in life. Confidence isn’t about being boastful, rather it is about taking pride that you live, and you don’t live to please people, rather to accomplish your dreams, your goals, and again there’s nothing wrong with it. The first step is confidence, and you can do anything.

Thnks Fr Th Mmrs by Fall Out Boy
“Thanks for the memories, even though they weren’t so great…”
               Yes, Fall Out Boy must be in this list. It isn’t a playlist about moving on without them. This song has been my anthem of moving on ever since, it never gets old. I love how their message is still there even after these years. Definitely, those memories you had with your special someone is something memorable, they weren’t so great but you don’t want to live with it again. What’s done is done. This song boasts sarcasm all over, saying “if you think I want you back? You’re wrong, leave it all to your beautiful memory”. As the song says, we should look forward to the future, “the past is cloudy”, it shouldn’t be looked back. Move forward, even though the past was so great, the future will be greater.

‘Til It’s Gone by Britney Spears
“You never know what you got ‘Til its gone..”
               Admit it, as much as you want to be strong and move one, there will be moments you will remember and miss that someone you used to be “special” with. The song, however, is an irony. It is a celebration of heartbreak. The song isn’t sad, but it tells a tale of how she undergone heartbreak, how her eyes resemble rain for crying, how she is crazy and can’t be “confined in a cage”, the song is definitely the roller coaster of emotions during heartbreak. She contemplates that she can’t let go, but she also questions why her heart was broken. The confusion stage is normal and this song definitely describes it. You really never know what you have ’til it’s gone, but don’t dwell too much on heartbreak because you don’t know what you might lose more.

Same Old Love by Selena Gomez
“I’m so sick of the same old love, that sh*t it tears me up…”
               Heartbreak has different phases, and this song perfectly captures the realization phase, the part where you realize he/she wasn’t worth it. That your ex lover was just simply trash, as they never gave you value, they never showed you your worth. “You left me in pieces”, the song contemplates how selfish the ex lover was and pushes away as the singer realized that she should be treated better. It’s better to be alone than stay with someone who doesn’t value you. Yes it is painful to throw away your significant other, but are you also willing to throw away your dignity just to stay away in a one-sided relationship? Of course not, you’re worth more than that, be sick of it. Remember, trash cans exist for a purpose, to throw away garbage.

Stranger by Hilary Duff
“There’s no kindness in your eyes, the way you look at me is just not right…”
               Oh yes! This is a perfect song for all those people who were never valued, who were never given importance! This song describes every detail of how relationships fail and how that “special someone” turns into a stranger. She starts to tell from the stare of his eyes, to his actions when no one’s watching, up to how she’s treated when everyone’s watching vs. no one’s around. The song definitely shares the experience, being treated as if you’re the one, but in reality, when the curtains are down, you’re just a trophy, just a part of the game, just a companion he uses whenever it is convenient for him. “Are you scared to let them know it’s you?”, yes they are scared, because they have this “image” they maintain. You must be the one to be blamed, because they show people that they are the “perfect lover”, but their secrets are safe. Either way, they were already strangers during the relationship, and even strangers up until now.

He Wasn’t By Avril Lavigne
“He never made me feel like I was special, ‘coz I was special…”
               Songs about moving on? Yes Avril must be in it! She is definitely the princess of heartbreak as she perfectly portrays the emotions in most of her songs. This song features a young Avril, but she already knows what’s up, she already knows what she wants! She knows when someone is just playing and messing with her, and when this happens, she just lets them go because “he wasn’t what he wanted, because she is special”. I love how this song makes the listener realize the importance of self-worth, it opens our eyes and lets us see that we shouldn’t be treated like trash. When a relationship doesn’t have value, it is not worth keeping, don’t regret rather be thankful, you saved yourself from wasting time for more misery. We all have choices, and we should choose to be happy.

