Play Station 4: Level Up!



YES! I’ve waited for so long to have my very own Play Station! I guess 15 years? Yeah, the very first play station I had was the jurassic one, Play Station 1. It was the grey one, which was somehow heavy, had huge buttons and memory card, and invented the Dance Revolution craze. haha.  As a guy who grew up being addicted to playing games, it is definitely a dream come true to have my own PS4. Those days where I go to my friend’s house to play or when I go to a shop to rent is over! Now since this is the “latest” version of the Play Station saga, there were very huge changes I never thought that I should’ve checked before buying.

We went to SM North EDSA’s Toy Kingdom to purchase PS4. Well, it is given that PS4 is most of the time black, so I never thought of looking for another color. Well black is classy and gives me that “gamer” feel. What I didn’t know was there were different storage sizes. The sales lady asked me if I wanted 500GB, and I was just there standing unsure what to say. She told me the biggest were 500GB and 1TB, however the 1TB wasn’t available, good thing. I knew it was gonna come with just one controller, so of course, I asked for another one, which is kinda expensive. There were also 2 free games, and if you want to extend your gaming experience, bring more money to buy P2,000 worth of PS4 games. Yes the games are worth a fortune! She’s pitching some more accessories like a stand which I didn’t need but I was, of course, curious of. Ultimately, I was already satisfied with what I have. She plugged the PS4 to their TV and wanted me to check it out, but I didn’t know what to check so I told her it’s fine and we’re gonna pay it. I just wanted to go home and start playing!

Well my suffering didn’t end when I came home. I was so ready to play my free game, Callimg_9725 of Duty: Infinite Warfare, but when I turned on my PS4, it asked mo to setup a lot of things, and yes, internet is required, I was doomed. Our internet connection is badly slower than a snail. Well, I already expected that, of course, my friends have it. So I just followed the prompts and led me to a mandatory update, which was good for 6 hours. Fast forward evening, I was already bored, then the update finished. It didn’t stop there, and told me that I couldn’t enjoy more features if I don’t sign up for a Sony Play Station account. I find that cool, however upon signing up, there was no Philippines in the list. Bummer. So searching the internet, it wasn’t really a big deal and my cousin instructed me to put Singapore instead. Unless I’m gonna be buying something from the Play Station store, then it’s gonna be a big deal. Moments after, I was finished setting up, I even made some user accounts for personalization. It was cool. Then it was my time to play games!



I started with Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, because, of course, it looks cool! As it was loading, the geeky gamer kid inside of me was dying in excitement! The visuals were so amazing! Since I’m the only one playing, I started with the campaign mode. All I can say is, this game was the best way to start my PS4 experience. The graphics are surreal, the animation is very realistic, everything is detailed, from papers to huge ships, the movement and precision of the characters are so overwhelming, the effects are just so superb! I’m very very satisfied with this game, it’s definitely a dream come true. I may be overreacting but I’m just enjoying my very own PS4 experience, and I just can’t believe I would have more fun playing on my own. I’m just really impressed. I didn’t feel like I was playing, it’s as if they were real people and places. They did an amazing job! The game also have multiplayer mode, which is more like Counter Strike, and zombie mode, which reminded me of Left For Dead. This game is just out of this world and I love it! I will not get used to this!

The second free game I have is called The Super Robot Wars OG: The Moon Dwellers. The name sounds cool, eh? So upon choosing this game, I was thinking that it might be like Transformers or Real Steel, or some robot game based on western movies. I don’t know. It looked cool. But when I started playing it, it was a big disappointment. The visuals were very confusing, there were a lot of options and choices that I didn’t understand. The gameplay was also boring, something for kids maybe. You would have to select a number of steps for your robot to fight and wait for your turn to walk again until you get to fight your enemy. Something like that, and was very annoying. I didn’t give it any chance and gave up. I’m not gonna play that game anymore.



