Britney: Live In Concert (2 Days To Go!)

britney-spears-reuters-640x480On June 15, 2017, at the MOA Arena, Britney Spears will, at last, perform in front of the Filipino crowd, for the first time ever! And I’m very much excited I keep on talking about her for the past few days! I still can’t believe it, the announcement was just made months ago and now, I’m just two days away from her concert! Forgive me, but I am just so much thrilled and overwhelmed!

To celebrate her upcoming concert, I have listed some Britney-related stuff below that I personally picked. Ranging from my most favorite Britney Album, videos and collaborations, to the worst ones. These are just my personal choices and doesn’t mean it has to be yours, too. :p

Top 5 least favorite Albums:

  1. Blackout
  2. Britney Jean
  3. Oops!… I Did It Again
  4. Britney
  5. Glory

Top 5 Favorite Albums

  1. In The Zone
  2. Femme Fatale
  3. Circus
  4. …Baby One More Time
  5. Glory

Britney has only had 9 studio albums so far, so her recent album, Glory, is the midpoint of all her albums, for me. Blackout is really a good album, I just don’t get why a lot of people love it. Yes, it is a game-changer but it doesn’t necessarily mean it is the greatest. In The Zone is the best for me since it has one of her best collaborations with Madonna and the Ying Yang Twins. The music is also perfection, for me In The Zone showed Britney’s identity and edge above all the other artists, and the songs are very ahead of its time, very innovative! With the top 5 albums that I chose, I don’t have any song that I can skip to, but the least 5 ones, I always have some songs to skip.

Top 5 least favorite Videos

  1. Make Me
  2. Gimme More
  3. Don’t Let Me Be The Last To Know
  4. Sometimes
  5. I Wanna Go

Top 5 favorite Videos

  1. Me Against The Music
  2. Circus
  3. Till The World Ends
  4. I’m A Slave 4 U
  5. Work B*tch

The Britney Army knows Make Me is one of the worst videos, since we were expecting an iconic one from David LaChapelle but we were given an audition video instead. Same with Gimme More, I was expecting “more” from it. Britney Spears is known for her huge dance moves and group choreography, it made me her fan and the top 5 videos I chose perfectly symbolize what a perfect “Britney” video is; lots of dancers, jaw-dropping dance breaks, chilling dance beats, amazing production. It’s not about just moving your hips or banging your head or whatever, these videos show REAL CHOREOGRAPHY that no other artist could! On the other hand, I Wanna Go is a mess, very much overrated, and the other two doesn’t fit her image very very well, very forgettable.

Top 5 Collaborations

  1. Me Against The Music feat. Madonna
  2. S&M Rhimix with Rihanna
  3. Slumber Party feat. Tinashe
  4. Boys (Co-ed Remix) feat. Pharrell Williams
  5. Scream & Shout with

Since she only has few collaborations, I listed the top 5 I like the most. I’m not really a huge fan of Scream & Shout but thanks to this song, and, it helped Britney maintain her relevance among her target audience. Boys is a classic bop! It isn’t a fan favorite but for me, the longer I listen to it, the more I’m liking it; it’s a grower! Slumber Party and S&M is classic Britney! Girl power at its finest with sexy vocals and dancing, REAL DANCING. However, Me Against The Music is the ultimate collaboration with the queen herself, Madonna! How can you turn down such song, amazing beat, awesome melody, it is definitely a perfect song!

Well, I am not asking you all to agree with me, as mentioned, these are personal choices, but maybe this list may help you change your preferences hehe :p. It is definitely advisable to listen to these amazing music as her concert is nearing to feel more excited and ecstatic! Personally, I haven’t listened to any other artist since I bought her concert ticket. I have this playlist in my phone called “THE ULTIMATE BRITNEY PLAYLIST” including all her songs from her catalog, remixes that I have and unreleased stuff that I have, as well. Nostalgic and overwhelming at the same time, this is really recommended to all the fans seeing her this Thursday! Try it and fill yourself with “Britney-energy” before the concert starts!

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Limitless Album Review: Britney Jean

britney-jean-album-cover-britney-spears-35920943-960-951-1385498535Britney Spears released her newest album, “Britney Jean”, December 3rd worldwide. Honestly it did not do pretty well in the charts, but with an album with no performance and much promo, I’m very much okay with how Britney Jean is doing. It’s selling without much promotion. Well, at the end of the day, music will prevail over crazy antics so I guess I can say this is another masterpiece by the legendary Miss Britney Spears.