Liar by Britney Spears
“You know I know that you I know that you’re a Liar..”
               The title explains it all, you’re ex lover were all lies. “It’s too late for apologies”, the song says, and it is true. The damage has been done, the pain has been made, and no matter what your ex lover does, it’s not gonna be enough reason to bring back the past. “You ain’t foolin’ anyone”, as they say, fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me. I believe in second chances, but I think it has grounds. Always bear in mind that a liar is always be a liar, as well as cheaters and heartbreakers. Yes I believe people change, but life is a cycle, they may change but they may also change back to their old ways in time. A relationship with secrets? Nah, not here for that, “I ain’t f*ckin’ with your dirty laundry”, I’m not here to play games, we’re talking about life and future here, and it should never be played. They may beg or bleed, but what’s done is done, we should never choose to be broken again.

Labels Or Love by Fergie
“I’mma shop for labels while them ladies lay and wait for love, Oh!”
               Enjoy life! This is the most important message of this song. Yes the world is cruel, but there is always a good side, and we should focus on that. In this case, the song says it is better to go shopping as a material thing has never “broken hearts”. Which is true, but of course this is a metaphor. Things you love to do won’t hurt you, rather it is a therapy, it will help you discover things and enjoy life without compromising your heart. It may be in a form of travelling, writing, watching movies, doing charity work, whatever your heart desires. Always remember that the world has a lot to offer, love is just one of them. Try to go out of your comfort zone and enjoy life, as the song says, stop chasing love and shop some more!

Stronger by Britney Spears
“Stronger than yesterday, now it’s nothing but my way..”
               This song is just as powerful as its message. It definitely celebrates independence and strength. It tells us that the past can no longer chase us, and if our ex lovers think we can’t make it? They’re wrong! “My loneliness ain’t killing me no more”, it is definitely a revolution, and no one can stop a heart looking for happiness and confidence. I am in control of my life, she sings “Here I go on my own”, it is definitely a declaration that this is the perfect time to do things on our own, never be dependent to people. Never dwell to loneliness, move and be positive, we don’t have to prove anything to anyone, but we have to continue with our lives, we have to make it, we should never go with the flow, we make our own decisions, we are the artist of this masterpiece we call life. Start taking care of yourself, they’re wrong if they think you can’t take it. Declare it, you are stronger than yesterday, and this is definitely how you will live your life, in your way!

I Don’t Need A Man by Pussycat Dolls
“I want a love that’s for real, and without that, no deal!”
               ..Or a woman, in a man’s perspective. Again, independence, we don’t need a person to complete us. How can we love another person if we don’t know how to love ourselves. Never settle for someone who doesn’t know how to value you, give importance, and is just staying for sex. This song is definitely more on self-empowerment and lets us realize that we have to let it go when it is not worthy anymore. You don’t need someone to go through life, you can make it even if you’re alone. You have family, friends, you can enjoy life without a significant other. “I don’t need a ring around my finger to make me feel complete”, a relationship should never be about finding someone to complete yourself, it is about being a complement to each other. There should be mutual understanding and must not be one-sided, don’t be afraid to break-fee, a relationship will come but for now enjoy life, and real love will come.

Ain’t It Fun by Paramore
“Don’t go crying to your mama, ‘coz you’re on your own in the real world.”
               The perfect song to end the playlist. The song is an eye-opener that the world isn’t nice, it is a cruel and messy place. But then again, it celebrates independence. “What you gonna do when the world don’t orbit around you?”, yes, what if the world isn’t in your hands anymore? We shouldn’t rely our lives to this world, we must know how to accept failure, pain and defeat, the only thing that we can rely on is ourselves. Without the world, it is only yourself that you have. “What you gonna do when nobody wants to fool with you?”, the songs tells us to not be depended with other people. They will come and go, and we should be prepared. Nothing lasts forever, the only forever we have is the relationship we have with ourselves. Don’t lose your identity, your self-worth, because the real world will try to destroy you. Nothing’s perfect in this world, relationships fail, economies go down, friendships end, success turns into failure, but it is never the end. Life goes on, and you are on your own, take a step forward and never be afraid. You might be alone, but there are millions out there like you making a brave step, choose life and be ready to conquer.