So, to make up for the mishap that my second game gave me, me and my friend bought a new one, which was expensive. The game was Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4. I didn’t want to buy this game. Let’s say, it was a result of peer pressure. haha. But who knows, this is Naruto and I thought, I may enjoy. And I wasn’t wrong. I did enjoy. It was almost similar with Call Of Duty, the difference is with the multiplayer one, we get to fight with each other, and there are no zombies, haha. We get to choose our favorite characters from the anime series, ranging from, Naruto, of course, to the Hokages and the Uchihas, and relive our childhood memories. It was true! I didn’t enjoy the concept of the game but I love how I remember the characters and the story. The story and adventure mode were also very fun, it was like watching a movie and was very interactive. You get to go deeper with the anime’s story and experience the story itself by being the characters. A very good game, I must say, especially for the Naruto fans, and I will definitely finish the story and adventure modes.

img_9722If I have one complaint about PS4, it’s that the games keep on updating, I can still play while updating, but the though if it updating is just annoying. I remember those days when I just turn on my PS, put the CD and play. It was as simple as that. But as they say, LEVEL UP! That’s the disadvantage when I skip from PS1 to PS4 haha. But all in all, this experience I have with PS4 is very amazing. PS4 is the very reminder that there is nothing constant in this world, but change. We change for the better, we change to become developed and innovative, and that’s what they showed. With my PS4, I have everything, I get to play surreal games, use wireless controllers that have speakers on them, I get to surf the internet and play YouTube videos with it, and the best part is, the graphics are so wicked! There’s nothing more I can ask from this PS4, it has all that I need. Sony, please don’t release PS5 yet, it will kill the fun.

2017: A Year to Discover

2017The lights in my room were weak and dying. I suffered for so many months trying to cope with the lights in my room. I though I could make it, that I can manage. But in reality I can’t. So when it was time to move on, when there was a chance to change the lights, I grabbed it. Then my life was changed, it was never the same. A little overacting, but it’s true. With a brighter light, I discovered a lot of things in my room, how dirty it was and how it needs to be cleaned. That’s when I realized that, I, myself, needs a change in my own light to have a different perspective in life.

2016 has been really really rough. There were a lot of tragedies, pain, drastic changes, international conflicts, flop music releases, death of amazing people, the list will go on. If I can describe 2016 in one word: SCARY. On a personal level, 2016 is really scary, and tough at the same time. It was a year of heartaches, struggles, financial instability, it was definitely a crazy year. It was unforgettable, but it was also really painful.

Yes, just like the lights in my room, my hope in life was weak and dying. I felt like it was the end of me, like I was gonna be nowhere. I didn’t have a chance to grieve, life had to move on. Life was fast paced and I had to follow. But it was hard to walk to the path of life when your light is dim, I was getting lost, but it was also my own choice. I just wanted to be in a dark path because I just wanted to cover the pain, and maybe in the end I would be better. Still, I wasn’t. Hiding in the dark didn’t help. Then I decided to face my fears, the cause of my pain, and had the courage to change the “light” in my life. And there, I realized that during these period of hiding, I was ruined, and that I didn’t realize that there were a lot of blessings that went in my way. It was all a matter of opening my eyes and changing my perspective in life. Very cliché, but it is true.

It was supposed to be a happy year. I was grabbing all the opportunities that came my way, all the blessings. But I forgot to enjoy what I have, to seize the moment. When I changed the lights, that’s when I saw how beautiful everything I had and that I have to start from scratch to fix everything. It was a poopy year, definitely, but we must not forget that there were a lot of blessings, too. There were amazing movies, beautiful music, wonderful changes in politics, powerful international connections and ties, eye-opening unity, there were a lot of things to be thankful for. Same goes with me, I still have school, I was able to save money, make new friends, received new “toys”, I was able to fulfill my goals this year. There were a lot of things to celebrate, and it is never too late.

The lights in my room are, still, gonna be weak and will die soon. But it’s always a matter of prevention, never dwell and let your body stay in a stagnant state. MOVE. 2016 was a year of opportunities, and I believe that 2017 is gonna be a year of discovery, a discovery of fruitfulness, success and amazing changes. 2016 shook our lives, and 2017 will show the results of all the hardwork we’ve done. Look forward and be ready, the previous year was definitely painful, but I say to you, there is still hope. 2017 is a year not just for a new calendar, rather for you to start over and leave all the bad things behind. Do not be afraid to begin again, be strong, and together we will move forward. HAPPY NEW YEAR! 🙂


MMFF 2016: Saving Sally and Seklusyon


Metro Manila Film Festival or MMFF is a yearly tradition in Metro Manila where MMDA will host a festival of amazing Filipino Movies. Did I get that right? I hope so. Well technically it is a celebration of amazing Filipino talent, where families gather to celebrate the holiday season and watch these films. Normally, mainstream movies are shown, this year, they decided to feature quality indie films, as I’ve heard, missing the likes of Vice Ganda, Vic Sotto, Ai-Ai De Las Alas and Kris Aquino.