Upon reading some information, it was noted that the concept of the album is about living the pop life, and Britney being the superstar. This is her most personal album, as she claims, and I can say every track has a special meaning in Britney’s heart. The album gave me much surprises and I’m very much satisfied with it. Britney Jean is a biographical album, it showcases songs about living life, experiencing hardships and learning to enjoy every moment. It’s a simple concept but very relatable. Every song makes a mark, and I must say fits perfectly with the other songs, they compliment each other. I rate the album 4.5 stars out of 5, and below I have listed the songs ranked from the ones I least like to the song I like the most:


  • Hold On Tight

Hold On Tight was never a favorite for me, but it’s not that bad. It’s a good ballad, however I’m really not a fan of ballads so I don’t appreciate it much. But as a ballad, I can say It is a very emotional song for Britney and positive in a way. It’s very haunting and at the same time brings hope that one day you will be alright after all the pain. It teaches you how to embrace pain, and that every night will never be the same and it will be a long journey so you better “Hold On Tight” and be strong. This is Britney being a friend, and it’s very good. A song that can accompany you during your hardships.

  • Perfume (The Dreaming Mix)

It’s cool that there is a remix of one of her current songs, but I don’t think It’s necessary to put this in the album. The only good thing I see in this track is the haunting vibe it has and how amazing Britney’s vocals are in this mix, there’s no other voice heard other than hers so she really owned this track, making me feel more the emotion portrayed by the song. You can feel pain, but other than that, I still don’t think the remix was necessary on the album.

  • Chillin’ With You feat. Jamie Lynn

This is a fun track. At first listen, it sounds weird, but when you have played this a lot, you will understand why this track is included in the album. The track features Britney’s sister, Jamie Lynn, and they sound good together. Literally, the song is about chillin’ with your loved ones, probably at home, at the club, in a mall or at a beach. Britney wanted to jive Country music with Pop, that’s where this weird track came from, but I can say they did well and this has a potential to become a chillin’ anthem. Not really a great track but it;s something you can listen to while “Chillin’ With You”.

  • Don’t Cry

I can say that this is Britney’s best ballad since 2005’s Someday (I Will Understand). It’s very emotional and haunting. The perfect ballad that I’ve been waiting from Britney. Probably if I’m heartbroken and I listened to this, I’d cry. When you listen to the song, you can really feel the pain. It’s like it’s Britney reflection of all the pain she’s been through throughout the years. Britney talks about letting go and moving on, and being  strong by not crying. Most fans not just relate it to love but with Britney’s relationship with the fans. They think that wen Britney leaves the industry, this will be her song to the fans, thus saying when she leaves, “Don’t Cry”.

  • Brightest Morning Star

Britney said this song is about God, and on the first listen, I can definitely feel the faith and Britney’s sincerity in singing this song. What I’m happy about it, is that this is Britney’s first Christian song, or a genuine song about God. I don’t know Britney’s actions in showing her faith, but with this song I can say God really has made a big impact in her life and that she believes He is her guide by “leading the way” and being her “Brightest Morning Star” in the darkness.

  • Body Ache

Body Ache made me interested upon hearing the track title. On my first listen to the song, I wasn’t disappointed. It was like Scream & Shout’s daughter. But after a few listens I grew tired of Body Ache and I really don’t know why. It lacks something, probably a crazy verse or break, but it’s still one of the great tracks of the album. Britney stated that the song is about her love of dancing, until her “Body Ache”. I’d still prefer her dancing till the world ends, but Body Ache will do for now, it’s a good dance song, not perfect but it will do.

  • Perfume

britney-spears-perfumeSame with Don’t Cry, Perfume is very emotional. At first listen I can say I can definitely relate with this song. The moment you become paranoid and afraid with the people surrounding your partner, thinking that they might do something to catch your partner’s attention, and to that point you just want to spray a lot of your perfume to let them know that your partner is taken, that it’s your territory. I see Perfume as a track on a musical play or movie and might do well as its theme song. Britney’s voice really fits the song, she’s not really belting out but her voice is enough to interpret the pain and emotion needed. It’s a sad song, it’s about being vulnerable, but at the end of the day, this song will want you to win.

  • Passenger

This kind of song is something I haven’t heard for a while from Britney. It’s like Brave New Girl 2.0, Britney’s song from In The Zone, but a mature perspective. It’s about getting into a relationship and letting your partner drive the journey with you, and you being the “Passenger” just enjoying the ride. It also emphasizes trying new stuff with your partner and having an adventure, that there might be twists and turns but still you trust your partner and enjoy every second of the ride. Well yeah, love is a long journey, definitely a long ride and Britney wants us to break free, take risks and move out of our comfort zone, and make the most out of love.