               Music is definitely alive, it lives in our hearts. I’m not saying this because I’m a music lover myself, but I’m sharing to all of you that music isn’t just here to let us dance, rather to help us go on with our lives and have a better outlook. Life without music is dull, every moment will be boring. I heard somewhere that music is the artistic, creative and colorful way of letting time pass, and it is true. Music is important in the healing process of broken hearts, it is the doctor, it knows where to find the pain, and it knows what to do. It’s the magic it brings that makes it effective, something unexplainable, something amazing.

               Personally, music saved me. Without music, I don’t know where I would be now, or my heart. All I know is through these years, music celebrated life with me, through happy moments, dull moments, heartbreaking moments up to triumphant ones. Music has been the shoulder I could cry on, or the friend I can relate to, or the hand I can hold on to. As much as it influenced and changed me, it will change and help you, too. To some, it may just be a simple combination of words and melody, but to many, it is a gift, a priceless one. You can never buy the healing experience that music can bring. The songs I shared may not mirror what you feel, but it’s just one thing I want to share with you, it is for you to have self-empowerment and independence. You may choose to be bitter listening to music, happy, sad, confident, or empowered, but then again, music is the universal language of the weak, in pain, celebrating people and survivors. It is in music that we become one, united by experience, and as the beat goes on, we never reach the encore, rather we create unlimited climaxes. You are your music, it describes you. This musical we call “Life” will never end, it is a cycle, it is forever, and you have the power to choose the songs to represent you, the soundtrack of your life.

Britney Spears: The Glory of Music


           It’s been almost three years since we last had a compilation of amazing songs from the Legendary Miss Britney Spears. And alas, August 26, 2016 marked the release of her 9th studio album “Glory” worldwide. As glorious as it sounds, fans and critics alike claim this to be her most mature album to date. Fans all over the world has declared it as the third album completing the holy trinity of the Britney Army, together with Blackout and In The Zone. Eagerness to hear this new record resulted to some songs, and afterwards, the whole album leaking ahead of its release. But me, as a loyal and patient fan, I only listened to this amazing album recently to coincide with its release digitally here in the Philippines.

           I admire that her team did their best to prevent the trend of albums “leaking” as it is very damaging especially to their sales. I remember Femme Fatale and Britney Jean leaking, for like a month or two before the release. But this time, Britney’s team teased us by releasing one song per week before the release to avoid illegal downloads. But then as eager as they are, some “fans” really just want to see artists suffer and leaked the album 1 week ahead of the release. Still a good job for team Britney but I hope the next time this will be totally eradicated. I mean totally! I read somewhere that this illegal download totaled to 200,000, which would have been added to the actual first week sales of “Glory”.

           Personally, even though the release was ahead in some countries, I wanted to be patient and just listen to the whole album once I have the physical copy. But some mix-ups are happening with our local distributor, hence, I still don’t have the album. My co-armies advised me to listen in Spotify, but I chose not to. Because, for me, listening to it digitally destroys the essence, the hype and the excitement of listening to songs played from a CD. But since I’m still hopeless as to when we’ll get the physical copy, I decided to actually hear the album from Spotify. And indeed, the long wait was worth it, and it was a “glorious” moment, an unforgettable experience marked in my own history.

