The Super Parental Guardians Mega Experience

This film, The Super Parental Guardians, is Vice Ganda’s supposed entry to the 2016 Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF), however it didn’t make the cut due to quality concerns. But Vice Ganda reiterated that she makes quality films. This is also her first film after the death of her friend, and supposed movie-director for this year, Wenn Deramas.

I actually forgot that Vice Ganda was going to a movie film slated for December this year. Maybe I was just busy at school, but I was really surprised to know that the trailer of her film debuted online. So I was excited, because I am a fan of her last film Beauty and the Bestie, it gave me all the laughs I could get for 2015. So again, I expected more laughs from this film, and the trailer gave what I want. From witty punchlines, to funny dialogues, the trailer gave me all the elements of a perfect comedy film. Plus it was directed by Joyce Bernal, so I was looking forward. They also did a lot of TV promotions and assured people that it is a perfect follow-up for their film last year. So that’s it, I decided that we should see this and convinced my mom to see it.

So the first scenes of the film got me interested already. Coco Martin with all his fight scenes and Vice Ganda with all her glamour and wit, it was already a perfect combination. The addition of the child starts Awra and Onyok gave pure perfection. The movie was going well, when somewhere in between I felt bored. I felt as if the story was focused more on coversations rather than making viewers laugh. It was too focused on the story. Plus, the cast seems incomplete. I miss seeing a huge cast, like the inclusion of popular loveteams and a huge cast of antagonists. They claim that this is the perfect film tradition for Christmas, but since they set the standard every year, it felt like they missed out on that standard and underdelivered. The film was funny, their tandem was exceptional, there were funny moments, but the movie was dull, it was dry. It’s missing the “Deramas Effect“, I don’t know how to say it. Sadly, my mom fell asleep by the end of the film. It was a good film, but it is a disaster compared to Vice Ganda’s previous films.

Did I enjoy the film? I did, but not 100%. Am I gonna recommend it to friends? Not really, maybe if you’re a die-hard fan, I would. It wasn’t a waste of time though, I just felt that it’s lacking the humor that her previous movies had. Maybe Joyce Bernal isn’t really for comedy? Or Vice Ganda just had to rush the film? I don’t know. All I know is this film is far better than Enteng Kabisote 10, so I can’t imagine how Vic Sotto’s film did in the box office. But one thing’s for sure, children will love this film. It is definitely a film for the whole family. And if you’re seeing this, bring your Poke Balls because you’ll definitely catch some Pokémon. 😉


Barcelona: An Experience Untold

first-look-the-enthralling-poster-of-barcelona-a-love-untoldfinalposter          I’m not a Huge KathNiel fan, but since our household is for ABS-CBN, I get to watch most of their shows. I can’t say that I love them, but I don’t hate them as well. For me they are a cute loveteam, they have chemistry and they are good actors, too. I used to envy how successful they are at a young age, how they can afford to provide big things for their family and of course, how they receive unconditional love from people.

            When Pangako Sa ‘Yo ended, of course I was thinking that they were gonna have a new series, not a movie. But I was surprised to see articles that they were heading to Barcelona to shoot a new movie. Kind of exciting of course, especially most iconic Star Cinema films were shot overseas like Milan, Dubai, Caregiver, Miss You Like Crazy, the list can go on, but yes, Star Cinema and director Olivia Lamasan is a perfect combination for this new movie.

             When I saw the trailer, it didn’t give out any spoiler for the film. It was just plainly 2 people who were experiencing roller coaster of emotions, there was mystery behind the story and the characters and of course, they left me with a bitter emotion wanting to get answers, telling me to watch the film so you would know what happened. At that point, I was already looking forward. I began telling my friends and housemates about the film, and how I got carried away by a merely one and a half-minute trailer. Maybe I was just overreacting but I really wanted to share them that this might be a good film. I wasn’t really promoting KathNiel on this, but I liked how they delivered the story. I was attached, and same with me, I wanted people to get excited.