  • Till It’s Gone

“You never know what you got Till It’s Gone”, the exact message of the song. Perfect melody, perfect lyrics, perfect production, I can say this is one of the best tracks of the album. Her voice is so powerful and encouraging that you want to dance everytime she drops the word “Gone”. I like how clever the lyrics are, really fun and has a lot of impact. A song about breakup, or about losing something and interpreted in a good way. Britney sings about how she tried to change things to keep what she has, but the only thing constant in the world is change, and since it’s inevitable, she makes us understand that we have to realize what we have “Till It’s Gone”.

  • It Should Be Easy feat. and Britney said the song is about love being easy and not being complicated, and that it’s our nature to complicate things, making love so uneasy. Britney sings about being so in love and rates her love “a million billion”. Another clever track made by Brit and, it’s like the love child of Scream & Shout and Work B**ch, very dance-able and at the same time the meaning is very powerful. The beat is sick, and I must admit I can’t help but do the robot dance while singing this song. Britney sings she can’t lose the one she loves, and responds that “It Should Be Easy”, by not making love complicated, simple as that. I can’t say that it is a love song, more like an advice of a friend to a friend, and Britney shares this to us, a small friendly advice.

  • Now That I Found You

One of the best bonus tracks Britney has in her catalog after Femme Fatale’s Scary. Not your typical love song but will definitely touch your hearts, the same it touched mine. Britney sings that she was lost and hopeless until she found her one true love. She adds that she has seen the light and was blown away by love. I don’t personally know Britney, but with this track you can see Britney is also crazy in love. She’s just like one of us, she gets madly in love and this song is a celebration of how wonderful love feels and how love can change a dull world into a world full of color and music. Truly, love is something to celebrate for “Now That I Found You”.

  • Tik Tik Boom feat. T.I.

This track is a very powerful urban song. Britney is back with her sexy, sultry voice and sings that she wants someone to make her explode, like a bomb! Yeah, the song’s meaning is open for interpretation, but definitely a cool track and I can say a classic, sexy Britney. The additional of T.I. is a big surprise. I remember they were competing back in 2008 for the number one spot with Britney’s Womanizer, and it’s unbelievable that they are now on a track together. T.I. raps about treating someone like an animal, maybe that’s how he makes her explode, if you know what I mean. On the other hand, Britney sings she wants to scream his name until she “Tik Tik Boom”, not too slow, not too quick but probably a great way to explode.

  • Work B**ch

BRITNEY-WORK-BITCH-SINGLE-COVER1Now I understand why this is the lead single, it’s such a wonderfully crafted song. It stands out in the album, definitely one of a kind. It’s actually a hard choice between Work B**ch and Alien, but I had to say Work B**ch is my second favorite. Britney sings about working hard to have everything she has, luxury cars, fabulous parties, a mansion and a bangin’ body. I can say definitely the song is something personal to her as she likes to work hard and she earns to make a living. She wants people to know that anything she has now is a fruit of her hardwork throughout the years, and hardwork is always rewarded. Britney also sings that people might bring you down, but she reminds us to continue to work hard, we might not please everyone but at the end of the day, you still manage your own life and we better show ’em how to “Work B**ch”.

  • Alien

And finally, I can say the best track of the album, Alien. Upon my first listen, I already felt connected to the song. The haunting melody and Britney’s amazing vocals makes it the best track of the album. Also the best choice on choosing this song to start her tracklist. Britney said the song is about sometimes feeling alone in the crowd, and that we sometimes isolate ourselves. And I relate so much with what she is saying. I can definitely tell that this is the story of my life. The feeling that you want to be alone at times and you just want to have that quiet time and be with yourself. Britney sings the stars accompany her and that she is not alone. Again, Britney as a friend tells us that no man is still an island and somewhere out there, someone will make us feel that we are not alone. You might be a stranger in the crowd, but always remember that you belong in this universe, and just like an “Alien”, you are not alone.

