Britney: Live In Concert (TODAY!)


Today, June 15, 2017, at the MOA Arena, marks Britney Spears’ first concert in the Philippines. Not just her first concert, by the way, but her first time walking on the lands of our majestic country! She has mentioned our country, the Philippines, in her 2007 hit “Piece Of Me”, where she said she will “sneak away into the Philippines”, and indeed, it has happened. And may I just say, THE QUEEN HAS ARRIVED!

I have been a fan since 1998, I was 8 years old. But I wasn’t a hardcore fan then, I was just a casual one. I just know her song, “…Baby One More Time”, but I don’t know her, nor her name. Kids will normally sing catchy tunes, you know, it’s innate to children. 1And kids will normally sing this song of hers or (You Drive Me) Crazy, teen girls will then sing Sometimes or Born To Make You Happy. She became an institution, an emerging pop culture to teenagers by the end of the 90s. I grew up knowing her and following her acts. We weren’t rich so MTV wasn’t always my option. The channel Vid-ok (Araw Gabi, Sing-along Party), the predecessor of Myx, was my go-to channel to watch Britney videos as they always have her in their countdown. All her videos are always number one, the music was boring when she isn’t featured.

Untitled2000 was a turning point for her and for me as a fan. Her fame was bigger than ever, hits after hits. Then 2001 VMAs came, she was draped with a snake. I fell more in love with her. She was beautiful, talented and fierce. No one understood me. When you are a Britney fan, people tagged you as gay, corny, baduy or no taste. People started to dislike her because she turned to have a sexy image at a young age. But I didn’t stop, because she is very very interesting. The first CD that I had was her “Oops!… I Did It Again” album, but when we moved it got lost. So my mom bought me another, her 3rd album “Britney”, but a pirated version, since this era had a rampant issue on piracy. I would play this CD all day and never got tired of it.

10734194_952736874755659_4948894766860639126_nYears passed, then Toxic came out. People loved her again as it had a very out of this world video, the music was ahead of its time and it was Britney Spears like no one has seen her before. She was edgy, she was on point, she was on fire! Her music and her face was all over the world again and she was stapled to be a household name. Around 2004-2005, I remember my mom wanted me to work for her, for a summer job, at her Travel Agency office and she will pay me. And guess what, I bought original Britney CDs when I got the money! A DVD, VCD and cassettes, and that’s not all, I wanted to complete all her albums so I bought “…Baby One More Time”, “Oops!… I Did it Again”, “B in the Mix: The Remixes” and “In The Zone”. I was a happy kid. It was a perfect moment for me.

2007 was a different story, though. It was the toughest. People started judging her, hating her, again. They called her names. But I was defending her. I felt her pain, that she wanted to break free. Everyday was scary because I thought we were gonna lose her. But 5she was tough. Despite all the challenges, she chose to release an album and the singles “Gimme More”, “Piece of me” and “Break the Ice”. That’s when she sang “sneak away into the Philippines”, and that’s when I had hope for her. I saw that she wanted to make more music, and in 2008, she made a proper comeback with her album “Circus”. She promoted first in Europe and I saw that fire again in her eyes. I cried while she was performing “Womanizer” in X Factor UK. THE BRITNEY I GREW UP WITH IS BACK. I saw again a future of her staying relevant across many generations, as an inspiration and as a performer.

Untitled1As a Britney fan, I felt I was the only one loving her, the only one who followed her. Then I stumbled upon a group of people in who have similar interests with me, Britney Spears! The camaraderie grew and we formed “Pinoys Heart Britney”, a group of Filipino Britney fans who devoted themselves to Britney, and wished she would sneak away into the Philippines! It was fun! Every year. we would gather and 7bcelebrate the icon that is Britney. We would share to everyone our collection, our frustrations about her and our wishes of seeing her performing live. When I was in hard times and had to sell my Collection due to financial problems, PHB helped me and some members bought my CDs, I know they went to good hands. We were not just friends, we’re a family. And from PHB came two more Britney groups, Team Britney Philippines and Britney Philippines.