First of all, yes I am not a fan of Indie Films. Not that I don’t like them, but I’m just a mainstream person. I just like to watch feel good films, and every time I watch Indie, it leaves a lot of questions unanswered and feelings of hurt or confusion. Yep, they’re very good in story-telling and playing with emotions, but it’s a lot to handle. But yeah, why not give them a chance, right? It’s been a long time since my last Indie experience.

One of my friends has this MMFF movie pass or complimentary pass, or whatever you call it, and invited me to watch some of the films. I don’t have all the time in the world so we decided we will be watching two films. I really wanted to see Vince & Kath & James, but my friend isn’t a fan. We agreed to see Seklusyon, because of course, it’s horror! It should be in the list. I’ve also been amazed by the concept of Saving Sally since seeing its trailer online. We also agreed on seeing that first. We came to TriNoma by lunch time, good thing because there’s no much people watching yet, and the lines were short. So we got the chance to start our “movie marathon” seamlessly. It’s so cool to pay P5.00 for the films instead of P220.00, that’s a real relief, but I’m confused if I’m helping the industry with this. But hey, an opportunity is an opportunity, so I just grabbed it. :p

So we started with Saving Sally. I was so excited! I was like a kid waiting for the Avengers film to start. The movie theater wasn’t full. Again, it was noon, so there’s not much people watching. It’s already a lot of people for me for this timeslot. So the movie was fine, the animation was superb and the flow of the story is very solid. I just find it awkward that the actors are speaking in English.  I also don’t like Rhian Ramos playing the lead, they could’ve gotten some other new actress. However, the protagonist, Enzo Marcos, was very charming and did a good job, he was very relatable. Well they’re just small bumps on the road, but other than that, it was a feel good movie, something I did not expect from an Indie film. There was no roller coaster of emotions for me, I was just witnessing how this “teen” experienced heartbreak and how he used it for his advantage, and in the end, he got what he wanted, and this is real life, less the sci-fi stuff. I felt like it was a Disney short film, but in this case it was full length. I am amazed at how far Pinoy Animation has gone. I sincerely love and appreciate this film, and I hope we get more of this in the future. Screw what haters say, but this is really a great effort! ❤

Then off we go for a quick snack, and headed straight to the next movie theater for Seklusyon. Now this is what I came for, no pun intended. My MMFF experience wouldn’t be complete without a horror film! Well, Kris Aquino’s time is done, so it’s time for new comers. This time, the movie house is full, it got me more excited. As the movie started I had this feeling to focus properly, because, you know, horror films need to be deciphered, and in this case, it is also an Indie film, so a lot of understanding has to be done, or else I’m screwed. I love the setting, I am impressed with the 1940s effects, the costume is SO on point, the actors were great! Ronnie Alonte did great, but Red Bustamante was a revelation. Her expressions and gestures were just flawless! The combination of all the actors were perfect. I was really impressed. I was thinking, this film will definitely bag awards! I got thrilled, scared and surprised all at the same time. This movie served it’s purpose. The movie feeds off from your fear from evil and uses it to scare you, very clever and effective. It got me all curious and as expected, a lot of questions were left unanswered. The beginning was creepy, up until the ending, it was wickedly satisfying! But one thing I can tell you, after this film, I won’t let images of saints stay my house anymore, I better have them removed, haha. Two of the casts, Dominic Roque and J.R. Versales also made appearances in the theater to thank us after the film, which a bonus actually. I hope they felt how the audience appreciated their performances.