It was hard choosing and ranking the tracks, they are all perfect in their own way and they have their own characteristics. It’s like the album is Britney herself and each song is a character or personality she has and she tells us the story of her life. I love this album and I know this album will go far and will still break records. I have faith in Britney as how she has faith in us, her fans. She dedicated this album to us and wanted to share a piece of her, but for me it’s not just a piece but rather it’s her life contained in this record. Truly a story to be told. As Britney said in Work B**ch, spread the word, tell somebody in your town that a wonderful life story has been released. It may not be a book, but Britney speaks through music, and this music that she brought is something that I’ve waited for all these years. And I can say, with this record, I can just sit back, drink red wine and juts chill enjoying every phase, every track and every melody. Good job, Britney Jean!

Life Of A Britney Spears Fan.Limitless.

This is the reason why we are a Britney Fan, Britney is just so cute and sweet that we can’t get enough of her. It’s her funny and sweet side that made us stick to her up until today. And as along as she is like this we will continue to stay. It’s always fun to see Britney in moods like this. We have seen her during her darkest times, we loved her even so, and up until to this happy moments, we never ceased to get amazed to that wonderful smile and charm that only Ms. Spears has.

So how does a typical Britney Fan live?  It begins of having dreams and fantasies about Britney, waking up to an alarm with the sound of Womanizer or maybe Oops I Did It Again, eating breakfast and listening to Gimme More, then going to school or work and still listens to more Britney music on the way, at work or at school you still talk about and think of Britney Spears, visit as you go home and listening to Everytime before going to bed and dream of her again, and the cycle starts over again, and you never get tired of being in that cycle because for a Britney fan, Britney Spears is life.

Most Britney fans started to be addicted to her, as fans call it, The Baby One More Time era. We actually subdivide her career by her album and her first album we consider as her first era. The era where she dominated the world and all eyes were on her. She began singing “Oh baby baby…”  and everybody sang along. She hasn’t proven anything yet but then she became the darling of the crowd and everyone got charmed to her innocent beauty and astonishing talent. Most of her fans during this era are teenagers, and some are children, not knowing her name but just by being familiar with her songs. As early as her first year she became the princess of the media and continued to be as she released her second album and the beginning of the Oops era where she released her smash single Oops! I Did It Again she claimed that she has done it again. Yes she did and her fans continued to follow her and get addicted to her. At this point she made a mark in the industry. She was then considered as a total performer, a teen sensation, an idol and the Pop Princess. She has given so much impact to her fans that she became a huge influence to her fans, every word she says is listened, every appearance and performance are followed and every song is requested. She became the most wanted, the ultimate fantasy of the world. Fans got crazy and wanted to catch her on every tour, tv show, radio station and even on promotional spots. Totally, it’s a Britney fan’s wish come true to see Britney everywhere.

The hype continued as Britney changed her image on becoming a vixen in her third album, the Britney era. Some thought it was a risky move but Britney proved that this is the next stepping stone for a better carrer. Britney released songs that were different from her previous work and showed people that an image change is also a level up in her performances where she had the fan-favorite Dream Within A Dream Tour, an unforgettable tour that made all wishes of a Britney Fan come to life starting from a breathtaking performance of Oops, to the wonderful mix of Lucky, Born To Make You Happy and Sometimes to the very sexy performance of Slave 4 U, Britney showed that herself is her best rival and she kept improving herself more. As the 4th album came, the In The Zone era, many things has changed especially in her musical style, she showed 100% sexiness in this album with the release of her hit Toxic. Fans continued to grow hungry as she teases all her fans with her sexy videos, music, appearances, performances even her Onyx Hotel tour that gave a different offering to her fans. For me this tour is actually her best, sadly this is her last before she went into a breakdown.

Her life changed as she got married. As fans, we continued to support her. She released a greatest hits album, a remix album, even her perfume line. We did not leave her until she got divorced and hospitalized, it’s when most of us fans realized that this is too much, and Britney deserves to have a break but she still managed to bring to life the Blackout era, reflecting her darkest days, which is the most favorited album of her fans in her career. What we like about this album is she managed to create beautiful music in spite of her breakdown, she showed she can do it on her own and she doesn’t need someone to control her. She also proved that to make an era succesful, you don’t need colorful promotions or too much controversy to attract the success, she just needed pure music and that’s what we received from her. After this, the Circus era has come to life, bringing along the Circus Tour and the ‘comeback’ single Womanizer. Personally, I cried seeing her perform at the X Factor UK, I saw the fire that the old Britney had and she is back to show people that she is in good form and that she can showcase more and better music. People kept on comparing her to her old self, blaming her ex-husband for her losing the drive to perform, then I realized this is a new Britney offering us new stuff and we should just be thankful she is still performing for us. She received a lot of endorsements this era and more supporters arose and she became the talk of the town again. She continued with her latest album Femme Fatale and had a worldwide tour together with it. As I always say, she had a chance to take a break but she remained to show how grateful she is to her fans. Now what we are excited about is her upcoming judging stint at the X Factor USA, it’s something new to her and something that she deserves to be in since she has been in the industry, she is a pro and she definitely knows how to mentor newcomers. She is a perfect fit for this and will mark her not just as a performer but also an a genuine artist.