Untitled3Britney also taught me to watch shows and movies that are unfamiliar, but because of her name, I can somehow say, they became relevant. Ranging from the movies like Austin Powers: Goldmemeber to tv shows like Will & Grace, How I Met Your Mother, Jane9c The Virgin and Glee, I never knew any of these, and I only watched Britney’s parts. But hey, thanks to Britney, she gave them their highest ratings. She also managed to be a judge at X Factor US, a reality talent show, and she became the highest paid judge of all time, for a reality talent search! She was also featured countless times here in the TV shows of my country, such as ASAP, Party Pilipinas, and most recently, Your Face Sounds Familiar where celebrities will become a certain artist and perform like them. She was featured 3 times in this show and was really exciting! Truly a legend!

9In 2011, our first grand event for Britney happened here in the Philippines, the release of her 7th album, “Femme Fatale”! It happened in SM Megamall, and I was one of the ushers. I was so excited. It was a gathering of Britney fans around the country! We felt like it was a mini Britney concert, less Britney. We had fun and we were hopeful that in our next events, Britney would come or rather, will be performing live. And it didn’t stop there. in 2013, when she released her 8th album, “Britney Jean”, we didn’t want to miss this and had another gathering, this time in TriNoma, and we were featured in a TV show in TV5. Another milestone for the Pinoy Britney fans! In October 2016, we also had a gathering for the relese of her most recent album “Glory”.

10639692_920023378027009_3072851205729193784_nI’ve come a long way, and we Britney fans, at last, are seeing her perform live. We never thought that this day will come, we thought that we will remain just part of her song, but now she is here, she has sneaked away to the Philippines and will perform for us. People will say it is a waste of money, that she will just lip, that she is a has-been. People will always call her names, We’ve been through that for years and we don’t care. We love her not just as a performer but, also, as a person. The fact that she is here, still performing, is already a dream come true. Tonight, at the MOA arena, there will be a lot of shouting and dancing to her songs, definitely there will be crying, too, we will be seizing the moment, it may not happen again, we never know, but we will make sure we will make the most out of this once in a lifetime event.

I’ve heard she arrived today by noon, and I am stoked! I am very very excited. Seeing her Untitled4here in my country just brings tears in my eyes. I’m very happy and I can not contain the excitement and the emotions I have now. I’ve waited for years and now it is happening. I may say it over and over, but I will never get tired of it. I am excited, and can’t wait to see her. This is a historical day, totally should be marked the BRITNEY DAY of the Philippines! As she always say, “never ever lose your passion to dream”, because who knows, it might come true one day!



Britney: Live In Concert (1 Day To Go!)

britney-spears-madonna-vmas-2003-kiss-billboard-650Words can’t express how excited I am to attend tomorrow’s concert! June 15, 2017 at the MOA Arena is definitely a historical event! Life-changing in all aspects! Britney, for the first time ever, will perform in front of thousands of Filipinos who have waited for her for almost 2 decades!

I am thrilled to see her perform live! But before tomorrow comes, I want to share to you guys her most iconic and unforgettable live performances, EVER! I personally compiled them and they are personal picks. They may be your choices or not, but in my opinion, these are the greatest!

5. S&M Rhimix (Live at the BBMAs)

SURPRISE! Britney surprised the audience upon explosively entering the stage during the middle part of Rihanna’s S&M persomance at the Billboard Music Awards. They’ve proved together that their chemistry didn’t just remain in the song, but they also showed it on stage! Fierce Britney, feisty Rihanna, what more can you ask for? This is definitely a super performance!

4. Toxic (Live at NRJ Music Awards)

One of my ULTIMATE FAVORITES! When I think of a live performance, this easily comes to mind. Sexy, sultry and fun at the same time. The choreography is very pleasing, Britney’s energy is on top, the moment is just superb! I can say one her unforgettable performances that showcased her sexy persona!

3. Womanizer (Live at X Factor UK)

HER COMEBACK! This was one of the strings of performances she did in Europe way back 2008 to promote her then album, Circus. All of her performances during this period were amazing, but this one stood out! She was on fire! She nailed it! She proved to everyone that despite her rough circumstances, she’s back on track and she’s ready to slay the basic popstars, and that she is the queen, and that she has arrived. I cried while watching this the first time, honestly.

