March is Graduation month in the Philippines, and I’m starting to see graduation pictures in Facebook. I was surprised and happy at the same time to know that the younger sister of my bestfriend Pauline is one of these graduates, a high school graduate particularly. There are also a lot of friends and acquaintances I know who just graduated as well. I am really happy for them, especially for those who graduated college. I understand that feeling of studying for more than ten years and here comes the moment that everything that you’ve worked for has come to fruition. Unfortunately, I am not part of these graduates.

I’m supposedly a graduate now, but apparently I am working even though I haven’t graduated, isn’t it ironic? I stopped 2010 due to financial reasons. I am a Marketing Management student in Far Eastern University located in Manila, and it is a four year course. I chose this course because I believe I can easily pass with this course and graduate with no worries. It is also at least similar to advertising that’s why I learned to love this course, though I realized I love Architecture more. haha. Anyway. I was hesitant at first to get this course but there was a certain article in a newspaper, that I forgot which newspaper, that showcased the best Marketers in the Philippines, and I told myself, I have to be in that list, so my decision was finally clear to be a Marketing student in FEU. Of course FEU is my dream school as well, I don’t know why but it is very close to my heart. So taking up Marketing and studying in FEU, it’s like hitting two birds with one stone, totally two dreams come to life. Yet, graduating is one thing I wasn’t able to accomplish. Marketing Management is a 4-year course and I stopped when I was about to take my fourth year. Just one more year and I was supposed to graduate. That point when I wasn’t able to enroll due to an outstanding balance from my tuition, was heart-breaking. I was very disappointed with myself.

Most of 2010, I was just at home. I would lock myself away from the world, just inside inside my room, listening to music, playing PSP, browsing internet and watching DVDs. I’d say, 2010 wasn’t a productive year for me for I was depressed and I never wanted to go out and show the world It’s okay that I did not study for that year. Of course I realized that I need to do something for myself so I looked for a job. Since the latter part of 2010 until today, March 2012, I am working, doing my best to support my family even I’m an undergraduate and saving money so I could pay my balance at school, and hopefully, go back studying. A very special person once told me that if ever I could go back to school, it’s not necessary to study in FEU again, I can just finish the remaining 1 year to another school so that I could save money. I see the point there, that would be one of my choices but at least I will try to finish my studies in my Alma Mater, FEU

I remember back in 3rd year college when we had this exam in Finance, there was a leakage. I didn’t know that there was a leakage until I went home and checked my cellphone. Then I told my professor what happened, the whole class hated me and didn’t want to talk to me. Even some of my friends chose to stay away. My professor, Mrs. Rufo, gave me a privilege to speak to the whole class. I told them, “We are at school and we should start doing what we should be doing, studying, not fashion nor be influenced by peer pressure. We should at least try to focus on studying because it’s unfair for those people who chose to study hard and then some of you will just cheat. I know everyone is busy with their own lives but we are here to study and we should prioritize that as well. Being busy is not an excuse on not to study and review for exams. Unlike most of you that are fully paid with your tuition fees, I am not. I am unpaid with my tuition and I’m doing my best to study because who knows I may not be studying next semester. You are lucky you are studying because some can not. Take advantage of this chance to learn while you are here, your parents are doing their best to make you finish your studies and we should reward them by doing great at school.” Well, most of my classmates did not like what I said, I already saw that coming, but what’s important was that I was able to share my thoughts. Some of my classmates at least understood me and said “It’s okay”, at least now I know I’m influencing others to do good. We had a retake of the exam and everyone passed.

I learned a lot from that experience. The best lesson I learned was to value education, until now. I hate myself because I only realized the value of education months before I stopped schooling. I should’ve known that since elementary so that I would’ve done good at school. Now that I am working, I see my high school and college batchmates graduate one at a time, leaving me behind. It’s a bit depressing of course because I should’ve been marching to get my diploma as well. I keep saying that I should’ve graduated, but that will not change the fact that I haven’t graduated and that I stopped. Yes, I have the option to dwell on that thought, but I also have the option to work hard now, save money and be positive for the future. I keep on telling myself that It is not yet my time to graduate and that I am being prepared for something greater that will happen in my life. I should not let go, but rather wait, work hard and be optimistic. I will graduate very very soon. I will be wearing that green graduation gown and wave at my mom as I get my diploma on stage and reminisce all those time I worked hard and sacrificed at school. All those failures and victories will be part of history. But for now, I’m still busy creating my history so that when I go up that stage, I will show everyone that I succeeded everything I’ve been through and that it is written all over my face.

Congratulations to all the graduates of 2012! I salute you! You are all the pride of your families! This chapter of your life has ended and be prepared for a challenging new one! Learn from what you have experienced as they will be your guide to the wilderness of tomorrow! 🙂


3 thoughts on “College.Limitless.

  1. ben says:

    i have nothing to say but THANK YOU. thank you for inspiring me/us to study hard and value all the efforts and sacrifices of our parents. thank you for sharing a part of your life, i have learned a lot from it. may be its not your time to be on that stage and have your diploma but im sure,i can say, with your determination you will be more successful than everybody. 🙂

    NOTE: DUGO! shet. hhaha

    • carlobouh says:

      haha yes thank you.. i feel blessed that I am able to share my experience with everyone and it’s greater to feel that there are people who feels inspired after reading my entries. thank you for reading. feel free to be back and read again.. 🙂

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