1. Invitation
This is definitely a good choice to start the album. Her voice sounds heavenly and sexy. I can say this is a perfect slowjam to start the album. Coincidentally, she is inviting me, the listener, to a glorious spectacle, which is her new record.
2. Make Me
The perfect song next to Invitation. It continues to deliver the sexy vibe from the previous track. From my first listen when it was released, up until now, I NEVER GOT TIRED OF IT. This song has perfect production, melody and lyrics. JUST PERFECTION. I think Britney hasn’t had a perfect feel-good song in years, and this just proves that she is not just all about dancing but she can be chill, too. G-eazy is also a perfect choice for a collaboration, she complements Britney very much.
3. Private Show
When I first heard it from her fragrance commercial, I can’t stop thinking about it! I can say this is definitely classic-sexy Britney, and at the same time experimental. In this song, Britney still proves she puts on a show, that she is still the ringleader, center of the spotlight, the entertainer not the observer, and we are here as spectators of her suprises.
4. Man on the Moon
The melody of this song is very addicting! The first line itself gave me shivers! It has a beautiful melody and I can’t remember the last time she had something like this. With the lyrics, I find Britney’s fascination with the heavenly bodies very fascinating. I can’t help but say that this is Alien 2.0, continuing the story as wanting not be alone anymore and waiting for that Man on The Moon to come pick her up. I can also say she is lamenting to a long-distance relationship, I like how it is open to interpretation.
5. Just Love Me
So the album already had a lot of R&B and slow-jam songs, and we get another one. Not hating, but, I’m just not really a fan. I’m more of an upbeat person. But on the first listen, the song sounded like a Fifth Harmony song, but also kinda similar to her earlier work “Early Mornin'”. The line “Oh No, I won’t, I promise I promise” is very 2001ney, gave me chills, very CLASSICney, definitely the highlight of the song.
6. Clumsy
This song is very fun and playful, but unfortunately it didn’t give me the eargasm that I was looking for. Still the same feeling when I first heard it when team Britney released it weeks before the release. It felt like a filler for the album. Though I think it’s an anthemic EDM, it’s perfect for partying. I also like the facts that it gives ode to OIDIA. Definitely how a “” sounds like.
7. Do You Wanna Come Over?
ONE OF THE PERFECT SONGS OF THE ALBUM. This is “2003 Britney meets 2016 Britney”. The guitar strumming is perfect, THIS SONG IS JUST PURE PERFECTION. The song is just SEXY all over. I also feel it gives an 80s vibe, with a modern twist. Along the way, the song sounded a bit like “Fashionista” by Jimmy James, also sounds a bit Selena Gomez, but it’s not that of a big deal, the song has its own identity either way. This is another experimental Britney, and she did it right this time, I’ll definitely come over!
8. Slumber Party
This song shows “Britney being poetic”. At first I thought this is just another random filler, but SEXY REGGAEney is back y’all, giving us some STUTTERney a la “I Wanna Go”. The “oohs” also reminded me of Canadian Band Hedley’s “Dreaming’s For Sleeping”. What’s surprising to me is the lyrics which would sound like about making porn, very surprising! I also think this is an ode to Miley’s “We Can’t Stop”. This is would how 2001 Britney would sound like in 2016, having slumber parties and having fun all night!
9. Just Like Me
I’d say one of the weakest songs of the album. It’s also a bit awkward with it’s title similarity to Just Luv Me. The message of the song seems like She’ll Never Be Me 2.0, less fierce but more playful. ALTERNATIVEney strikes here, and it seems she’s loving some more guitar strumming. I believe this is Britney’s best attempt to go country pop after the disaster that was “Chillin’ With You”. Somehow this song feels rushed, but maybe it just has a stripped concept. I’m also getting a bit tired of her breathy vocals since we’ve got a lot from previous tracks.
10. Love Me Down
The fun part of the album starts here! I like that this song starts bringing life to the album. This is RAPney at her best, y’all, bringing us Britney-meets-Fergie vibes. I’M SO IN LOVE WITH THIS SONG, something I’ve been longing for from Britney for a long time. This is something very new to Britney, and in some parts she’s giving us GWEN STEFANIney, definitely experimental but still Britney. This is the perfect song from the album that utilized “baby” properly. URBANney at it’s finest!
11. Hard To Forget Ya
Another fun track! She has some shocking lines here such as “since I tasted you”, should I be worried? Well the song itself describes how a “perfect sex” left her wanting for more. Haha. I can also say this song has perfect melody. This is also the return of EDM-DUBSTEPney and gives us another dance anthem.
12. What You Need
“I love Rock And Roll” who? “Do Somethin'” who? “Rock Me in” who? “Don’t Keep Me Waiting” who? This song is the most rock and roll she can be! I’m really surprised! Britney gives us ELVISney and TINA TURERney, she even seems to sample “Proud Mary”. I love how the song sounds very 70s, it’s very fun, fierce and her best effort to have her some “Back To Basics” vibes. I can feel Britney’s drive in making this song, she seems having so much fun. This song also has some James Bond vibes to it. I would get up and dance to this song, definitely. Definitely another perfect track from this album!!! #Obsessed
13. Better
Better sounded like it would fit in Britney Jean. It also sounded like the love child of Hard To forget Ya and Just Love Me combined. The song seems like Fifth Harmony meets Justin Bieber meets Britney. It’s a good song, but I’ll say it’s a grower, you have to listen to it a lot to appreciate it.
14. Change Your Mind
Guitar Strummingney strikes again! It sounded like a soundtrack for a remake of Zorro. I don’t get the essence though of having a song with Spanish parts, maybe an ode to her Latin, Spanish or South American fanbase? The song also has an awkward title but it fits the song. This song is also a grower, nothing special at first but it takes a few listens to appreciate it.
15. Liar
This song sounds like Chains by Nick Jonas meets E.T. of Katy Perry. In some parts, it sounded a bit KPOP. This song is something Rita Ora or Iggy Azalea will record, but it fits Britney. It’s very experimental. It also sounds very early 2000s R&B POP, delivering us some CLASSICney. The chorus also sounds similar to some Meghan Trainor production. ONe of the best bonus tracks, I must say, and I wanted it to be a regular track in the album (replacing Just Like Me :p).
16. If I’m Dancing
It’s an amazing dance song. It sounded like Britney meets Missy Elliot, production wise. It’s a mid 2000s R&B POP, another Classicney y’all! Britney delivering us some In The Zone meets Femme Fatale vibes. She also mentioned “chakra”, like really? She’s watching Naruto? Overall, the song had good production, good potential, but has weak lyrics and vocals. Again, I’ve had so much Breathy Britney in the album.
17. Coupure Electrique
This song is very random. Not hating on it but also not a fan. It feels like it’s trying to be Blackout meets Britney Jean but it failed. It seems like a slow-jam Break The Ice. I’m not sure though if im playing this song again because it is in full French. I appreciate FRENCHney, but not in a full song, it was too much to handle and the song didn’t give anything special.