I wasn’t disappointed. The movies I’ve seen were impressive, and yes, I would be excited to see more. I’ll be looking forward for Vince & Kath & James, and maybe Oro. There were also amazing short films before the movie started. They were a bit cheesy, but this is still talent. I’m impressed at where the movie industry is heading, and there’s no turning back. I just hate it when people show hate for our emerging industry. Why not just support and be proud of what we can do and achieve? Why not just be excited of what our movie industry can do in the near future? I still have hope that someday, we can be at par with international standards when it comes to movie making. And how can we help? By supporting our own films, buying them instead of supporting piracy. Always remember that there is a thin line between criticizing and shaming, so we better be responsible with what we say. There’s nothing bad that I can say about my experience with the two films, but one thing’s for sure, I will continue to support and look forward. Mainstream or Indie, they’re all the same, they’re purpose is to bring entertainment to people. As long as they serve they’re purpose, the industry will continue to grow.

Osaka Ohsho: Kawaii Experience

img_9721Did I use that right? Kawaii? Well anyway, Osaka Ohsho claims to be the “Number One Gyoza in the World”, and how would I know unless I try it, right? I’ll be honest, I’m not really familiar about this Japanese restaurant. It is my first time to hear about it after the renovations in SM North Edsa’s The Block. I always pass by it, I find it really cosy and nice but it was never my choice when it comes to Japanese cuisine. Me and my family would always prefer SM North’s Maisen, so trying Osaka Ohsho was really something out of the box for me.

Upon entry, as expected, all the staff are very courteous and approachable. They immediately set us to the most convenient and comfortable spot, “The Couch”! Everybody loves the couch, so I’m very much liking this first step. Small plates and chopsticks are also readily available, and  are expected. The menu is also very much presentable. But enough of the flowery words, they’re very much the same with Maisen, because, you know, they’re both Japanese. For some time they offered a “buy one, take one” promo for their Gyoza, which is definitely an edge, however for some reason, it is not available anymore. Bummer. Some food also looked like the ones offered in Tokyo Tokyo but much bigger and more expensive. I was becoming more enticed and hungry.


                    Beef Sukiyaki Set


                    Pork Cutlet in Miso Sauce Set


                Osaka Ohsho Salad





When our food was delivered, it was heaven! The food looked really tasty, I can say that the price is really worth it. I like the presentation, I love the taste and the ambience gave a perfect combination. The staff are also always ready whenever you need them, eimg_9708specially when I asked for spoon and fork (sorry I don’t know how to use chopsticks haha).

They delivered what was expected to them, the food and the place was amazing. Why do I keep comparing Osaka Ohsho to Maisen? Because so far, both of them overdelivered, and their services and food are STELLAR! Osaka Ohsho is a highly recommendable Japanese restaurant, a best choice for a new Japanese experience or if you are looking for alternatives. I guess they do have the best, and the biggest, Gyoza I’ve tasted so far! I will definitely come back and bring my friends to have a Kawaii Experience, too!

HP Notebook: An Empowering Experience



       HP Notebook boasts its capacity to be “Empowered to do More”. Most likely released one year ago, HP Notebook 15-ay041wm is a good addition to the growing family of HP products. The design is very stylish, with textured linear grooves on the surface, colored in turbo silver, making it look elegant and classy. It is empowered by incredible features that’s definitely useful for an affordable price. With its touchscreen capability and huge storage, we can consider HP Notebook as a megalaptop that everyone must have.

             HP Notebook is packed with amazing features, it has a huge HD touchscreen display with 1376×768 resolution that boasts clarity. The screen is 15.6 inches with HD Graphics for optimal performance fit for gaming, photo and video editing, and streaming HD videos. It is also powered with a dependable performance, having Intel Core i3-6100U CPU with Intel HD Graphics, a whopping 8GB system memory and 1TB storage, enough power and capacity to run most gaming, editing or tough softwares. Running several apps or tabs won’t be a problem as the HP Notebook is backed up with a huge system memory. With 1TB of storage, you can also store thousands of pictures and music, large multimedia and huge gaming softwares won’t be a problem, too. Other features included are its ethernet LAN port and wireless connections for Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, it also has a dependable DVD drive, and HDMI port to expand its display. It also comes with 3 USB ports (one USB 3.0 port and two USB 2.0 ports), it also has a full size keyboard and lastly, it runs on updated Windows 10.