2. Me Against The Music (Live at the AMAs)

Dancing on point, check! Big production, check! Live singing, check check check! Who says she can’t sing live while performing? Well this performance proved the haters wrong! The remix was just perfect, and the performance was just unbelievably classic Britney! She mixed sweet Britney and Sexy Britney in one stage, less Madonna. This is one of my favorites as well and I guess some artists, too, that’s why they copied this production. Ehem *Beyonce* ehem…

1. I’m A Slave 4 U (Live a the VMAs)


Watching all these videos make me more excite in seeing her show tomorrow! Yes she has aged, and she may never be performing with as much energy as these, but the fact that she still keeps on going and making her fans happy makes me happy, and contented. I can never ask for more from Miss Britney Spears. Whatever makes her happy makes me happy. She loves performing, and critics give her flack for it. But she doesn’t care, I don’t care, too. As long as she is happy with what she is doing I will support her. AND MARK MY WORDS, I WILL BE THERE TOMORROW, I WILL SHOUT, JUMP AND CRY WITH HER EVERY PERFORMANCE! Definitely, a dream come true for a regular Britney fan, like me. ūüôā

The concert is brought by Wilbros LIVE, presented by Bench and Smart Communications!

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10 Signs That You Are A Britney Spears Fan.Limitless.

Do you know if you are a Britney Spears fan? Or do you ever noticed yourself liking or admiring Britney Spears? If you are, then you are a Britney Spears fan. Some people deny being a fan of Britney, however at the back of their minds they secretly like her or they are a fan. We can’t deny, Britney is one of the darlings of our world and she is really popular that’s why she is always featured on magazines or celebrity talk shows. And what we don’t realize is that the more we try to escape from her amazingness, we tend to go further into liking her more. Remember, the more we stop ourselves from liking something, the more we re interested to secretly have it.

So I listed some general signs and symptoms if you are actually becoming a bad-ass Britney Spears fan. If you have more than half of these signs, congratulations, you are a bona fide Britney Fan. So let’s begin, you’re a Britney Fan if….

  1. You have at least 2 Britney CDs  Р1 CD is not enough, you have to be better than anyone else
  2. There are at least 3 Britney songs in your Playlist –¬†you really can’t help and listen to her until you find yourself adding another one the next day
  3. You follow her on Twitter and like her on Facebook – pictures, fan pages, forums, anything related to her, you have to be registered there
  4. You visit at least once a week –¬†did I miss Exhale?
  5. You can’t stop talking about Britney Spears – and you also dream of her
  6. You keep a picture of Britney Spears in you phone, wallet or somewhere in your room –¬†or maybe a tattoo, or your primary picture on Facebook
  7. You can’t help but dance when you hear her songs esp. Baby One More Time, Oops I Did It Again and Toxic –¬†most of the time when you’re alone
  8. You only watch Will & Grace, How I Met Your Mother, Glee and X Factor because Britney is there – and she bring these shows high ratings, right?
  9. You have influenced your friends to love Britney Spears, too – and your mom, and your sister, and your bestfriend, and your cousin….
  10. You know when is Britney Spears’ birth date – Is it March 4? No, I think it’s September. No, that’s her sons’.

So are you a fan, denying to be a fan or a proud fan? Me ¬†I am a proud fan, and I can say this list is not enough to determine a Britney fan. But remember, the ultimate sign of being a fan of hers is learning to love her even during her darkest times. That even she is at her worst and no record was released, you stayed with her and never lost hope of redeeming her life back. She is truly an angel, resurrected from the fires of her past and molded by the experiences she had that’s why she is now LEGENDARY. She is Britney Spears and she is the melody of ¬†every Britney fan’s life.

Life Of A Britney Spears Fan.Limitless.

This is the reason why we are a Britney Fan, Britney is just so cute and sweet that we can’t get enough of her. It’s her funny and sweet side that made us stick to her up until today. And as along as she is like this we will continue to stay. It’s always fun to see Britney in moods like this. We have seen her during her darkest times, we loved her even so, and up until to this happy moments, we never ceased to get amazed to that wonderful smile and charm that only Ms. Spears has.