           Though there were some “just okay” parts, the amazing ones were prevalent. I love how the song is like In The Zone, very diverse genre-wise and very experimental. A lot of new materials for Britney that complements her voice. The down side is, she felt too comfortable with the producers she worked with, and some songs lost their glitter. But who am I to judge right? I’m just a listener and this is what my experience with Glory is.

Some noticable points:
It seems some of the obvious most used words in the album were “patience”, “just”, “apologies”, “fools”, “drippin'”, “ocean” and “lotion”, which is cool. It means the album is a story altogether. She also used surprising words like “kamikaze” and “chakra”, something really new for her, and mentioned “creature” and “specimen”, SCIENCEney y’all! I like that “guitar strumming” is prevalent, which made me feel that she wants the album a little stripped and makes us want to feel that her songs are not overproduced.

           I also like the fact that “Glory” is a story, an “Invitation” where Britney asks a guy to “Make Me” ooh in her own “Private Show”. Then waits for her “Man On The Moon” to come back and “Just Luv Me” even if she’s “Clumsy”. She asks him “Do You Wanna Come Over?” to her “Slumber Party”, even if there’s someone “Just Like Me” with him. She will still ask to “Love Me Down” because she knows it’s “Hard To Forget Ya” and that she has “What You Need”. I’m blown, but that’s just me, my own perspective.