Her music is also what makes us fans stay. She has her own sound, a sound that no other artist can imitate or have. A sound very sexy yet sweet and mysterious at the same time. No wonder why Baby One More Time was so irresistible, that up until now us Britney fans still listen to it, as well as with Oops! I Did It Again. She managed to create love songs that we could relate to like Born To Make You Happy, Everytime, When I Found You and Unusual You, songs that Britney sang from the heart that make us Britney fans cry everytime we listen to it as we need it. She also has a collection of songs we fans dance to from (You Drive Me) Crazy, Slave 4 U to Till The World Ends. She managed to create songs with amazing people, with Madonna in Me Against The Music, Pharell Williams in Boys Coed Remix, Rihanna in S&M Rhimix, Kesha and Nicki Minaj in Till The World Ends Remix, in Big Fat Bass and Shania Twain in Don’t Let Me Be The Last To Know. And she never fails to make the release of her songs to be very festive making it a trend and always offering a new sound to the public that makes it a big influence to the music industry with the likes of the Grammy’s best dance recording awardee Toxic, the true dark pop genius Gimme More, the pure pop Womanizer and especially the dubstep in Hold It Against Me. Britney never fails to release music that will mark in her every fans and makes it a bond that never breaks that keep her fans together.

Lastly, the best thing about being a Britney Fan is the Britney community itself. From Chris Crocker’s famous Leave Britney Alone to’s most interactive Britney forum Exhale, Britney fans proved that no matter how much argument we have, we are one in Britney’s presence and we are united by her music. There might be divisions in terms of locations, race, language and even in understanding but we all have one language we speak that we understand, it’s Britney’s music and her life is our support in everything we are going through. As fans we always compare what Britney experienced to what we experience personally and we see ourselves as Britney, too. Britney is not just a musician, she is more than an inspiration that keeps every fan stand up and be more inspired to continue to life. Personally I thought I am the only Britney Fan standing in this world, I have been mocked and laughed at  being a Britney fan. I proved them wrong and took pride that Britney is my favorite artist, then I saw that unites Britney Fans worldwide and Pinoys Heart Britney that unites Britney fans in the Philippines, and I say, I am not alone, rather we are one huge multitude that loved Britney and will support her no matter what. And one thing is for sure Britney taught us one lesson, Go through life like a Karate Kid, – no matter what people say prove them wrong and stand up with what you can do, always show the  world what you’ve got.

As a Britney fan, one day is not enough to show love to Britney Spears. One fan can listen to Britney music all day, put it on repeat and never get tired, or probably watch Crossroads the whole day or Glee’s Britney Episode or How I Met Your Mother Episodes with Britney throughout the day, with her commercials, documentaries and music videos, a Britney fan can never get tired. We even complete her CDs and merchandise even if it is hard to find, or even buy products that she endorses even if we don’t use them.Because having all these, they are like our rechargers giving us more fuel and energy to listen and see more of her. We will always have that crave to have more of Britney Spears. As fans we will never get used to her, she is already a part of our lives, our system, and a day is incomplete without even one Britney moment. A day without a Britney Spears news is boring that’s why we Britney Spears fans never get used of viewing fansites like because they offer forums that gather Britney fans and share thoughts with each other. Some Britney fan pages in Facebook like Pinoys Heart Britney of the Philippines also gather Filipino fans, and I’m sure other countries have something like this, too, that does fan gatherings, flashmobs, music videos and contests. In twitter where Britney is always a trending topic, it’s the Britney community there that makes her trend just like @UrABritneyFanIf and other fanpages there. She has been the most searched in Yahoo search engine multiple times and it is because of the craving of Britney Fans. She has definitely marked a big spot into our hearts and she will never be replaced. Yes, better artists might be emerging today, but no one can ever defeat the greatness of Britney Spears. She doesn’t have to prove anything now since she has proven herself worthy to be proclaimed a legend, a legend that brings a mixture of mystery and sweetness into our lives, influencing us to be tough and at the same time to show love. Britney is truly an Icon, and because of us fans, her legacy will live forever.

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