So how does a typical Britney Fan live?  It begins of having dreams and fantasies about Britney, waking up to an alarm with the sound of Womanizer or maybe Oops I Did It Again, eating breakfast and listening to Gimme More, then going to school or work and still listens to more Britney music on the way, at work or at school you still talk about and think of Britney Spears, visit as you go home and listening to Everytime before going to bed and dream of her again, and the cycle starts over again, and you never get tired of being in that cycle because for a Britney fan, Britney Spears is life.

Most Britney fans started to be addicted to her, as fans call it, The¬†Baby One More Time¬†era. We actually subdivide her career by her album and her first album we consider as her first era. The era where she dominated the world and all eyes were on her. She began singing “Oh baby baby…”¬† and everybody sang along. She hasn’t proven anything yet but then she became the darling of the crowd and everyone got charmed to her innocent beauty and astonishing talent. Most of her fans during this era are teenagers, and some are children, not knowing her name but just by being familiar with her songs. As early as her first year she became the princess of the media and continued to be as she released her second album and the beginning of the¬†Oops¬†era where she released her smash single Oops! I Did It Again¬†she claimed that she has done it again. Yes she did and her fans continued to follow her and get addicted to her. At this point she made a mark in the industry. She was then considered as a total performer, a teen sensation, an idol and the Pop Princess. She has given so much impact to her fans that she became a huge influence to her fans, every word she says is listened, every appearance and performance are followed and every song is requested. She became the most wanted, the ultimate fantasy of the world. Fans got crazy and wanted to catch her on every tour, tv show, radio station and even on promotional spots. Totally, it’s a Britney fan’s wish come true to see Britney everywhere.

The hype continued as Britney changed her image on becoming a vixen in her third album, the Britney era. Some thought it was a risky move but Britney proved that this is the next stepping stone for a better carrer. Britney released songs that were different from her previous work and showed people that an image change is also a level up in her performances where she had the fan-favorite Dream Within A Dream Tour, an unforgettable tour that made all wishes of a Britney Fan come to life starting from a breathtaking performance of Oops, to the wonderful mix of Lucky, Born To Make You Happy and Sometimes to the very sexy performance of Slave 4 U, Britney showed that herself is her best rival and she kept improving herself more. As the 4th album came, the In The Zone era, many things has changed especially in her musical style, she showed 100% sexiness in this album with the release of her hit Toxic. Fans continued to grow hungry as she teases all her fans with her sexy videos, music, appearances, performances even her Onyx Hotel tour that gave a different offering to her fans. For me this tour is actually her best, sadly this is her last before she went into a breakdown.

Her life changed as she got married. As fans, we continued to support her. She released a greatest hits album, a remix album, even her perfume line. We did not leave her until she got divorced and hospitalized, it’s when most of us fans realized that this is too much, and Britney deserves to have a break but she still managed to bring to life the¬†Blackout¬†era, reflecting her darkest days, which is the most favorited album of her fans in her career. What we like about this album is she managed to create beautiful music in spite of her breakdown, she showed she can do it on her own and she doesn’t need someone to control her. She also proved that to make an era succesful, you don’t need colorful promotions or too much controversy to attract the success, she just needed pure music and that’s what we received from her. After this, the Circus¬†era has come to life, bringing along the¬†Circus¬†Tour and the ‘comeback’ single¬†Womanizer. Personally, I cried seeing her perform at the X Factor UK, I saw the fire that the old Britney had and she is back to show people that she is in good form and that she can showcase more and better music. People kept on comparing her to her old self, blaming her ex-husband for her losing the drive to perform, then I realized this is a new Britney offering us new stuff and we should just be thankful she is still performing for us. She received a lot of endorsements this era and more supporters arose and she became the talk of the town again. She continued with her latest album¬†Femme Fatale¬†and had a worldwide tour together with it. As I always say, she had a chance to take a break but she remained to show how grateful she is to her fans. Now what we are excited about is her upcoming judging stint at the X Factor USA, it’s something new to her and something that she deserves to be in since she has been in the industry, she is a pro and she definitely knows how to mentor newcomers. She is a perfect fit for this and will mark her not just as a performer but also an a genuine artist.