           I can say this is her most experimental album and an album where she is more hands on since Blackout. I like the fact that she sounds happy and enjoying every song, that makes me happy. Somehow it feels that this is “Britney jean done right”, but of course it has its own identity. Glory is Britney’s light, proving that she still has that shine, that X Factor, that can still deliver and be at par with recent trends in the music industry. Glory is also the light that will remind other artists who Britney is and where she is currently in the industry. She is a legend, and this album cements her name as an icon, an influencer and an idol among her peers and the next generation to come.

          This is definitely a new era, the growth of Blackout has been surpassed, the comeback of Circus is long gone, the fierceness of Femme Fatale has been eclipsed and the emotions of Britney Jean has been edged. This is a new Britney, a more mature, a more confident, a more vicious and a more magnetic entertainer. Other artists will shine, but mark my words, Britney’s Glory will always outshine whoever comes her way, because it’s Britney B**ch!

Spotify Link:

Wild Life.Limitless.

I’ve been listening to this song recently. It’s very addictive and I can definitely relate to this song. It makes me realize a lot of things about life. Listening to this song makes me teary-eyed, realizing every line is true and beyond heart-felt. I’m not really sure why I’m making this post right now, but all I know is that I need to share this message I have in my heart that is inspired by this song.

Survival Of The Fittest

The song mentioned something like ‘the world is like a jungle, that it is a wild life and we should be careful’, it’s saddening that we have come to a point that we realize that our own home is our own death trap. Why have we come to this? Why have we come to a point that to be able to live, we have to follow the thinking that life is a “Survival of the Fittest”? Shouldn’t it be a unity of our kind, since we are the most intelligent in the world? Shouldn’t we be standing side by side helping each other? No, it’s the other way. Over the years, the world has taught us that we have to wake up, and work to live. We are in a generation where opportunities depend on social status and people will pull you down due to envy and greediness. Have we become predators of fortune and forgot the word “unity”? Have we forgotten that we are the human race and the person we are bringing down is in line with our bloodline? It’s really frustrating and words aren’t enough to describe how devastated I am to what the society has become.

Money Makes The World Go Round

It’s not all about love and harmony anymore, it’s all about money, fame and power. I have read somewhere that planet Earth is the only planet where you have to pay to live. I don’t get it. We have to work really hard to eat, have water, to have electricity, to have a house, actually you have to work really really hard to ‘live’, unless you are born to a wealthy family then working is not your problem, it’s the heir your going to think about, but if you are like me, less fortunate, who has to rent a house to live, who can’t finish my studies due to debt in school, who has to be underemployed to live, then you’d have to be ready because this kind of life is not easy. We have come to a point where we need money to have something. I have realized, there are only 2 things left that’s free in this world, one is Oxygen and the second one is to dream. At least I still have the first one, but the second one? I guess I have lost it by the time stopped schooling. It’s hard to dream big for me and my family’s future since it will depend on how much money we are willing to spend to fulfill our goals. Having a decent job in my country is really hard, they will require “Work Experience”, but the big question is how will people like me have work experience if they won’t give us a chance to have work experience. Our world has come to a point where we let people suffering to suffer more instead of giving them the chance to change what they have in their lives.

What If…?

I have always thought, what if the world didn’t revolutionize and industrialize? What if we continued living a primitive life? Would we suffer this kind of emotional and psychological struggle? Think about it, you wouldn’t be receiving water bills because you have your own way to get your water, you won’t have to pay for a house because you can simply build a small space for yourself, you don’t have to work under someone’s management since you live harmoniously and equally with others. You see what happened, we became dependent to comfort and to others. We became very complacent that when someone asked another to do stuff for him, he alone will receive comfort and the other one became dependent to what his master is providing, leaving a bloodline of slaves versus the authority. Why do we need to have someone superior when we are all humans, equal, as brothers and sisters? Yes, we need someone to lead us, to teach us, and that is called a leader because he acts like us, but someone who chooses to act superior is just a fool trying to abuse people under him. Because of comfort we became a generation of slaves, and you will always have to climb a ladder to attain superiority. I call this madness, if I were given one wish, then I would say bring us all back to living a simple life, a life full of joy and love, but in reality this wouldn’t happen. We are living in a cruel world, and it will destroy dreams, unless you have money, fame or power.

