Play Station 4: Level Up!



YES! I’ve waited for so long to have my very own Play Station! I guess 15 years? Yeah, the very first play station I had was the jurassic one, Play Station 1. It was the grey one, which was somehow heavy, had huge buttons and memory card, and invented the Dance Revolution craze. haha.  As a guy who grew up being addicted to playing games, it is definitely a dream come true to have my own PS4. Those days where I go to my friend’s house to play or when I go to a shop to rent is over! Now since this is the “latest” version of the Play Station saga, there were very huge changes I never thought that I should’ve checked before buying.

We went to SM North EDSA’s Toy Kingdom to purchase PS4. Well, it is given that PS4 is most of the time black, so I never thought of looking for another color. Well black is classy and gives me that “gamer” feel. What I didn’t know was there were different storage sizes. The sales lady asked me if I wanted 500GB, and I was just there standing unsure what to say. She told me the biggest were 500GB and 1TB, however the 1TB wasn’t available, good thing. I knew it was gonna come with just one controller, so of course, I asked for another one, which is kinda expensive. There were also 2 free games, and if you want to extend your gaming experience, bring more money to buy P2,000 worth of PS4 games. Yes the games are worth a fortune! She’s pitching some more accessories like a stand which I didn’t need but I was, of course, curious of. Ultimately, I was already satisfied with what I have. She plugged the PS4 to their TV and wanted me to check it out, but I didn’t know what to check so I told her it’s fine and we’re gonna pay it. I just wanted to go home and start playing!

Well my suffering didn’t end when I came home. I was so ready to play my free game, Callimg_9725 of Duty: Infinite Warfare, but when I turned on my PS4, it asked mo to setup a lot of things, and yes, internet is required, I was doomed. Our internet connection is badly slower than a snail. Well, I already expected that, of course, my friends have it. So I just followed the prompts and led me to a mandatory update, which was good for 6 hours. Fast forward evening, I was already bored, then the update finished. It didn’t stop there, and told me that I couldn’t enjoy more features if I don’t sign up for a Sony Play Station account. I find that cool, however upon signing up, there was no Philippines in the list. Bummer. So searching the internet, it wasn’t really a big deal and my cousin instructed me to put Singapore instead. Unless I’m gonna be buying something from the Play Station store, then it’s gonna be a big deal. Moments after, I was finished setting up, I even made some user accounts for personalization. It was cool. Then it was my time to play games!



I started with Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, because, of course, it looks cool! As it was loading, the geeky gamer kid inside of me was dying in excitement! The visuals were so amazing! Since I’m the only one playing, I started with the campaign mode. All I can say is, this game was the best way to start my PS4 experience. The graphics are surreal, the animation is very realistic, everything is detailed, from papers to huge ships, the movement and precision of the characters are so overwhelming, the effects are just so superb! I’m very very satisfied with this game, it’s definitely a dream come true. I may be overreacting but I’m just enjoying my very own PS4 experience, and I just can’t believe I would have more fun playing on my own. I’m just really impressed. I didn’t feel like I was playing, it’s as if they were real people and places. They did an amazing job! The game also have multiplayer mode, which is more like Counter Strike, and zombie mode, which reminded me of Left For Dead. This game is just out of this world and I love it! I will not get used to this!

The second free game I have is called The Super Robot Wars OG: The Moon Dwellers. The name sounds cool, eh? So upon choosing this game, I was thinking that it might be like Transformers or Real Steel, or some robot game based on western movies. I don’t know. It looked cool. But when I started playing it, it was a big disappointment. The visuals were very confusing, there were a lot of options and choices that I didn’t understand. The gameplay was also boring, something for kids maybe. You would have to select a number of steps for your robot to fight and wait for your turn to walk again until you get to fight your enemy. Something like that, and was very annoying. I didn’t give it any chance and gave up. I’m not gonna play that game anymore.



So, to make up for the mishap that my second game gave me, me and my friend bought a new one, which was expensive. The game was Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4. I didn’t want to buy this game. Let’s say, it was a result of peer pressure. haha. But who knows, this is Naruto and I thought, I may enjoy. And I wasn’t wrong. I did enjoy. It was almost similar with Call Of Duty, the difference is with the multiplayer one, we get to fight with each other, and there are no zombies, haha. We get to choose our favorite characters from the anime series, ranging from, Naruto, of course, to the Hokages and the Uchihas, and relive our childhood memories. It was true! I didn’t enjoy the concept of the game but I love how I remember the characters and the story. The story and adventure mode were also very fun, it was like watching a movie and was very interactive. You get to go deeper with the anime’s story and experience the story itself by being the characters. A very good game, I must say, especially for the Naruto fans, and I will definitely finish the story and adventure modes.

img_9722If I have one complaint about PS4, it’s that the games keep on updating, I can still play while updating, but the though if it updating is just annoying. I remember those days when I just turn on my PS, put the CD and play. It was as simple as that. But as they say, LEVEL UP! That’s the disadvantage when I skip from PS1 to PS4 haha. But all in all, this experience I have with PS4 is very amazing. PS4 is the very reminder that there is nothing constant in this world, but change. We change for the better, we change to become developed and innovative, and that’s what they showed. With my PS4, I have everything, I get to play surreal games, use wireless controllers that have speakers on them, I get to surf the internet and play YouTube videos with it, and the best part is, the graphics are so wicked! There’s nothing more I can ask from this PS4, it has all that I need. Sony, please don’t release PS5 yet, it will kill the fun.