Her music is also what makes us fans stay. She has her own sound, a sound that no other artist can imitate or have. A sound very sexy yet sweet and mysterious at the same time. No wonder why Baby One More Time was so irresistible, that up until now us Britney fans still listen to it, as well as with Oops! I Did It Again. She managed to create love songs that we could relate to like¬†Born To Make You Happy, Everytime, When I Found You and Unusual You,¬†songs that Britney sang from the heart that make us Britney fans cry everytime we listen to it as we need it. She also has a collection of songs we fans dance to from (You Drive Me) Crazy, Slave 4 U¬†to¬†Till The World Ends.¬†She managed to create songs with amazing people, with Madonna in¬†Me Against The Music,¬†Pharell Williams in¬†Boys Coed Remix,¬†Rihanna in¬†S&M Rhimix,¬†Kesha and Nicki Minaj in¬†Till The World Ends Remix,¬† in Big Fat Bass¬†and Shania Twain in¬†Don’t Let Me Be The Last To Know.¬†And she never fails to make the release of her songs to be very festive making it a trend and always offering a new sound to the public that makes it a big influence to the music industry with the likes of the Grammy’s best dance recording awardee¬†Toxic,¬†the true dark pop genius Gimme More, the pure pop Womanizer¬†and especially the dubstep in¬†Hold It Against Me.¬†Britney never fails to release music that will mark in her every fans and makes it a bond that never breaks that keep her fans together.

Lastly, the best thing about being a Britney Fan is the Britney community itself. From Chris Crocker’s famous¬†Leave Britney Alone¬†to’s most interactive Britney forum¬†Exhale,¬†Britney fans proved that no matter how much argument we have, we are one in Britney’s presence and we are united by her music. There might be divisions in terms of locations, race, language and even in understanding but we all have one language we speak that we understand, it’s Britney’s music and her life is our support in everything we are going through. As fans we always compare what Britney experienced to what we experience personally and we see ourselves as Britney, too. Britney is not just a musician, she is more than an inspiration that keeps every fan stand up and be more inspired to continue to life. Personally I thought I am the only Britney Fan standing in this world, I have been mocked and laughed at ¬†being a Britney fan. I proved them wrong and took pride that Britney is my favorite artist, then I saw that unites Britney Fans worldwide and Pinoys Heart Britney that unites Britney fans in the Philippines, and I say, I am not alone, rather we are one huge multitude that loved Britney and will support her no matter what. And one thing is for sure Britney taught us one lesson,¬†Go through¬†life like a Karate Kid, – no matter what people say prove them wrong and stand up with what you can do, always show the ¬†world what you’ve got.

As a Britney fan, one day is not enough to show love to Britney Spears. One fan can listen to Britney music all day, put it on repeat and never get tired, or probably watch Crossroads the whole day or Glee’s Britney Episode or How I Met Your Mother Episodes with Britney throughout the day, with her commercials, documentaries and music videos, a Britney fan can never get tired. We even complete her CDs and merchandise even if it is hard to find, or even buy products that she endorses even if we don’t use them.Because having all these, they are like our rechargers giving us more fuel and energy to listen and see more of her. We will always have that crave to have more of Britney Spears. As fans we will never get used to her, she is already a part of our lives, our system, and a day is incomplete without even one Britney moment. A day without a Britney Spears news is boring that’s why we Britney Spears fans never get used of viewing fansites like because they offer forums that gather Britney fans and share thoughts with each other. Some Britney fan pages in Facebook like Pinoys Heart Britney of the Philippines also gather Filipino fans, and I’m sure other countries have something like this, too, that does fan gatherings, flashmobs, music videos and contests. In twitter where Britney is always a trending topic, it’s the Britney community there that makes her trend just like @UrABritneyFanIf and other fanpages there. She has been the most searched in Yahoo search engine multiple times and it is because of the craving of Britney Fans. She has definitely marked a big spot into our hearts and she will never be replaced. Yes, better artists might be emerging today, but no one can ever defeat the greatness of Britney Spears. She doesn’t have to prove anything now since she has proven herself worthy to be proclaimed a legend, a legend that brings a mixture of mystery and sweetness into our lives, influencing us to be tough and at the same time to show love. Britney is truly an Icon, and because of us fans, her legacy will live forever.

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