Complete list of features:

Product number X0H86UA
Product name HP Notebook – 15-ay041wm (Touch) (ENERGY STAR)
Microprocessor Intel® Core™ i3-6100U (2.3 GHz, 3 MB cache, 2 cores)
Memory, standard 8 GB DDR4-2133 SDRAM (2 x 4 GB)
Video graphics Intel® HD Graphics 520
Hard drive 1 TB 5400 rpm SATA
Optical drive SuperMulti DVD burner
Display 15.6″ diagonal HD SVA WLED-backlit touch screen (1366 x 768)
Keyboard Full-size island-style keyboard with integrated numeric keypad
Pointing device Touchpad with multi-touch gesture support
Wireless connectivity Intel 802.11ac (1×1) and Bluetooth® 4.0 Combo
Network interface Integrated 10/100 BASE-T Ethernet LAN
Expansion slots 1 multi-format SD media card reader
External ports 1 USB 3.0; 2 USB 2.0; 1 HDMI; 1 RJ-45; 1 headphone/microphone combo
Power supply type 45 W AC power adapter
Battery type 3-cell, 31 Wh Li-ion
Webcam HP TrueVision HD Webcam (front-facing) with integrated digital microphone
Audio features DTS Studio Sound™ with 2 speakers
Operating system Windows 10 Home 64
HP apps HP Connected Photo; HP ePrint; HP Games by WildTangent; HP Support Assistant
Software included McAfee LiveSafe™
Pre-installed software CyberLink Power Media Player; CyberLink PowerDirector; Dropbox; Netflix; TripAdvisor; VUDU

              As it is boasting a lot of powerful features, I find some very untrue. HP Notebook is said to be built with immersive audio through its two speakers, however I find the sound very weak compared to others even at high volumes. The touchpad is also very inconsistent, it made me prefer using a mouse rather than the touchpad. The laptop also sometimes confuses itself between the touchpad and the touchscreen. It is also heavy, not very advisable for people on the go. Most likely, it is a PC used only at home or at work. Lastly, HP Notebook boasts more hours of usage without charging (up to 6 hours), however in my experience, I am only able to use it in 2-3 hours, fewer hours than my previous ACER laptop. It will always depend on individual usage, but of course, I expected exceptional battery life.



              Overall, this HP Notebook is one of the best I had. With its reliable system memory and storage, and its touchscreen display, with dependable performance from its Intel Core i3, what more can I ask? Definitely, it is a basic laptop for someone who’s always working or for someone who’s looking for entertainment. It is truly dependable and empowering, with its powerful features, I can do everything, except of course stay longer without charging. But nonetheless, with its revolutionary features and performance, it’s still worth the price and experience.

The Super Parental Guardians Mega Experience

This film, The Super Parental Guardians, is Vice Ganda’s supposed entry to the 2016 Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF), however it didn’t make the cut due to quality concerns. But Vice Ganda reiterated that she makes quality films. This is also her first film after the death of her friend, and supposed movie-director for this year, Wenn Deramas.

I actually forgot that Vice Ganda was going to a movie film slated for December this year. Maybe I was just busy at school, but I was really surprised to know that the trailer of her film debuted online. So I was excited, because I am a fan of her last film Beauty and the Bestie, it gave me all the laughs I could get for 2015. So again, I expected more laughs from this film, and the trailer gave what I want. From witty punchlines, to funny dialogues, the trailer gave me all the elements of a perfect comedy film. Plus it was directed by Joyce Bernal, so I was looking forward. They also did a lot of TV promotions and assured people that it is a perfect follow-up for their film last year. So that’s it, I decided that we should see this and convinced my mom to see it.