          Then my mom came to me and asked me if I wanna watch a movie, of course I said yes. And without asking her, I knew she also wanted to watch Barcelona. Before we went out, I told her to bring some tissues because I know she will use it, a lot (for crying hehe). In these moments, my mom is really my partner, especially watching local movies because I know she can relate, and she won’t be ashamed to watch one, calling it “tacky”. We chose to watch the last slot, “last full show” as they say. It wasn’t full, not like the afternoon slots, but it was better for me so at least me, my mom and my brother would feel  the cinema is exclusively ours. When the lights went off, I knew I was gonna be amazed.

       When the film started, I was really amazed at how this movie showed how beautiful Barcelona is. It was throughout the film that I kept saying “Wow”, “So Beautiful”, “I Wanna Go There!”, I was really amazed. Do they call it cinematography? Well they really did a good job, they made me feel as if I’m with the cast travelling the streets of Barcelona. There were just some points that they obviously used CGI, not with the tourist spots, but there were some closeup scenes where the background is obviously CGI. With KathNiel, I can’t deny but they did a really good job. Not much difference with their characters before, but they’re a lot mature and more experimental, they wanted to show people they wanna level up. And they proved that it wasn’t just the Barcelona, the place, they’re showing, rather the reason why they are in Barcelona. I love how they portrayed how hard life is for OFWs, they reflected what really is happening, especially with relationships within the family as seen with Aiko’s character with Joshua’s. The cast wasn’t that big, but there was enough juicy story to make everyone involved, to make everyone a part of where KathNiel’s characters are heading to. They played with my emotions effectively, I was able to relate to them. It was just light, there were heavy parts but I like how they tried to make it as simple as possible. I can say it is a great movie, but it can’t be really that iconic. It’s a turning point for Kathryn and Daniel, something fans would enjoy, but I can say there were some areas where it could have been better.

         All in all it was a beautiful experience. It was a beautiful movie and I can say the money we spent was all worth it. My mom cried hard, I liked the story and my mom and my brother kept on screaming during the kissing scene. It was a joyride. Something that only “good movies” can really offer their fans. People say local movies are always cheesy. Not everything is cheesy, people shouldn’t stereotype. We may not have the technology of international film outfits, but we have the heart, the core that makes the stories alive. People get tired of Filipino movies, but I say don’t. Just continue on giving it a try. This is one industry that keeps on entertaining us and we should be proud and support it. There’ll come a time where we will just look back and say, “Oh!, we’ve been through that!”. I have faith with the industry and I say the industry is continually evolving.

         I hope in the next projects of KathNiel, it’s gonna be something better and something out of the box. They have featured a beautiful love story in a beautiful city, and now it’s time for them to step it up again and show something new. I believe it is their time now to be innovative and lead the industry to a new path of story-telling. Who knows? With this maturity they have, they might pioneer a new trend in Filipino films, as they are known for always setting off trends in their industry.

Movie Experience: Beauty In A Bottle


Beauty In A Bottle, 2014

This is definitely a must-see movie! All I did throughout the movie was to laugh, laugh and laugh! The movie is really hilarious and I must say one of the best from Star Cinema this year! The characters were perfect, Assunta De Rossi was a perfect start and her “career woman” role was relatable, and after so many years, she is still good in comedy. Angelica Panganiban, for me, is the highlight of this film and I can’t believe she agreed to exploit her body, in a funny way! All I can say is she was brilliant and sport throughout the film. She was transparent and she showed how someone’s weight can affect someone’s life. Angeline Quinto, on the other hand, was good, but she bored me a lot. I think another actress would’ve been better, I was thinking of the likes of Beauty Gonzales or Alex Gonzaga, Angeline was a bad choice as she was overacting throughout the film. All in all, it was a great comedy film and it taught me that the society might judge how you look, but inner beauty will still prevail. I just regret seeing Angeline Quinto in this film, she almost ruined it.


Film rating: LIMITED