It’s nice to think how the world has taught us to be strong, and to be determined to reach our goals, but why does it have to be hard? Why does the world need to be unfair? Why should there be rich and poor people? Why do some people need to suffer and some sleep in luxury? Why do we have to work hard and others have everything they need in a silver platter? I really don’t know how to answer these questions, all I know is that when I answer these questions, I still need to work hard, nothing will change. People might call me skeptic or pessimistic, but this is what the world has done to me, I’ve been molded by experience and this is what I came to be. Yes, I do envy people living in luxury though I try to be happy in ways I can, but it still makes me realize that tomorrow is another day where I need to work. Life is never easy, hardships will depend on your social status, but in this generation that we have, what you become is what you chose to be. In every choices you make everyday, it will change whatever you have in your heart. Life will always be hard, it’s how you face it that will make it become lighter. It may be heavy now, but always remember, even in this kind of generation, we can still try to unite and help carry each other’s burden. No man shall be left alone, and a helping hand is always a first step of change, to restore faith in humanity.

Stress-balls Aren’t Enough.Limitless.

Have you ever felt troubled? That feeling that you just wanted to lie down, close your eyes and rest? That moment you wanted to step out and go somewhere silent, a place where no one is there and you wanted to have this quality time with yourself? Have you ever felt that you just wanted to let all the negative emotions out of your chest?


If yes, then I’ll tell you this my friend, you are stressed.


Stress is truly inevitable. It happens at work, school, when you are in a relationship, with your friends, at home, even to yourself. It’s sad to say, stress is everywhere. You my run and hide, but stress will always find its way to haunt you and consume you. But I am not saying that you can’t get out of stress, there’s still a lot of ways to kill stress. But before you remove it, you must know how it started and why it is haunting you.


It’s easy to know what you are being stressed about, unless you are that blind to know. But, if you really are confused, just think of the very first thing that troubles you. Or maybe, assess yourself, and think what has caused you to be sad, scared or hurtful lately? Unfortunately, stress is very fatal. Not that it’s contagious, but fatal in a sense that if you can’t stop it or contain it, it will consume you, your sanity and your life as a whole. You have to be alert and motivate yourself that you have to get out of this awful situation. Always tell yourself that you deserve better and you shouldn’t settle for anything less. Always tell yourself that you are a great person and there are better things to do than succumb yourself to whatever stress is doing to you. Stress is an enemy, and it is a test that you must overcome to become someone better, stronger and wiser. Once you determined what stresses you, that will be your first line of defense, your advantage to becoming stress-free. And by then, we can follow what I call the 4mula for a Stress-free Life. Throw away those stress-balls because they are so yesterday, because just like virus and bacteria, stress mutates and becomes strong. Again, not that they are contagious, but they also go with the flow of your life and follows you, it grows and moves on as you grow and move on. So you better level up and take note of these small advice I have for you:


4mula for a Stress-free Life
  • Laugh Out Loud
When you are stressed you forget to smile, and to laugh. Always remember that you have friends and family that you can talk to and laugh with. They will always have this joke, everyday, every moment that will make you burst your laughter and will help you ease the pain you feel. As they say, “No man is an island”. They might not help you ultimately to what you are going through, but what’s important is that you don’t feel alone and you have these people to run to when you need company. And another thing, “Laughter is the best medicine”. It may not heal physical pain, but at least it will give you this certain healing power for your inner pain, wherever that is, and it’s very magical. Smile, that’s one thing and you should not fake it. Always remember that there are more people who experience worse than what you are experiencing. There is always a reason to smile, laugh and celebrate what you have.
  • Music