So the first scenes of the film got me interested already. Coco Martin with all his fight scenes and Vice Ganda with all her glamour and wit, it was already a perfect combination. The addition of the child starts Awra and Onyok gave pure perfection. The movie was going well, when somewhere in between I felt bored. I felt as if the story was focused more on coversations rather than making viewers laugh. It was too focused on the story. Plus, the cast seems incomplete. I miss seeing a huge cast, like the inclusion of popular loveteams and a huge cast of antagonists. They claim that this is the perfect film tradition for Christmas, but since they set the standard every year, it felt like they missed out on that standard and underdelivered. The film was funny, their tandem was exceptional, there were funny moments, but the movie was dull, it was dry. It’s missing the “Deramas Effect“, I don’t know how to say it. Sadly, my mom fell asleep by the end of the film. It was a good film, but it is a disaster compared to Vice Ganda’s previous films.

Did I enjoy the film? I did, but not 100%. Am I gonna recommend it to friends? Not really, maybe if you’re a die-hard fan, I would. It wasn’t a waste of time though, I just felt that it’s lacking the humor that her previous movies had. Maybe Joyce Bernal isn’t really for comedy? Or Vice Ganda just had to rush the film? I don’t know. All I know is this film is far better than Enteng Kabisote 10, so I can’t imagine how Vic Sotto’s film did in the box office. But one thing’s for sure, children will love this film. It is definitely a film for the whole family. And if you’re seeing this, bring your Poke Balls because you’ll definitely catch some Pokémon. 😉

A Doctor Strange Experience egnartS rotcoD A

Stephen Strange, or more popularly known as Doctor Strange is the newest addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. He has the power to, other than heal patients, control time and show off amazing bright yellow circles. Kidding aside, the latest movie about him is one of the best I’ve seen from Marvel.


I was hesitant at first to see this film. I felt as if that Doctor Strange was an unnecessary addition to the Avengers and that he wasn’t popular enough for people to crave about him. Before I watched the film, some of my friends already knew who Benedict Cumberbatch was, the actor behind Doctor Strange, and he was already acclaimed with his other works with Sherlock and The Hobbit. In other words, he is a great actor, together with his other co-actors in this Marvel film. He even worked out a lot to be in great shape, such a pro. The hype already got me, especially their marketing and teasers online. What really made me watch the movie is when I saw the behind the scenes, it was already intriguing and exciting. They had a lot of yellow sparkling circles and mind-bending visuals, something I haven’t seen in a regular Marvel film, it really got me hyped. Then I told myself, that’s it, I have to see this film!


I was waiting for an invite to watch the film; I didn’t want to watch Doctor Strange alone. My co-Marvel fanatic is already in Canada so I was waiting for someone else. Then two of my friends were gonna watch it, so I asked if I could tag along. It was a Wednesday night, and it was a night that my perspective would change about Marvel movies.


So the movie started with a fight scene between The Ancient One and some thieves. I was already in awe. The fight scene is already jaw-dropping and the visuals were literally mind-bending, something I haven’t seen in a superhero film, a kind of superpower I wanted to have. Also, the back-story of Doctor Stranger got me interested in the character even more, and how his personality developed throughout the film. He was someone I can relate to, actually, or maybe there was this specific connection between me and his character? I don’t know. It’s just that the process of getting his powers and his power itself is something unique, no other superhero in the Marvel Universe got me this excited, not even Vision or Scarlet Witch. Doctor Strange was REALLY powerful. His costume was even surreal! I love how he looked sleek wearing those amazing clothing, he really looked like a mage or a magician, a classy one.  The story isn’t even boring, the humor was there, brilliant acting was there, heart-pumping twists were there, and even a small love story was evident. But Doctor Strange’s story was so relatable I felt we would have the same choices and decision in the entire film.


I can’t say that this film has topped off Captain America: Civil War, but all I can say is that it exceeded my expectations. His character was really everybody else, someone aspiring to be the best, someone who saw his hard-works come to life and, his life may not be perfect, but he is contented. He may not be the strongest, but he is wise, he knows what he is doing. The only thing I hate about this film is that they featured a Beyonce song, they should’ve selected a Britney song instead. Nevertheless, it is still one of the best films of 2016 and it didn’t disappoint me. It got the kid in me really excited and I am looking forward for more Doctor Strange films, for more mind-bending scenes and for more intense fight scenes. Definitely, this film, Doctor Strange, has changed the game, and the next Marvel films should take notes, they did well this time and they have to exceed this on their next ones, just saying, or else they’ll have to bargain. 😉