Have you ever experienced that moment you listened to a song and you felt goosebumps, not because of the bass but because it’s literally the story of your life and it captured what you are actually feeling at the moment? I always feel that! And if laughing hard isn’t enough, then it’s time to sit down, put those earphones on and listen to some music that will definitely break your heart and make them whole again. I always tell my friends that if you feel like crying, let it all out and don’t fill your heart with negative emotions because when it explodes, it’s gonna be bad. Let a certain song break you into pieces because I believe that at the end of each song, they will mend your broken heart and will put back all the pieces again and make you feel better. It’s better to let go of something heavy rather than holding on to it, right? Let the melody, rhythm and lyrics of a certain song take you away and it will do the rest for you. Just feel every word and every sound, and I tell you, every teardrop and chill you feel will be worth it.
  • Treat Yourself

It’s simple as going out. Go out of your comfort zone and see the world. What’s wrong with stressed people is that we always want to just lie down and have a rest. That’s not enough. We should go somewhere we will enjoy and have a good time. Eat a lot, eat ice cream, chocolates, or even watch a movie, go to a carnival, play golf, badminton, do weird stuff, something you haven’t tried. Explore. Your confined space is your cage from freedom. You have to clear your mind rather than staring dull walls. The brightness of the sun and that feeling of company with people outside is the best way to free your mind and feel that the world is always there and will always be your ground when you are about to fall. There is always somewhere outside that will catch your attention and make you feel better. It’s not all about spending, there are still things you can do without money. You can have a simple walk in the park, you can sit by the bay and watch sunrise or sunset or you can visit a friend and have a good time. Don’t be a prisoner, be an explorer.
  • Take a Break

If after doing all the above and stress is still that strong, then, my friend, I believe you need to take a break. You need space to whatever you are experiencing. You have to go somewhere you can think deeply and have this peace of mind you can’t get elsewhere. Sometimes you just have to leave everything and take a break from the outrage of the world. It might be somewhere in your hometown, or probably in your mom’s arms, I don’t know what you consider as your paradise, but you have to go there, recharge and be back to face the world full force. Make the most out of it when you take a break. The risk should be worth it. After all, it’s called a “risk” because you have to lose some, to get some, right?


And if everything else fails, remember that your ultimate power is still prayer. Believe in the protection of His hands, and He will definitely heal all wounds that the world can’t mend. At the end of the day, love is still the cure, it might not be the love of your job, partner, or whatever, but at least His love is eternal and He will never leave you. He will teach you something and you should learn from it. Truly, stress is a serious matter and with this, I can say, stress-balls aren’t really enough.


It all sums up to be of what your perspective to the world is. It’s a matter of thinking if the glass is half empty or half full. Be positive. Optimism is another weapon in facing the world. The world has turned out to be a big place full of negativity and you have to fight it with all the positivity you have. Survive this world full of criticism and pain. As you grow old, you will start to see the real face of the world. It’s up to you if you will grow as a weak man and be consumed by the madness or you can choose to be strong and be brave enough to show the world you are different and fight what’s on your way to achieve your goals. Whatever’s on your way, it’s always your choice to turn back and walk away or to step forward and fight for what the future has for you.


Just remember one thing, either of the choices you make will still hurt. But take note, there will be a choice where pain can repeat over and over, and another one that will help stop the pain and live anew. If I were you, it will be very risky but choose the second option. Better stop the pain now rather than living a life full of pain. A life of pain is equivalent to a lifeless existence. Live life to the fullest and never cease the chance to have a better future. Don’t prevent yourself from growing, because life is just like a plant, invest to what will make your future fruitful and reap the success you deserve from all the patience and risk you have devoted yourself to.